technical educational institution assessment system a web based approach n.
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Technical Educational Institution Assessment System: A Web Based Approach PowerPoint Presentation
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Technical Educational Institution Assessment System: A Web Based Approach

Technical Educational Institution Assessment System: A Web Based Approach

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Technical Educational Institution Assessment System: A Web Based Approach

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  1. P Venkataram, ECE, IISc. M. Vasanthakumar, Multitech Software. Sunil Kumar Manvi, EC Dept, Basaveshwar Engg College, Bagalkot. Basavaraj Talwar, SJCE, Mysore. Technical Educational Institution Assessment System:A Web Based Approach

  2. Outline Introduction Standards for Qualitative Technical Education Technical Education Institution Website Model TEIA System Definition TEIA System Procedures RARM Experiments & Results Conclusions

  3. Introduction Technical Education Need for Improvement Need for Assessment Purpose of the Technical Institution Website Methods of Technical Education Assessment Assessment by Expert Teams Periodic Progress Report Submission

  4. Objectives of TEIA To understand the infrastructure, faculty profiles, students background, performance and management of a technical education institution. To deduct the strength and weaknesses of the technical education institution. To provide advice to management, faculty and students of the technical education institution for improvement. To periodically check the performance of technical education institution.

  5. Standards for Qualitative Technical Education Mission Planning & Assessment Governance Finance Faculty & Students Programs of Study Physical Resources Library & Information Resources Research/ Sponsored Projects/ Collaborations Institute-Institute Interaction

  6. TechnicalEducationInstitutionModel

  7. TEIA System Facts Database (FDB) Quality Measurement Parameters Database (QMPD) Standard Measurements Parameters Database (SMPD)

  8. TEIA System Strength of an Institution

  9. TEIA System Weakness of an Institution

  10. TEIA System Advice to the Management

  11. TEIA System Procedures Web page Analyzer Mobile agents based facts collection Components of TEIA-System

  12. TEIA System Procedures Web page Analyzer

  13. TEIA System Procedures Mobile Agent based facts

  14. TEIA System Procedures RARM - Realistic Abductive Reasoning Model Abductive inference or Abduction means “inferring the best or most plausible explanations for a given set of facts”. “common sense” reasoning and in expert-level problem-solving. making hypotheses, discriminating among them based on their plausibility. Hypothesis generation, updating, testing Hypothesize and Test Process: Fault Evocation Hypothesis Formation Question Generation

  15. TEIA System Procedures Deduction of Strength/ Weaknesses by RARM

  16. TEIA System Procedures Strengths & Weaknesses Analyzer Algorithm

  17. Experiments & Results

  18. Experiments & Results

  19. Experiments & Results

  20. Experiments & Results

  21. Conclusions The importance of Assessment and Improvement in a Technical Institute cannot be overstated. Individual parameters such as mission, infrastructure, faculty etc. are crucial in a periodic assessment scheme. Strengths and Weaknesses of an Institute can be deduced from such parameters. Use of a trusted automated system to obtain advice in such a manner is convenient. TEIA-System provides a comparison standard rating of each institute and it also enables technical education in the state and country and also the major institutes in the world.

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