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Changing American Values

Changing American Values. The tale of two Americas: Modern vs. Traditional in the 1920s. New American Values. A. Conflicting Values

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Changing American Values

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  1. Changing American Values The tale of two Americas: Modern vs. Traditional in the 1920s

  2. New American Values A. Conflicting Values 1. At the time of all of the 1920s advances and the growth of cities, the beliefs and ideas of the traditional rural areas began to conflict with the new city life. 2. The changes in cities that threatened these rural ideals created a backlash of traditional, white American culture. a. KKK b. Religious Fundamentalism- literal interpretation of the bible. 1. Many rural Americans began to turn to these beliefs to explain new issues in a modern nation.

  3. New American Values 3. Traditional Military role a. Isolationism b. After the war, some modern changes needed: 1.Brg. Gen. Billy Mitchell- Airpower advocate a. Sank an old warship with planes to prove his point! 2. Avoiding an Arms race Washington Naval Conf.- Agreed to reduce worldwide navies to stop a possible arms race (1921)

  4. New American Values 3. Kellogg-Briand Pact- A League of Nations-styled agreement with 60 other nations to avoid war! a. Toothless, only a pledge by the countries. b. No enforcement

  5. New American Values 4. Scopes Trial a. Evolution b. Tennessee, 1925- Made it a crime to teach evolution in school 1. John Scopes 1. High School teacher in Rhea County, TN. 2. Biblical literalism, Christianity, Science clashing in one trial

  6. New American Values B. Prohibition 1. Progressivism Review a. Wanted to improve society through change in government restrictions, protections, and law. b. Wanted moral improvements: 1. Clean up towns 2. Provide for the sick, poor, old… etc.

  7. New American Values 2. Temperance Movement a. Groups organizing against the consumption of alcohol. 1. WCTU- Women’s Christian Temperance Union 2. Anti-Immigrant groups a. Blamed Irish, Germans for bringing alcohol- related problems to the US.

  8. New American Values 3. Prohibition a. Different from temperance in that it made alcohol illegal! b. Temperance supporters jumped on this new message! c.18th Amendment takes effect Jan. 1, 1920. 1. Made transporting, making, and selling alcohol illegal. NOT DRINKING!

  9. New American Values d. Impossible to Enforce 1. Bootleggers- Canada, Caribbean a. Very successful; the US government estimated it only stopped 5% of all smuggled alcohol in 1925!

  10. New American Values 2. Organized Crime a. Chicago and Al Capone 1. Violence increases dramatically 2. National network of smugglers, thugs, and bribed government officials. 3. Elliot Ness b. Speakeasies- Illegal bars that served alcohol

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