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  2. Bibliography • born on 16 February 1956 • Grew up in Greytown • Went to St Patricks Silverstream College, after that he trained as an artist and later specialised in film at the University of Canterbury. • Has worked as an actor in LA, a screenwriter and has also published several books. But his most famous and talented forte is in directing films • Now spends time between Australia and New Zealand

  3. How he got involved in film-making • Whilst studying at the Ilam School of Fine Arts, Christchurch, Ward had an idea that he believed would translate better on to film rather than sculpture or painting • Using the schools equipment he made the hour long movie ‘A State of Siege’ • A year later he produced and directed the documentary ‘In Spring One Plants Alone’ • These two short films were Ward’s first dabble in the film industry and were very well received.

  4. Filmography • 1978: A State of Siege (Short) Role: director and writer. Script Writers: Tim White, Vincent WardProduction house: NZ Film CommissionFinancers: QEII Arts Council, Education Department and Interim Film Commission.Prize won: - 1978 Special Jury Prize (Miami Film Festival)- 1978 Golden Hugo (Chicago Film Festival) • 1981: In Spring One Plants Alone (Documentary) Role: director, producer, writer.Script Writers: Vincent WardProduction house: Forward FilmsPrize won:- 1980 Silver Hugo (Chicago Film Festival)- 1982 Grand Prix (Cinema Du Reel, France)

  5. 1984: VigilRole: Director and writerScript Writers: Written by Vincent Ward and Graeme TetleyProduction House: John Maynard ProductionsAwards: - Nominated, Palme d'Or, Vincent Ward- New Zealand Film and TV Awards:- Best Cinematography, Alun Bollinger- Best Production Design, Kai Hawkins- Best Screenplay – Original, Vincent Ward, Graeme Tetley • 1988: The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey Role: director, producer, writer.Financed by: New Zealand Film Commission and the Australian Film Commission.Script Writers: Geoff Chapple and Kely LyonsProduction house: Arena FilmsPrize won: Nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes, it scooped the gongs at the 1988 AFI and 1989 NZ Film & TV Awards.

  6. 1993: Map of the Human Heart Role: director, producer and writerScript Writers: Louis NowraProduction House:- Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC)- Les Films Ariane- Map Films- PolyGram Filmed Entertainment- Sunrise Pictures Company- Vincent Ward Films- Working Title FilmsAwards: - Australlian Film Institute: Nominated, AFI Award, Best Director, Vincent Ward- Tokyo International Film Festival, Nominated • 1998: What Dreams May Come Role: DirectorScript Writers: Ronald BassProduction Companies: MetafilmicsAwards: - Won, Oscar Best Effects, Visual Effects- Art Directors Guild, Won Excellence in Production Design Award- Golden Satellite Award, Best Visual Effects in a Motion Picture- Won Monitor Theatrical Releases - Electronic Visual Effects

  7. 2005: River Queen Role: director and writerScript Writers: Vincent Ward, Toa Fraser, Kely Lyons, Alison Carter, Louis NowraProduction Companies: , Silverscreen Films, Film Consortium, Endgame Entertainment, Film Consortium, Invicta Capital, New Zealand Film Commission, New Zealand Film Production Fund, UK Film CouncilFinancers: New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC), Film Production Fund, UK Film Consortium, UK Film Council, Endgame Entertainment and Capital PicturesAwards: Nominated: Golden Kinnaree Award, Best Film, Vincent Ward • 2008: Rain of the Children Role: director, producer and writerScript Writers: Vincent Ward, Alison Carter, Louis NowraProduction Companies: Forward FilmsFinancers: - Maori Television - New Zealand Film - New Zealand On Air- TeMangaiPaho- Wayward FilmsAwards: - Won the Grand Prix at Era New Horizons Film Festival - a major International Film Festival in Poland. - Nominated for best director and won best composer at the Qantas Film and TV Awards- Nominated for best director at the Australian Directors Guild Awards- Nominated for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

  8. Favourite cameraman and actor/actress • A favourite cameraman used by Vincent Ward is Alun Bollinger who he uses in his earlier films ‘A state of siege’, ‘Vigil’ and also his hugely popular and recent film ‘River Queen’. He says this about him ‘I enjoy working with Alun - I find he's a very creative camera-man, he not only has a good eye but is able to contribute to the way the picture will edit. Having worked with him for some time now, I find we've developed a sort of shorthand. He works incredibly hard to achieve what I want on screen.’ • Although Ward does not have a favourite actor/actress he has created two documentaries (The short film ‘In Spring One Plants Alone’ and ‘Rain of the Children’, ) around the life of Puhi, who is an old Maori woman caring for her mentally-ill son.

  9. Themes • Characters are often isolated and trapped by the rural New Zealand landscaping. Typical New Zealand landscape: in the outback/farm, no people/towns, barren, not much technology. (Vigil, State of Siege, In Spring One Plants Alone, Rain of the Children, • Character caught between two cultures(Map of the human heart, The last Samurei, River Queen)

  10. Effects on NZ society • First New Zealander to win selection for the Cannes Film Festival competition with Vigil • Awarded an Order of New Zealand Merit in 2007 for his contribution to film making • Unique way of showing the rest of the world the Maori culture in a serious manner

  11. Currently… • Last film Rain of the Children 2008 • Latest artwork exhibiting ‘Breath’ December 10th - Feb. It will then tour to Auckland in June 2012. • Official website states that Vincent Ward ‘ currently in active film development whilst also working as a writer and painter.’