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Adopt a House

Adopt a House

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Adopt a House

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  1. Adopta House A program that could change everything

  2. Adopt a house mission • To facilitate personal, sustainable relationships between members of the business community and the Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars with the purpose of providing positive role models and developing a knowledge of local business practices for the scholars and building the culture of teamwork and philanthropy for the businesses.

  3. Quick Facts • Each year of secondary education reduces the probability of public welfare dependence in adulthood by 35%. • In the communities where many of our scholars come from, the high school dropout rate is higher than 50%. • High school dropouts are more than eight times more likely to be incarcerated than those students who receive a high school diploma. • Each dropout who becomes incarcerated costs society between $1.7m and $2.3m over the course of his or her lifetime. • College graduates earn, on average, 67% more annually than dropouts. • Since 1991, 100% of scholars who have completed our program have gone on to pursue higher education. And Boys Hope Girls Hope 's college retention rate is 89–94% annually, compared to the national average of 66%. (Source Inspire. Empower. Nurture. Succeed.

  4. House information • View Place (Finneytown) • All boys house approximately 7-8 boys living in the house • North Bend (Finneytown) • All boys house approximately 7-8 boys living in the house • Gardener (Walnut Hills) • All girls house approximately 3-4 girls living in the house • Community Based (Live with their parents) • Meets at Purcell Marian High School • Approximately 13 scholars • Male and female

  5. Participation requirements BHGH CRC • The BHGH’s Community Resource Coordinator will be the recruiter for Community Partners to participate. Ensures community partners are committed to the program and are in dedicate to the mission. Monitoring activities to ensure good lines of communication are maintained among all participants. • Commit to regular and prompt communication with Business/Community Partners. Ensure all scholars are participating in all activities in a respectful manner. Respond to all emails and phone calls within 2 business days. • Business/Community Partner commit to Adopt A House for One Year. Gathering a group of at least 5 people to coordinate group activities for the scholars. There must be an activity once every three months. Once during the year the Partner should provide our scholars with an overview of their company. • The Business/Community Partner will elect to be the main communication liaison between their business and BHGH. Respond to all emails and phone calls within 2business days. BHGH Staff Community Partner Community Partner Coordinator

  6. What does this communication look like?

  7. How do we adopt a house? Step 1 • Make a commitment to Adopt A House. House size runs around 7-13 scholars. Complete the appropriate paperwork. Meet with BHGH CRC to begin planning. • Get as many fellow employees as possible involved to ensure all scholars and employees can develop a rewarding relationship. Adopt A House is happy to participate in any volunteer recruiting presentations at your business. • Select one person to be your Community Partner Coordinator. This person will be the contact between your business and BHGH CRC. • The BHGH CRC will contact you to welcome you and set a date to meet your house. • During your introductory meeting establish connections to the scholars and staff to aid your group in facilitating the first event/activity. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Inspire. Empower. Nurture. Succeed.

  8. Tentative Schedule 1-3 Months • Schedule to meet and greet your house! Begin planning the first activity. • Plan and facilitate the second activity. • Plan and facilitate the third activity. • Plan and facilitatethe fourth activity. • *You are not limited to only 4 activities • *Preferably 1 activity would be an overview about your business and/or a visit to your business for our scholars to gain knowledge and insight about the business sector. 3-6 Months 6-9 Months 9-12 Months

  9. Get started today to change tomorrow