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Ward Chair Meeting Ward Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Ward Chair Meeting Ward Update

Ward Chair Meeting Ward Update

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Ward Chair Meeting Ward Update

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  1. Ward Chair MeetingWard Update

  2. Bellingham Ward Promises Fly Tipping Youth Engagement More Communications and Transparency with Police Availability Success stories 1. PC Shakides has returned to Bellingham, now fully fit. 2. Bellingham’s ward panel is getting stronger and stronger across the ward with our last meeting having 19 Attendances. 3. Being invited into more schools to do talks about our rolls and engaging in the local youth clubs and taking part in events with the kids (Saturday morning football club) . 4. Delivering Crime prevention and ASB surgeries most weekends at local leisure centres. 4. . January 2017, Op Sceptre weapons sweeps conducted, nothing of concern found New engagements made 1. Base Zero – Nursery school visits, to giving advice to all the children and parents. 2. More store within the retail park now have shop radios linked directly to CCTV coverage and the Bellingham officers. TOTAL POLICING

  3. Sydenham Ward Promises Speeding Vehicles Residential Burglary Robbery Success stories 1. Burglarystategy currently being discussed with Lewisham Homes. 2. January 2017, Op Sceptre weapons sweeps conducted, nothing of concern found. 3. Following Sec23MDA Warrant defendant was found guilty for PWITS Class B & POCA. Suspended Sentence 18Months. 4. Following Sec23MDA Warrant defendant found guilty with PWITS Class A & B, sentenced to 4years. New engagements made 1. Sydenham Radio-Ward working closely,regular slot planned when transmission begins. 2. Stay safe talk given to residents of 7 Treedown Road. TOTAL POLICING

  4. Forest Hill Ward Promises • Anti Social Behaviour in Forest Hill Town Centre, including Millennium Green • Anti Social Behaviour in general. Success stories • Officers from Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team recently arrested the wards most prolific shoplifter and class A drug user who was shown as currently being wanted by police on recall to prison. • Forest Hill officers have recently recovered numerous Lost or Stolen mopeds throughout the ward, returning them to their rightful owners. • Forest Hill officers have executed three dog warrants on the ward within the past two months. This has resulted in three dogs being seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act. These cases are still being investigated by the Status Dog Unit along with Forest Hill SNT. New engagements made Forest Hill SNT have recently set up two Neighbourhood Watches on theWard. One being Albion Villas Road SE26 and the other Redberry Grove SE26.This was done in order to increase engagement with local residents due to several complaints that were made about drug use in and around the local vicinity. With the help of the NHW co-ordinators and regular contact, these problems have all discontinued. TOTAL POLICING

  5. Perry Vale Ward Promises • Fly Tipping • Burglary Hotspot – Crime Prevention Success stories Two expensive cameras containing photos from a wedding were stolen from a vehicle. Items recovered by local resident and subsequently returned to owner following enquiries by Perry Vale SNT. Persistent offender who targets lone females and verbally abuses them in the street has been issued a Criminal Behaviour Order valid for 3 years. To date, there have been no new allegations. An elderly resident on Perry Vale ward had his pedal cycle stolen during a recent burglary. Young Lewisham Project who provide young people with vocational skills such as bicycle maintenance, heard of the theft through PCSO Woolrych. The youths decided to renovate one of their old bikes for this gentleman and donated it to him. This was subsequently reported in South London Press. New engagements made Perry Vale SNT have conducted a number of personal safety and fraud prevention talks with elderly residents across the ward. We have held bike marking sessions at Young Lewisham Project, Finches cycle shop and Lark in the Park. These events were well attended with approx 40 cycles property marked. TOTAL POLICING

  6. Crofton Park Ward Priorities • ASB related to alcohol • Burglary in non-MetTrace area • Youth engagement Success stories • PC Gayle will be chairing a meeting with residents, local businesses, Lewisham council and other key stakeholders within the ward to discuss how best to tackle the antisocial behaviour caused by small groups of people congregating to drink on Brockley Road. • PC Gayle and his team have been spent the past 11 months installing SmartWater into houses in Crofton Park deemed most at risk of burglary. The team have delivered the initiative to 583 homes on the ward. PC Allen did some further research into crime statistics and distributed SmartWater to an additional 40 homes on the ward who were repeat victims of burglary. • In October 2016 PC Gayle and PC Allen delivered Hate Crime talks to year 5 & 6 pupils in all the primary schools on the ward. The talks aimed to raise awareness of hate crimes, ways to prevent it and what to do if you are a victim/witness of a hate crime. New engagements made   On Sunday 29th January, Crofton Park SNT attended a Holocaust memorial at The Rivoli Ballroom. The event was attended by key individuals in the community, and there were inputs from Sir. Steve Bullock, the mayor of Lewisham, and several Holocaust survivors. TOTAL POLICING

  7. Downham Ward Priorities Burglary Drug dealing ASB Success stories A drugs warrant was executed in an address following complaints from neighbours. A large amount of Cannabis and paraphernalia was recovered. We are seeking a charge for PWITS and are liaising with the Landlord in respect of eviction. 2 further warrants have been executed in relation to dangerous dogs and both dogs have been seized. New engagements made First Meeting with the Community at the Reap Faith Centre in Downham on their community day. 2 Road Watch’s where residents are working with Safer Transport on using a speed gun in roads that the public have identified as dangerous to capture motorists speeding. TOTAL POLICING

  8. Whitefoot Ward Priorities Anti Social Behaviour Theft of Motor Vehicles Theft from Motor Vehicles Success stories An ASB Hotspot of Drugs and dangerous dog in was having a huge impact on residents. Warrant executed, dog and drugs seized, person arrested. Following a stop and search a young male was found in possession of offensive weapon and has been charged with the offence. New engagements made Meeting with the Tamil Community on crime prevention to reduce the theft of Family Gold and steps they can take to better protect themselves. TOTAL POLICING

  9. Catford South Ward Priorities Anti Social Behaviour Burglary Robbery Success stories We recently charged a prolific thief who had stolen from several local businesses. A burglar has been charged with four Burglaries including one on some commercial premises in Sandhurst Road. New engagements made Crime Prevention meeting at Laurence Church Further crime prevention at the Diamond Club to the elderly members. TOTAL POLICING

  10. Lewisham Central Ward Priorities Robbery Robberies – Personal Property Theft from motor vehicle Success stories Out of 12 warrants executed on the ward 10 have been successful, seizing a large amount of heroin and crack cocaine from some of the addresses targeted. Multiple beggars have been removed from Lewisham Town Centre and Hither Green Hi visibility patrols in Robbery hotspots have meant that robberies in November 2016 and December 2016 were down 75% and 33% year on year respectively. New engagements made Monthly meetings with St Mungos Information sharing agreement with No Second Night out Meetings with London & Quadrant Engaging with SLAM regarding residents on the ward New work with Lewisham Council for dealing with hoarding on the ward TOTAL POLICING

  11. Rushey Green Ward Priorities • Burglary • ASB – General • Robbery – Personal Property Success stories Warrant executed with Lewisham Council on rogue landlords who have been a long term problem. Prosecutions ongoing. Vulnerable elderly victim was defrauded of £12,000. Team successfully persuaded the banks to return her money after they initially refused Disruption and identification of two distraction burglars who were frequenting the ward. New engagements made Meetings with Notting Hill Housing Ward Panel Meeting on 17th January Surgery at Tesco Winslade Way 20th January TOTAL POLICING

  12. Blackheath Ward Priorities • Burglary • Robbery • Anti social behaviour. Success stories Successful arrest and prosecution of local Fraudster ( door knocker ) Securing CBO. Reduction in knife carrying by students of Christ the Kings college. Successful events over a busy period such as Fireworks and New Years Eve. New engagements made Engagement with Christ The Kings college over knife carrying by students.  Engagement with Housing association in Lethbridge Court re establishing a Neighbourhood watch Scheme. TOTAL POLICING

  13. Lee Green Ward Priorities • Burglary • Motor Vehicle crime • Anti social behaviour. Success stories Successful intervention in neighbor dispute whereby the occupant was served a CPO and the victim has been offered a management move by H.A Successful reduction in burglaries between Nov and Dec due to increased awareness, leafleting, and targeted patrols. Successful reduction in robberies due to targeted patrols post school times using NTT and Mounted Branch. New engagements made Engagement with Hostel in Old Road SE12. Regular visits and joint working with council over associated ASB have seen a huge reduction. Engagement with Abbey Manor college continue Lee Green assembly. TOTAL POLICING

  14. Grove Park Ward Priorities • Burglary • Robbery • Anti social behaviour. Success stories Successful intervention into an ongoing neighbor dispute Decrease in MV crime due to targeted patrols in the area, and a focus on known MV offenders. New engagements made Ward panel meeting. Engagement with the council around ASB in the Chinbrook estate. TOTAL POLICING

  15. Evelyn Ward Promises • Littering • ASB caused by vehicles • Youth Engagement Success stories Warrant executed at Lapwing Tower. £4-8K of Class A drugs and £2K in cash recovered. Two suspects are currently on bail. Successful engagements with rough sleepers undertaken. Those that we found were offered alternative locations and referral to Shelter if they wished to have their details shared. Joint working with Lewisham Licencing and Lewisham Council has resulted in a number of notices being given to premises who have been breaching their terms of their alcohol and trading licences. Phase 2 will be held at the end of the month whereby a further 6 premsies will be visited and licence checked. Pubwatch and BetWatch are being re-introduced to tackle ASB and alcohol related ASB. New engagements made   Drop in sessions and contact points at Deptford Lounge have been re-introduced Cycle marking event held at Deptford Lounge along with colleagues from Safer Transport over 30 bikes marked. Operation to tackle vagrancy and drug use in partnership with New Cross is being arranged with a view to go live in March 2017 TOTAL POLICING

  16. New Cross Ward Promises • Drugs ASB • Robbery • ASB Alcohol Success stories Numerous activities undertaken in respects to visiting and closing down brothels on the ward. A new joint protocol has been set up with Lewisham Council. First visit resulted in 2 arrests for managing a brothel and partnership work with West Midlands, Merseyside, GMP, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire and several Met Boroughs after phones and documents identified other brothels. We have closed 10+ brothels across the country and arrested 2 further persons concerned. Drugs warrant executed at an address on New Cross Road after intelligence suggested that cannabis was being dealt from it. One arrest made for possession of cannabis. Deptford Project has gone live with partners who have a vested interest in Deptford High Street and Giffin Street. The team now has a retail radio linked to other vulnerable premises in order to respond to incidents as they happen. New engagements made  Drop in sessions and contact points at Deptford Lounge have been re-introduced Cycle marking event held at Deptford Lounge along with colleagues from Safer Transport over 30 bikes marked. Operation to tackle vagrancy and drug use in partnership with Evelyn is being arranged with a view to go live in March 2017

  17. Brockley Ward Priorities • Burglary 2. Motor Vehicle Crime • Anti social behaviour. Success stories Working with Safer Lewisham providing businesses access to local CCTV Re introduction of Pub Watch in the area to combat ASB and VWI issues. ASB – Millark Grove – worked with the Council to obtain closure order. New engagements made Providing reassurance/ personal safety talks with Vulnerable female hostel. Pinnacle Housing Association – New information sharing process and regular meetings. TOTAL POLICING

  18. Ladywell Ward Priorities • Burglary • Motor Vehicle Crime • Anti social behaviour. Success stories Successful warrant and arrest of a drug dealer. Very large quantity of drugs seized along with substantial amounts of money. New NHW schemes in several roads including Elsiemund Road following complaints of ASB. New engagements made Working with Abbey Manor and Schools Officer over knife carrying by students.  Engagement with Rushy Mead Nursing Home and providing regular reassurance talks and activities. Gordonbrok Primary School – Talks to pupils about ‘Heroes’ and work of the police. TOTAL POLICING

  19. Telegraph Hill Ward Priorities • Burglary • Motor Vehicle Crime • Drug Dealing and Anti social behaviour. Success stories Successful Warrants executed on the Ward to reduce crime and detect offenders. Successful Warrant in Chaplin Court. Substantial amount of drugs found and stolen property recovered. Funding for CCTV approved in Wild Goose Drive New engagements made Engagement with Bruderhof Church who have recently moved into the area. NHW meetings to improve engagement with the community in hot spot areas. . TOTAL POLICING