massage therapy optimizes health and well being n.
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Massage Therapy Optimizes Health And Well-being PowerPoint Presentation
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Massage Therapy Optimizes Health And Well-being

Massage Therapy Optimizes Health And Well-being

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Massage Therapy Optimizes Health And Well-being

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  1. Massage Therapy Optimizes Health And Well-being

  2. Synopsis • Abilities That Every Canadian Massage Therapist Must Have • Massage Therapy - The Way To Stay Refreshed And Relaxed • Massage Therapy Can Also Be Used In Babies • How To Improve Your Massage’s Experience And Durability? • For Canadians, A Massage Therapy With Oil Treatments is The Best Thing

  3. Abilities That Every Canadian Massage Therapist Must Have • To begin, it is valid to point out the empathy that every therapist must display. It is not a lie that every Canadian doesn’t have the sociable personality type. However, a good Canadian massage therapist needs to have a mastery over this basic skill. When dealing with the public, it is important to make them feel welcome and in a trustworthy environment. As a matter of fact, Canadians go to these clinics in search of relief. A good therapist must be able to provide a nurturing and curing experience. When clients feel cared for and supported, the massage therapy experience is enhanced. • Another primordial characteristic is the usage of listening skills. Every Canadian massage therapist must be a good listener. This is so because every client is different. A massage therapist cannot employ the same method on two different persons and expect the same kind of results. A professional therapist needs to find out the clients’ needs in order to adjust the massage. Massages are complicated by nature, and the human body is even more complex.

  4. Abilities That Every Canadian Massage Therapist Must Have • The third characteristic is the assurance of preparation through training. Expanding and perfecting the physical skills should be a top priority for massage therapists. Constant training is an old friend of Canadian therapists. To get a picture of how important this is for these individuals, just know that in most Canadian therapy schools, to become a graduate you need at least 700 hours of training and instruction to correctly improve your skills, and stamina. These are sureties of an excellent massage therapy. • Last but not least is the professionalism. A good Canadian massage therapist needs to be a professional to thrive in this line of work. Keeping up to date with appointments, sticking to standard therapy durations, always being well-dressed and calm, help clients feel less anxious and more confident. If a therapist has all four of these abilities, get carried away and have a good massage therapy.

  5. Massage Therapy - The Way To Stay Refreshed And Relaxed • Swedish Massage • This massage is very common all around the world and for good reason as it is able to help you relax and energize your muscles, through smooth relaxing strokes, followed by kneading and rolling of the stroked muscles, then friction that increases blood flow, and finally tapping the body with fingers or a palm. By alternating these four movements, the scar tissue of the body is broken down, oxygen is brought into the blood, and then the body is relaxed. • Deep Tissue Massage • This massage is made for people who have ‘trouble’ spots, with painful or stiff muscles or tissue in the body. Therefore the therapist uses slow and powerful strokes to focus on previously injured or stiff muscles and tendons, keeping tension away.

  6. Massage Therapy - The Way To Stay Refreshed And Relaxed • It is similar to deep tissue massage, but the primary focus is to relieve tension in the body in deeper layers of muscle. It can also help deal with high blood pressure and can boost your mood. • Sports Massage • Mostly done for athletes who either have a specific point of pain after an injury or who need help before or after a sporting event. These massages are tailor-made for athletes to help their muscles endure the stress they put their bodies through. They have been tested and proven to reduce recovery time, improve endurance, and improve the range of motion and decrease the effects of being sore.

  7. Massage Therapy Can Also Be Used In Babies • Studies with infants have shown good result after applying massage therapy. This is a new field for massage therapy in Canada. The most common thing is for the parents to perform the massage themselves. Besides, the previously stated benefits can also occur in children. Furthermore, the digestion process is improved and it also helps blood circulation. Finally, massage therapy serves as a strengthening bond between the parent and the children. The maternal touch and the environment created when massaging a baby, help him recognize his/her parents’ touch and odor. According to studies this sort of therapies bring closer babies and parents, even if the first are at such young ages. Canadians families can start practicing these techniques when needed because as you can see, there are excellent results.

  8. How To Improve Your Massage’s Experience And Durability? • For every therapist, it’s necessary to stablish a bond with its client. It is common to find shy people in Canada, but a good massage therapist will always know how to connect. This is an important element, since it is possible for the therapist to readjust the treatment. Getting to know the client is the first goal, so therapist should use all their expertise in accomplishing it. Moreover, it is important to get large amounts of information from your client to personalize the therapy. • The service’s quality is also a decisive factor. For example, natural oils work better than industrial ones on the skin’s surface. The products’ ingredients can make the difference between a soft touch and a rude one.

  9. How To Improve Your Massage’s Experience And Durability? • It is also precise to clarify that natural products are less likely to cause any harm to the skin, because natural ingredients are healthier than industrials. Some people have allergies to certain chemical products which may limit the service quality. Among Canadians, natural ingredients have a better acceptance. • Other essential aspects that improves the client’s experience in Canadian massage clinics are privacy and a comfortable environment. The first is a key aspect, because the clients may be shameful at first, especially if they are beginners. Then, they will not achieve the appropriate relaxation level and the massage therapy will not work as it should. Regarding the environment, some scented candles may help get relaxed. Moreover, it is recommended to keep the temperature under control and play some soothing music.

  10. For Canadians, a massage therapy with oil treatments is the best thing • Regarding massages, there is something which has an extraordinary importance for most Canadians: oil. It’s true that a massage can be performed without oil but it’s the same thing. But which oils are the most suitable? Experts say that natural oils have better results and they are the healthiest ones. The main benefit is that oil molecules are smaller than cream molecules. Then, they are easily absorbed by the skin and form thinner layers over the skin. • Another relevant advantage of using oils is that all of them have some other healthy effect. The main contributions are vitamins. For example, eucalyptus scents and oil can be used in a massage therapy with very good benefits in terms of air influx.

  11. For Canadians, A Massage Therapy With Oil Treatments is The Best Thing • The deepness achieved within the skin can be useful if we are dealing with tense muscles or tissues. Besides, if it is applied on your back or chest, it will be good to fight asthma. At the same time, aromatherapy soothes sinuses and other breathing issues. • Among the most used oils are olive, coconut, sweet almond, avocado, jojoba and sesame. Olive oil is the most popular among Canadian infant massage therapists. It makes the skin more elastic and strong. If it is applied on adults, the results are similar and many of them prefer this because it makes them tanner for a while.

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