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C h r o m e

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  1. Chrome ETADPU

  2. In the beginning… • Thanks to a Georgia Public Library Service grant we launched a Google pilot program on August 16th, 2013 at our Rossville Library branch.

  3. We had some ups,and some downs.Thankfully with guidance from Andrew Crane and Daniel Zeiger we were able to get on track.

  4. Our Rossville branch was running smoothly and our Google Chrome boxes were listed with adult, child, and opac division settings in Rossville. For reluctant users we decided to keep a couple of Windows computers and continued this practice with each branch.

  5. With one branch “Google-ized” we could start planning on implementing the Google device deployment in our three sister branches. Chickamauga LaFayette Dade

  6. One by one, each branch received their Google Chrome boxes and now each is fully implemented. • Dade County Library

  7. LaFayette Library

  8. Chickamauga Library

  9. A decision was made in each library to keep several Windows machines for those patrons reluctant to try the new technology. That decision has proved advantageous due to some printing issues we’ve encountered along the way.Currently the ratio of Google machines versus Windows machines breaks down as follows:Overall each branch manager is satisfied with the current ratio while one manager would like a few more Windows machines.

  10. The good, the bad, and the printing issues… • Although our branches seemed to have quite a few printing issues in the beginning it seems that time and learning a new layer of technology has solved most of them.However, the most recurring issue I hear is that a patron is not able to print a picture or document if it is being pulled from an email. I have seen this issue first-hand and do not currently have a solution, although I am ever hopeful a solution will be found.

  11. The other printing issue was with the margins of the page. The page would not capture the whole document, most often with one-half of the page being cut off.That problem has been solved. When in the print dialog box, under the “Margins” section, change the selection from “Default” to “Custom.” After doing so, move your mouse to hover over the document to be printed—you will see blue grid lines which you can adjust or if you prefer, you can enter each margin by clicking the black boxes and entering a number for the margin. However if choosing the second option, be careful not to hit the enter button after entering a margin range or it will go straight to the printer!

  12. Tips I learned along the way… After our initial deployment in Rossville I learned there was a simple way to approach a Google Chrome launch. My process is as follows:Start with the printer. I found it was much quicker to start with the printer and then move on to enrolling the devices. Using the website quickly allow you to add your printer. It can also be a quick way to check for printer problems or to see if your printer has been deleted. If you don’t see your printer when you log into the website, your Google devices can’t see it either. *

  13. Next, start with the enrolling process. Then move on to the Google menu to enter your internet or wireless settings. We used Google’s DNS server numbers and in our settings. In the Google menu options, manage your Google device by adding the printer. Finally, go to your Google admin account and setup the policies you want in regard to the divisions you create. We typically use Adult, Child, and Opac divisions within our branches.

  14. Our journey continues… • In January 2014 at our Chickamauga Library we implemented 35 Google Chromebooks for a computer lab. Their first use of the computer lab was in a partnership with the local Gordon Lee High School.

  15. Currently there are 47 students who are dual-enrolled in Gordon Lee High School and Georgia Northwestern Technical College who are able to take psychology and sociology classes online for college credits.Students and patrons can save work with their own Google document accounts and permit multiple users to access any shared documents.

  16. What’s next? • We have plans in place for each of our branches to have Chromebooks for patrons to check out within the library for their use once policies are in place. We would also like to implement Google Chromebooks for other computer labs within our system to help encourage online and distance learning for those who cannot afford a computer.

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