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WWI and WWII Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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WWI and WWII Notes

WWI and WWII Notes

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WWI and WWII Notes

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  1. WWI and WWII Notes Review

  2. Post WW I • America Turns to Isolationism -- Do not get involved in the political or economic affairs of other countries. • The focus stay on forgetting the war and enjoying the 1920’s life.

  3. 1920’s Red Scare • Red Scare -- As the depression set in in late 1920’s people listen to Communist propaganda to solve economic problems. This is known as the Fear of Communism U.S. will restrict immigration from Communist Russia.

  4. Harlem Renaissance • Harlem Renaissance -- African American culture flourishes Harlem New York and produces great works of Art, Music and literature.Occurs 1920’s radio allows the new sound to reach all America.

  5. Causes of Great Depression • Bank Failures -- Bad loans to people • Over Production -- Then people stopped buying • Over Spending -- New credit people did not know how to budget could not pay back loans • Stock Market Crash 1929

  6. New deal 1930’s • FDR or Franklin D. Roosevelt set up a plan to solve the economic problems of the depression known as the New Deal. It involved Government created jobs to keep people working. CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) and WPA (Workers Progress Administration)were major programs.

  7. WW II • Japan attacks China in 1931 starts WWII • Germany and Italy start taking countries in 1930’s then create an alliance with Japan • U.S. enters war when attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor in 1941 • United States puts Japanese Americans in internment camps • Women enter into factories to work making war goods • African American migrate North working in factories and join the military • War ends when U.S. drops two Atomic bombs on Japan

  8. Post War the country of Israel is created for the Jewish People in 1947 • Resulted in the development of the current Arab – Israeli conflict. • United States and Soviet Union emerge as only two World Super Powers • Nuclear Arms Race and Cold War begins

  9. Domino Theory • Democracies of the world feared the spread of communism after WW II ended. The Domino Theory believed if you let any country turn communist then the country next to it would turn communist. As a result, the U.S. help all countries resist becoming communist. • Examples Berlin Airlift, Korean War and Viet-Nam war