repositioning the offshore energy center education programs for the digital age october 2011 n.
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Repositioning the Offshore Energy Center Education Programs for the Digital Age October 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Repositioning the Offshore Energy Center Education Programs for the Digital Age October 2011

Repositioning the Offshore Energy Center Education Programs for the Digital Age October 2011

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Repositioning the Offshore Energy Center Education Programs for the Digital Age October 2011

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  1. Repositioning the Offshore Energy Center Education Programs for the Digital AgeOctober 2011

  2. Current Challenges OEC and EOC Challenges Offshore Energy Center - a terrific set of assets as a science learning center, but… • It is a high cost facility with few visitors [30,000 per year] versus over 1million per year at the HMNS Wiess Energy Hall. • Traditional Education Outreach Committee (EOC) instructor led-classes and hardcopy materials are expensive to deliver, maintain, reproduce and distribute. • The OEC-EOC outreach target audience is science teachers. They have a difficult time getting to and from Galveston classes because of packed personal and professional schedules and logistics. • EOC runs Continuing Education Certified workshops 22 teachers at a time, when we need to certifying 222 at a time. Use of video to capture a class and virtual classroom simulcasts can help expand our teacher and general public audiences. • In a recent Google search of oil and gas training, OEC-EOC education programs did not even show up. We have not taken advantage of the internet publicity-search options routinely used by our sponsoring companies.

  3. Repositioning Offshore Energy Center for the Digital Age Expand the Education Outreach Committee (EOC) mission, and public access to OEC education resources using internet-digital-social network technologies. Consider broadening the EOC outreach for science education beyond the oil centers where it is now focused, which amounts to “preaching to the choir”. Digitally integrate the rich Ocean Star deepwater exhibits and content with other industry centers to give consistent access to information on new oil & gas technologies, i.e., HP/HT, deepwater, shale gas and shale oil. The following three goals are possible… • If you’re going to teach a student about science, why not use practical projects and principles from the world’s biggest industry. • Could help erase the stigma of “Big Oil” prevalent in the general public.

  4. A Possible Vision for the Future Step 1: Review web analytics (available?) and enhance the Ocean Star education credentials web presence. Create OEC-EOC learning modules that can be exported using the web, to reach school administrators, teachers and students across North America. Leverage the existing lesson plans, experiments, and programs and use the web to reduce cost in helping teachers achieve their science curricula objectives. Step 2: Recognize how the students now learn… and design a delivery model to take advantage of it. Oil & gas training projects completed by EKTInteractive indicates the model on the next page works. Step 3: Commission a study to determine feasibility of the model on the next page for new administrators and teachers before spending a lot of time and money. Get input from teachers familiar with the program and leverage the OEC staff. To reposition the Ocean Star classroom as a digital learning environment……

  5. Proposed Digital Learning Model Used successfully by EKTInteractive in training projects with oil & gas clients… Develop “provocative” material: Maximize engagement and interactivity with Q/A, videos, games Maximizing student engagement by delivering the effective intersection of: Content Form communities of similarly minded people… teachers, administrators, students Gives peers their specific space to capture & exchange lessons-learned Use LinkedIn, Facebook and other social network tools Community Collaboration Provide: “Ask the expert” capability with chat rooms, Twitter and instant messenger

  6. Find Best Option with a Structured Feasibility Study A. Survey teachers that have used any Ocean Star resources: 1. Get feedback on what worked and what did not work for them in OEC facilities, curriculum & delivery. Redefine the train-the-teacher program, if needed. 2. Get their input and recommendations on how to improve our content for the students, e.g., more animation, videos, class projects, industry examples, etc. 3. Get similar input of the best delivery mechanisms to reach the teachers and their students… Virtual classroom, Facebook, LinkedIn, webcasts, etc. B.Research other oil & gas industry (and corporate) training offerings to define the best future fit of the Ocean Star facility and OEC curriculum: 1. Start thinking of the Ocean Star rig as a stage for other training organizations - to our joint advantage. Make it the premier energy education destination. 2. See where our offshore technologies fit with other new technologies - deepwater, oil & gas shale, etc. Standardize all energy K-12 science curriculums to prevent overlap and give a similar look and feel to future digital access. 3. Get access to Ocean Star sponsors to share ideas and options. Instead of guessing, apply same discipline used at our companies……

  7. Structured Feasibility Study - cont’d C. Present recommendations to EOC and define external sponsorship needed: Validate mission for the EOC and Ocean Star to support future training needs of the industry, the K-12 teachers and the students. Outline a development path, options, deliverables, cost and timing. Identify potential resources in OEC sponsors to defray cost and speed implementation. Define a rollout plan that will work for staff, teachers and administrators. D.Consider a series of implementation options targeted to each audience: Find one “Champion” in each school district as a first step in expanding OEC programs to the individual campuses in that district. Expand current ‘Train-the-Teacher” concept, where highly motivated and trained disciples are EOC sponsored to come to Galveston, and get the word; then go forth and spread it. Use video to catalogue and re-enforce class activities. Use the web, video and encourage social network formation to rapidly expand OEC digital presence with the K-12 teachers. Instead of guessing, apply same discipline used at our companies……

  8. Appendix I: Validate Current EOC Mission Statement Review current OEC-EOC objectives… Use Feasibility Study results to enhance, if warranted: • Enhance science and technology curriculums with information about offshore oil and gas • Promote awareness of offshore energy’s high technology • Develop an understanding of offshore energy’s contribution to the environment and our quality of life We will promote awareness and understanding of offshore energy among students and educators…

  9. Appendix II: Current OEC-EOC Initiatives Playing with Petroleum —a collection of games, arts and crafts that teach very small children (K-5) scientific principles PE3—Project to Expand Energy Education, a book of fun lesson plans that can be used K-12 and in teacher training The Knowledge Box—A portable chest full of lessons, experiments, and projects for 6-12 MOLU — A $250,000 portable Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit consisting of 24 science learning activities for 5th graders Each of the four OEC-EOC initiatives can have a different digital application…

  10. Appendix III: Digital – Social Media Approach is Mainstream Practical corporate examples exist to help guide us…

  11. Appendix IV: EKTinteractive Introduction Specialists in delivering large scale, interactive training projects in oil & gas… Capture, record, catalogue, retrieve & distribute instructor-led classes at your location using the latest digital audio-visual technologies. Provides ideal refresher material for graduates. Much more engaging than standard webinars. Distance learning and 2-way interactive simulcast capability. Complement of oil & gas experienced instructional designers available to help you meet industry certifications. We know your business. Conducted operations improvement projects with numerous operators, some shown here.

  12. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Super Major - Upstream Currently working with a super-major E&P operator in North America as they implement a large new system to manage oil and gas production volumes. Objective of our project is to design and deliver a blended learning training curriculum, including instructor-led, video and web delivery options, across several hundred production field operators in the Gulf of Mexico. Incorporating the latest virtual classroom audio-video technologies to streamline and standardize delivery, and provide a web-based repository for routine access as refresher courses or as new staff come onboard. In just 10 weeks, a Pittsburgh and Houston industry experienced team delivered a customized series of interactive train-the-trainer workshops, to implement a new Wellsite Emergency Response Training Program across the Commonwealth. A toolkit was provided to the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy trainers to make them self-sufficient and confident in explaining the complexities of managing wellsite emergency incidents in the Marcellus Shale. The program is now being rolled out to First Responder organizations across the Commonwealth. See for more details.

  13. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Super Major - Downstream Global Oil & Gas Clients and the SPE Team led the training implementation of Sarbanes Oxley in the USA oil & gas finance operation of a super major’s US downstream finance operation. Challenge was to apply adult learning and change management techniques to get the desk-level business staff ready for their first SOX audit. Developed a modular, custom case study, and instructor–led training design that was delivered to over 850 US and Manila finance staff in just 12 weeks. External Auditor commented that they had rarely seen a staff that was as well prepared for the SOX attestation. Developed and deliver a participative-interactive customized training course covering upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas operations. Use videos, exercises and hands-on access to equipment at the Wiess Energy Hall in Houston to re-enforce concepts and maximize retention. The Industry Overview portion of the class material is presented as part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) New Hire Orientation program in Houston. Similar customized courses have been delivered to 750 multi-national staff across the USA, Russia, Europe and India.

  14. Representative Curriculum Development Citations Super Major - Upstream Big Four Audit Firm For a global super-major, provided instructional strategist and design services for a 14-module flash-based e-Learning advanced development program in High Pressure - High Temperature Drilling. The program was rolled out to specially selected Drilling Engineers, around the world. Also led course conversion of First Line Supervisor Safety training from 5-day instructor-led to a 14-module web-based training for the company. For a “Big 4” audit firm, developed 8 comprehensive modules of oil & gas training for global staff new to the industry. Curriculum covers upstream, midstream, natural gas, pipelines and downstream activities. The focus of the curriculum is the key business drivers, operations decision processes and trends affecting the industry operators and the key oilfield service and EPC segments. Oil & gas content owned by EKTinteractive, Inc., is currently being converted to web delivery.

  15. Marty Stetzer Oil & gas industry, instructional design-delivery… • Marty Stetzer is President of EKT Interactive, Inc, in Houston, Texas. • His teams have been providing a variety of consulting services to US and international oil and gas companies since 1986. • Mr. Stetzer’s oil & gas career included 18 years of management experience with Schlumberger, Superior Oil-Mobil, Wilson Industries and Exxon, in a variety of USA and international assignments. • Marty also has13 years of energy consulting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has worked with numerous national and international oil & gas company managements to help improve business performance across upstream, midstream and downstream operations. He has managed major projects in the USA, Middle East, Russia, India and Europe. • Marty has a BSME from Kettering Institute in Michigan, and a MBA from Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers and often presents at other industry forums.

  16. Dick Ghiselin Oil & gas industry, upstream content expert and editor… • Dick Ghiselin is the EKT Interactive, Inc. Contributing Editor responsible for quality of the upstream oil & gas industry content, in Houston, Texas. • He has 35 years in oilfield operations, publishing, information services and marketing. • Mr. Ghiselin’s oil & gas career included 30+ years of management experience with Schlumberger in a variety of international assignments. His instructor-led oilfield on-boarding program is used today for all Schlumberger new hires to help them quickly become productive in delivering a variety of Schlumberger’s technical services. • Dick also worked as VP and Group Publisher at Hart Publications, conducting research, writing and editing industry articles. He also has experience in consulting with major oilfield corporations in marketing communications campaigns, new business development, market research, brand repositioning, corporate identity and crisis communications. • Dick has a BS, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M, and completed the Columbia Business School Marketing Management Executive Program. He is registered petroleum engineer in Texas and Certified Business Communicator.

  17. Shannon Hart Oil & gas industry, instructional design, high-impact facilitation… Shannon Hart, principal of Hart Consulting Group, is an accomplished and committed Performance Management Consultant and has been working with individuals and organizations in the oil and gas industry for the last 20 years. Shannon has experience with facilitation, instructional design, coaching, change management and team building in a variety of corporate cultures and content areas. She is known for her comfortable, interactive and creative approach to working with groups. Oil and gas clients include Shell, BP, Marathon Oil, Transocean, ExxonMobil and Chevron. Her current projects include developing web-based training modules on well control, cementing and managed pressure drilling, facilitating leadership training for new E&P professionals, and supporting a Hydrocarbon Allocation accounting system implementation. Shannon is a certified Accelerated Learning facilitator, and she currently resides with her family in Houston, Texas.

  18. Brent Floyd Oil & gas industry, project management, remote training… • Brent Floyd is a Senior Associate of EKT Interactive, Inc. based in Houston. • He was instrumental in the development of Schlumberger’s and EKT Interactive, Inc’s. remote training capabilities, including development of an audio and video enabled class room/instructor broadcast facility. • Brent’s career started with 16 years with major oil & gas producers followed by 16 years consulting and solution delivery with Price Waterhouse and Schlumberger. • He has in-depth knowledge in all phases of exploration and production operations. His oil & gas experience includes systems and process development from field operations to corporate headquarters. His current projects are in production data management, hydrocarbon allocation and loss management. • He is an experienced project manager, skilled in analyzing system requirements and communicating the change impact to stakeholders in large global projects, using multi-disciplinary teams. • He has a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and is a CPA. He is frequent lecturer at global industry and government forums.