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  2. JSC Small Business Roundtable • Introduction/Welcome Remarks • Mr. Glenn Delgado, Assistant Administrator, NASA Office of Small Business Programs • Overview of the NASA Small Business Programs • Mr. Larry Kenyon, Acting Deputy Director of Procurement, Johnson Space Center • Overview of JSC Progress and Plans related to the SB programs • Ms. Monica Craft, JSC Small Business Specialist & Roundtable Co-Chair • Vision For the SB Roundtable

  3. JSC OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT Debra L. Johnson, Director Jeffrey M. Cullen, Deputy Director Lawrence A. Kenyon, Acting Deputy Director Laura G. Pepper, Acting Associate Director Connie R. Pritchard, Labor Relations Officer 5/01/07 White Sands Test Facility Delene Sedillo Space Station Procurement Office K. Autry, Acting ManagerM. Isermann, Acting Deputy Projects Procurement Office D. Sedillo, ManagerG. DellaLonga,Deputy Institutional Procurement Office T. Baugh, ManagerM. Kincaid,Deputy Exploration Systems Procurement Office J. Garcia, ManagerH. Baker,Deputy Space Shuttle Procurement Office R. LaBrier, ManagerL. Phillips,Deputy Procurement Policy and Systems Office G. Skowron, ManagerB. Autry,Deputy Industry Assistance & Small Business Programs Nancy Liounis—Lead, Data Systems & Industry Assistance Monica Craft—Small Business Specialist Cheryl Harrison—Small Business Specialist Barbara Kirkland—Industry Assistance Officer Charles Williams—Small Business Specialist & Technical Advisor

  4. JSC Small Business Accomplishments • In FY06, JSC met our total small business goal and every mandated subcategory goal • Other JSC SB accomplishments: • Obligated over $200 million on contracts with SB, including $77 million to SDBs • Prime contractors obligated $78.8 million to SBDs • $305 million contract for facility operations at WSTF, which was awarded to an SDB • Small and minority businesses are performing integral parts of the International Space Station Program technical and mission integration work, under 5-year contracts totaling $348 million.

  5. JSC Small Business Accomplishments • Other JSC SB accomplishments, cont’d. • Currently conducting 4 competitive procurements for Center operations previously performed by large business— now separate set-asides • Contractor/Civil Servant Roundtable • Ostensible Small Business Subcontracting • Both Sides of the Acquisition Process • Alternative Source Selection Approach • Continually Improving Processes • Standardize Award Fee Process and make SB performance a significant portion of the evaluation • Updated, informative external procurement web page. • Includes all upcoming procurement actions and upcoming events • Policy Related Information outlined

  6. JSC Small Business ‘07 Progress • Progress thru mid FY07 - JSC has obligated: • $114.2 million for total small business • $58.7 million for SDB • $63.1 million for veteran-owned business • $31.7 million for woman-owned business • $1.6 million for HUBZone business

  7. JSC Small Business ProgramFuture Improvements • JSC is working toward the Agency Small Business Improvement Program (SBIP) initiatives: • Data Validation • Validating our federal data system (FPDS-NG) with a 25% sampling verification plan • JSC Small Business Specialist on Agency Team to Improve Data Reporting • Improve goals & actual performance • Stepped up our use of set-aside authority through recent procurements for center operations • Track metrics monthly to judge progress • Put special emphasis on HBCU participation in JSC procurements • Management commitment • The performance evaluation plans of JSC senior executives—including the Center Director and Procurement Officer—include commitment to small business performance

  8. JSC Small Business ProgramFuture Improvements, cont’d. • Other future improvements planned at JSC • Established a JSC initiative to enhance education/in-reach within the JSC technical & procurement community • This Roundtable is another venue to • communicate with small business; • understand & address concerns; • and foster small business self-mentoring

  9. JSC Vision for the Roundtable • Increase small business access to JSC. • Engage small business community into JSC procurement opportunities. • Understand small business issues/concerns, and work to a joint resolution. • Create a self-mentoring forum—enable mentor/protégé relationships between established small businesses and companies new to the JSC community • Foster a networking forum for small businesses

  10. JSC Small Business RoundtableOrganization • Open Discussion • Mission statement—the Roundtable should agree on a vision for this group—including long- and short-term goals • Identify individuals/companies interested in co-chairing this Roundtable • Define topics of interest for future discussion & learning • Define possible smaller breakout groups or committees—for mentoring; education/information needs; others?

  11. JSC Small Business RoundtableOrganization • Next Steps: • Plan for future meetings: • Quarterly? Semi-annually? • Tentative agenda for next meeting • Sign-ups (leave contact info, email addresses, etc.)

  12. JSC Small Business Roundtable • JSC Points Of Contact • Monica Craft (281) 483-4134 • Cheryl Harrison (281) 483-3734 • Chuck Williams (281) 483-5933

  13. JSC Small Business Roundtable • Meeting Adjourn • Networking session