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New English Integrated Course Book Four Unit Two PowerPoint Presentation
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New English Integrated Course Book Four Unit Two

New English Integrated Course Book Four Unit Two

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New English Integrated Course Book Four Unit Two

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  1. New English Integrated CourseBook Four Unit Two Smart Cars

  2. Activities • Understanding a movie clip • Brainstorming about car-related words and terms • Guessing road signs • Discussing about how the intelligent vehicles function • Text Analysis

  3. Enjoying a movie clip

  4. Car-related words and terms • About cars • Driver • Safe-belt • Airbag • Rear-view mirror • Side-view mirror • Steering wheel • Transmission (automatic/standard)

  5. Car-related words and terms • Lights (tail/parking/side-marker/head) • Parking brake • Throttle /Brake/Clutch • Turn signal lever • Wiper • Horn • Engine • Tires

  6. Car-related words and terms • About driving • Driving License • Road signs/signals/markings • Lane • Intersection • Traffic lights • Left/right turn • U-turn

  7. Car-related words and terms • Passing • Passing lanes • Merging • Curves • Pedestrians • School zones • Collision

  8. Road sign guessing Road Sign

  9. Road sign guessing Danger School Road Sign

  10. Road sign guessing 40 mph Speed Limit Ahead

  11. Road sign guessing Parking Pay Here Sign

  12. Road sign guessing Caution Deer Sign

  13. Road sign guessing Roundabout Sign

  14. Road sign guessing Emergency Telephone

  15. Road sign guessing Roadworks Ahead Sign

  16. Discussing • Do you know how the smart cars function?

  17. How it works: Smart car • A radar unit mounted on the station wagon's front bumper senses objects ahead and sends that information to the central computer.

  18. How it works: Smart car • A camera mounted inside the top center of the windshield scans the road for visual cues to the car's alignment within a lane, such as lane stripes. Additional sensors in the front and rear wheels help determine turning angle and speed, respectively.

  19. How it works: Smart car • Based on pre-loaded road data and information sent from the radar, camera and sensors, the computer constantly sends new commands to small motors that control the car's throttle, steering and brakes.

  20. How it works: Smart car

  21. Text Analysis • What jumps out first at a browser of this text may be those terms in quotation marks or with capitalized first letters — • "blind spot" • Global Positioning System • "atomic clocks" • "telematics" • "automated driver" • What do they mean? How do we find out?

  22. Text Analysis • An efficient reader knows. • He/She can make a guess based on knowledge of word-formation or knowledge of the world or the context.

  23. Text Analysis • "Should you make a serious driving mistake (e.g., change lanes when there is a car in your 'blind spot') the computer would sound an immediate warning " (Line 26) • A blind spot must be a portion of the road behind a car, which a driver can not observe from the rear-view mirror.

  24. Text Analysis • “We already have twenty-four Navstar satellites orbiting the earth, making up what is called the Global Positioning System.” (Line 41) • “They make it possible to determine your location on the earth to within about a hundred feet.” (Line 43)

  25. Text Analysis • Global Positioning System (GPS): • space-based radio-navigation system, consisting of 24 satellites and ground support. GPS provides users with accurate information about their position and velocity, as well as the time, anywhere in the world and in all weather conditions.

  26. Text Analysis • What is an atomic clock? • It vibrates at a precise frequency, according to the laws of the quantum theory. (Line 46) • "telematics" • The prefix "tele-" means "distant“ • the suffix "-matics" may be the end part of "informatics". • "GPS is actually but part of a larger movement, called 'telematics’ (Line 52)

  27. Text Analysis • What is an automated driver? • "The plan calls for computers, aided by thousands of three-inch magnetic spikes buried in the highway, to take complete control of the driving of cars on heavily trafficked roads. Cars will be bunched into groups of ten to twelve vehicles, only six feet apart, traveling in unison, and controlled by computer.” (Line 59)

  28. Assignment • Individual Task: • P43 Text Organization • Exercise 1 & 2 • Group Work: • Discussion: What are the smart cars like in your mind?