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Making the Right Play / A Guide to Selecting Music For Video PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Right Play / A Guide to Selecting Music For Video

Making the Right Play / A Guide to Selecting Music For Video

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Making the Right Play / A Guide to Selecting Music For Video

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  1. Making the Right Play A Guide To Selecting Music For Video

  2. Music provides an important element to entertainment, marketing and informational videos. While viewers process the information provided on screen, music can work at a different level, stirring emotions or subconsciously cueing the viewer to important points in the visual content. Ricall provides filmmakers and video marketers with limitless music options to enhance their content.

  3. Music can serve several functions in videos, including: Creating structure and continuity Establishing authority Emphasizing points Making an emotional appeal Entertainment

  4. Establishing Authority The tone of music played in a video can help establish the narrator of the video as an authority in the subject at hand. Differing music styles appeal to differing audiences and determining a music style likely to appeal to the target audience can help the video establish its credibility with the audience.

  5. Creating Structure and Continuity Music can give important auditory cues concerning transitions and the revisiting of previously covered material in a video. Carefully done, music can also establish antagonists and protagonists in a video, as well as emphasize dramatic moments.

  6. Emphasizing Points Music can cue viewers concerning when particular attention needs to be paid to material in a video. Sharply identifiable sounds help to focus viewer attention on key points in a video production.

  7. Making An Emotional Appeal Music can be made to establish sympathy or empathy for a subject or create an ominous atmosphere. Music accompanying narration or action helps create an emotional response in the viewer.

  8. Entertainment Music is aesthetically pleasing and can help break up monotonous or dense content. This helps the content in the video appear more appealing to the viewer.

  9. Three Tips for Choosing Music for Your Video • Consider your audience • Consider the mood, timing and pace of your video content • Ensure the music you’re using for your video is properly licensed and credited for the market where you are operating

  10. About Ricall Music Licensing Ricall Express provides licensed music for a variety of film and video projects, including independent film, trade show videos, corporate videos and more. Founded in 1998, Ricall has one of the largest libraries of popular music available for licensing. To learn more, visit or call +44 (0) 207 592 1710. Ricall provides music for: • Web videos • Internal or external video presentations • Independent films • How-to videos • Video blogs • Videos for social media • DVD content • Trade show videos