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URL: rvc.eng.miami/

URL: http://rvc.eng.miami.edu/. Information form heterogeneous sources. Association Rule Mining. Video Browsing. Image Retrieval. Information fusion and Classification. Presentation Authoring. Data Pre-Filtering. Soccer Videos. Data Mining. Information Fusion Networks. Video Parsing.

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URL: rvc.eng.miami/

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  1. URL: http://rvc.eng.miami.edu/ Information form heterogeneous sources Association Rule Mining Video Browsing Image Retrieval Information fusion and Classification Presentation Authoring Data Pre-Filtering Soccer Videos Data Mining Information Fusion Networks Video Parsing Presentation Rendering Shot Detection Decision Tree Model Visual Features Audio Features Data mining, Database & Multimedia Research Group • Dr. Mei-Ling Shyu • ProfessorDepartment of Electrical and • Computer Engineering • University of MiamiPhone: 305-284-5566 • Fax: 305-284-4044E-mail: shyu@miami.edu • http://www.eng.miami.edu/~shyu/ • Research Areas • Multimedia Database System • - Content-Based Image Retrieval • Affinity Relationship Based Image Retrieval • Object-Based Image Retrieval • - Video Indexing and Mining • Object Tracking and Indexing for Video Database • Video Event Detection via Multimedia Data Mining • Video Shot/Scene Detection for Video Indexing • - Multimedia Presentation • - DMM Manager: Distributed Multimedia Management • System • Networking/Multimedia Networking Research • - End-to-End Video Transmission Framework • - Congestion Control • - Router Queue Management • - Intrusion Detection • Knowledge/Information Management • - Supervised and Unsupervised Classification • - Stochastic Clustering for Organizing Distributed • Information Sources • - Conceptual Image Database Clustering • - Affinity-Based Similarity Measure for Web Document • Clustering • - Web Data Mining & Web Recommender System - Web-based Content Management System: Coral Reef • and Reef Fish • - Caribbean-Wide Reef Fish Visual Census Universal • Database • Distributed Information Fusion Networks • - Data mining in incomplete data • - Information fusion • Funding Agencies: • NSF • NOAA • FDOI (Florida Department Of Insurance) • OIR (Florida Office of Insurance Regulation) • Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) • National Park Service Reef Fish Visual CensusUniversal Database Image Database Clustering Web-based Content Management System DMM Manager System Video Surveillance for Transportation System Video Indexing and Event Mining Web Data Mining and Recommender System Networking/Multimedia Networking Research

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