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American and Congolese Values PowerPoint Presentation
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American and Congolese Values

American and Congolese Values

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American and Congolese Values

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  1. American and Congolese Values Presenter:Mokuba Monkangwo Instructor: Lyra Riabov ESL 5 Culture Studies

  2. Outline • What is Value? • American Values • Historical factors that affected American Values • Congolese Values • Historical factors that can affect Congolese Values • Social and political problems that affect the 21st Century Culture in Democratic Republic of Congo • Possible solutions • References

  3. What is Value? • . Definition :A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. • What is exactly a Value for a Country: Common cultural ties that join people together in a Country and lead them through years. • What affects a Country’s Values? All events or changes that occur in the world

  4. American History and Values Country of immigrants:Individual Freedom; the United States has always had a racially and ethnically diverse population. World War II: Material Wealth and Hard Work; economic prosperity and national stability. Baby Boom: Competition and Material Wealth(!(1945-1965) extreme optimism, opportunity, and progress Civil rights movement: equality of opportunity and individual freedom; the assassination of JF Kennedy and ML King War in Vietnam: fear of spread communism(1966-1975) The Watergate Scandal: Economic recession and oil crisis

  5. Democratic Republic of Congo Geography • Area: 2,345,410 sq kmPopulation: 51,964,999Capital City: Kinshasa (4,295,340) • Terrain: Varies from tropical rainforests to mountainous terraces, plateau, savannas, dense grasslands, and mountains.Climate: Equatorial • Language(s): French (official), Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo, Tshiluba.

  6. More about DR Congo • Two seasons: Wet and dry seasons • The center of the African continent • 60% is tropical rain forest • The Congo river is the second longest river in Africa • A geological scandal with a lot of potential resources

  7. Congolese Animals OKAPI Gorilla of Mountain

  8. Independence of the Country(1960): Freedom; after a long period of colonization(1885-1960) Dictatorial System: Unity of the Country; after many tentative of partition of the Country, Pres.MOBUTU takes the power and keep the peace(1965-1997) Zairanization and back to the authenticity: Instauration of traditional values, Congolese names and clothes (in October27,1971) but anti values describe this period Country opening to multiparty: in april,24th,1990 pres MOBUTU meeting Congolese History and Values

  9. Congolese History and Values • War of Liberalization: to pull out the dictatorship and bring freedom with Pres Laurent Kabila (in may,17,1997) • War of Aggression: (in august,2,1998)three neighboring states which help Laurent Kabila start a war against him. • New unity government "a turning point" for DR Congo:( July 15, 2003);one president and 4 vice-president to keep the peace

  10. Social and Political Problems of the 21st Century in Congo • To keep the peace • Reconstruction of the Country and the need of new Values • Challenge the globalization • To fight against poverty • AIDS problem

  11. Possible Solutions • By the Government: • To organize the elections • Fight against AIDS by making programs of AIDS prevention and take care of infected people • To initiate Microfinance Institutions • By the people: • To be really involved in What is happening • By Me: to have the best education available

  12. References • Http/ • Http/ • http// • http// •