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Adopt a Volunteer PowerPoint Presentation
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Adopt a Volunteer

Adopt a Volunteer

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Adopt a Volunteer

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  1. Adopt a Volunteer And you will support a process of lasting, positive change for materially poor communities in our world

  2. About Concern America Concern America is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nongovernmental development and refugee aid organization. Healthy children, a steady decline in the number of life-threatening diseases, access to safe and reliable water sources, appropriate sanitation systems, trained and active community leaders, respect for life patterns of indigenous peoples, local and lasting employment opportunities, public health systems- these are a few of the results of the work of Concern America…all designed to empower local people in economically poor countries to life themselves out of poverty permanently. Concern America is currently engaged in development projects in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Guinea, and Mozambique

  3. Objective “Concern America’s main objective is to provide training, technical assistance and/or material support to people in lesser-developed countries who require assistance as a result of natural disaster, civil disruption, forced migration, discrimination or historically-rooted poverty. The primary emphasis is to encourage self-reliance and economic and agricultural development.” ~Fromthe By-Laws of Concern America

  4. Why Should You Adopt? ~When you adopt a volunteer, you become a very concrete part of his or her work. ~Your contribution will bring support where it is needed most. ~Volunteers are nonsalaried professionals in fields such as health care, nutrition, education, engineering and community organizing who live and work with communities struggling to help themselves.

  5. What do you receive? ~A volunteer profile and project description ~Quarterly field reports relating the progress that your support makes possible ~Regional Map ~The knowledge that you are helping whole communities move out of poverty

  6. Where does your money go? ~For each skilled professional that Concern America places in field programs in Mexico, Central America, and Africa, $8,000-$10,000 is needed annually to cover the cost of transportation, modest health insurance, and simple living expenses. ~Contributing $20 monthly, it takes only 40-50 sponsors to underwrite the full expense to Concern America of each professional in the field. Some who sign up are able to contribute at a higher amount and in this case even a smaller group of sponsors suffices.

  7. Expected Results ~Well-trained local people are in place to be health resources in their communities ~Micro-economic projects are set up and more and more cooperatives are able to bring work and income to communities ~Rural communities have clean water, working sanitation systems, and greatly improved public health conditions ~Community leaders have projects to improve food production and overall nutrition ~There are educational systems and learning opportunities for adults and children, female and male

  8. Want to adopt?Concern America Adopt-A-Volunteer ProgramP.O. Box 1790Santa Ana, CA 927021-800-CONCERN(266-2376)