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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒 PowerPoint Presentation
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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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  1. 第3版 Mini-world 万花筒

  2. Word Bank 核心词汇 sell /sel/ v.卖,销售(过去分词为sold)

  3. 在这样的天气里,悠闲地吃上一份圣代,已然是一种享受呢。在这样的天气里,悠闲地吃上一份圣代,已然是一种享受呢。 The Story of the Ice Cream Sundae What will be a cool dessert in summer? An ice cream sundae!

  4. On Sunday, April 3, 1892, two Americans made a new kind of ice cream dessert on a whim. The dessert was an ice cream with sweet syrup and cherries on it. This was the first ice cream sundae! Its name was “Cherry Sunday,” because it was sold on Sundays at first. But when it got popular, it was sold every day. Today, the ice cream sundae has many things in it, such as fudge and fruit. And there is a lovely cherry at its top. Now let’s get an ice cream sundae!

  5. above the salt Meaning: of high standing or honour 坐上席,受尊重 Story: 在英国伊丽莎白时代,盐被视为珍品。王公贵族们的餐桌上都摆着一个大盐罐。入席时,贵宾坐在盐罐的上首,而普通客人、穷亲远戚则坐在离盐罐较远的地方。因此,above the salt就有了“坐上席,受尊重”的意思,而反义词组 below the salt则表示“坐下席,被小看”。 Example: When I enter the room, they all stand up and ask me to sit above the salt. 我一走进房间,他们都站了起来,并请我坐上席。

  6. Word Bank 超纲词汇 sundae /'s2ndeI/ n. 圣代冰淇淋 dessert /dI'z+:t/ n. 甜点 syrup /'sIr=p/ n. 糖水 popular /'p^pjUl=/ adj. 受欢迎的 fudge /f2d3/ n. 乳脂软糖 a kind of 一种

  7. on a whim 突发奇想,心血来潮 such as 诸如 at sth’s top 在某物的顶端

  8. 第4-5版 Teachers’ Day 快乐教师节

  9. Word Bank 核心词汇 cold/k=Uld/adj.冷酷的,形容词cold 也表示“冷的”的意思

  10. 在这个特别的日子,给亲爱的老师送上一份小小的“心意”吧!在这个特别的日子,给亲爱的老师送上一份小小的“心意”吧! Gifts for Your Teachers Flowers Lovely flowers will make your teacher happy. Carnations will be fine. Cards Make a card by yourself*. It will show your love for him/her.

  11. Cups Teachers need to speak a lot. They always feel thirsty. Then why not give him/her a cup? Biscuits Make some nice biscuits with your mum, and put them in a cute bowl. Cool gift!

  12. 喜欢哈利·波特吗?让我们来认识一下他的那些性情各异的魔法老师吧!喜欢哈利·波特吗?让我们来认识一下他的那些性情各异的魔法老师吧! Harry Potter’s Teachers Minerva McGonagall 米勒娃·麦格 McGonagall is the teacher of Transfiguration (变形术). She can transform into a grey cat. She is very strict with her students, but she has a fun side too. She is crazy about Quidditch!

  13. Severus Snape 西弗勒斯·斯内普 Snape is a thin man with oily black hair. He teaches Potions (魔药学). Most of the students don’t like him, because he looks cold and cunning. But in fact, he is a clever good teacher. He always helps Harry in secret. Remus John Lupin 莱姆斯·约翰·卢平 Lupin was the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts (黑魔法防御术) when Harry was in Grade Three. He is a werewolf, but he is not bad. He is kind and he likes telling jokes to students. So Harry and his friends all like him very much.

  14. 再多的言语都无法表达我们对您的感谢! Wishes for Your Teachers ☆ You are like our third parent. We all love you and respect you! ☆ This small gift is only a part of our gratitude. We all want to thank you. ☆ Thank you for making study not a dull thing but great fun.

  15. ☆ You are not only a good teacher but also our good friend. We all like you very much! ☆ For all the great things you say and do, the Best Teacher Award goes to you. ☆ Thanks for making us what we are today. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  16. 讲学指导 Culture 世界各地的教师节 众所周知,中国的教师节为每年的9月10日,但是你知道吗?其实世界各地都有尊师重道的传统,许多国家都有属于自己的教师节。 每年的8月31日是新加坡的教师节。教师们在这一天会被来自学生的礼物、鲜花和贺卡包围。学校还会为教师举办隆重的音乐会,学生们通过歌舞表演向老师表达感谢。 每年5月份第一个整周的星期二是美国的教师节。同时那一整周被指定为教师感恩周,学生们可以在这周通过各种方式表达他们对老师的尊重和感谢。 泰国的教师节为每年1月16日。在这一天,全国学校都会放假,并且隆重庆祝,还会向当年退休或刚参加工作的教师颁发奖状和献花。 法国没有规定哪一天是教师节,但教师普遍受到人们尊重。每年的12月25日,学生家长都会带一些礼物去教师家慰问,所以圣诞节实际上也可以算作是法国的教师节。

  17. Word Bank 超纲词汇 fun/f2n/adj.有趣的n.乐趣 side/saId/n.面,方面 oily/'^IlI/adj.油腻的 teach/ti:t5/v.教,教授 cunning/'k2nI9/adj.狡猾的,奸诈的 kind/kaInd/adj.善良的,友好的 joke/d3=Uk/n.玩笑 respect/rI'spekt/v.尊敬

  18. only/'=UnlI/adv.只,仅仅 • gratitude/'Gr7tItju:d/n.感激之情,感谢 • dull /d2l/adj.乏味的,枯燥的 • by oneself靠自己,独自地 • transform into变形为…… • be strict with对……要求严格 • be crazy about对……着迷的,狂热的 • Quidditch 魁地奇,一种只存在于魔法世界中的由巫师参加的球类比赛

  19. most of大多数 in fact事实上 in secret暗地里 werewolf 狼人,通常会 在满月之夜变身为狼 a part of一部分 not only ... but also ... 不仅……而且…… Best Teacher Award最佳教师奖

  20. 第6版 Playground 英语操练场

  21. Word Bank 核心词汇 right /raIt/ adj.正确的,形容词 right 也可以表示“右边的”的意思

  22. “小皇帝”“小公主”们,平常吃的这些蔬菜你都能叫出名字吗?“小皇帝”“小公主”们,平常吃的这些蔬菜你都能叫出名字吗? You Look So Beautiful! carrot cabbage

  23. cucumber bamboo shoot mushroom Chinese cabbage

  24. spinach green pepper (Tommy is buying some food for supper with his mum.) Tommy: Mum, is this Chinese cabbage? Mum: Chinese cabbage? No, it’s spinach. Tommy: Oh, I see. It’s Popeye’s (大力水手) favourite food! Mum: Yes, it can make you big and strong. Tommy: Oh, I know this. It is a carrot, right? Mum: Bingo! Carrots are good for your eyes. Let’s buy some.

  25. Little Moon Little moon, I’d like to know Where at dawn You always go; For when sunshine Brings the day; Then you run away.

  26. Are you pulling my leg? 这句话是“你在扯我的后腿”,即“你拖累了我”的意思吗?错啦!其实这句话相当于 “Are you kidding?”, 即“你在开玩笑吧?”的意思。可不要弄错哦! Jessie: There will be no class tomorrow. Daniel: Are you pulling my leg? Jessie: No, it’s true.

  27. Word Bank 超纲词汇 cucumber /'kju:k=mb=/ n.黄瓜 mushroom /'m25rUm/ n. 蘑菇 spinach /'spInIt5/ n. 菠菜 dawn /d6:n/ n. 黎明 sunshine /'s2n5aIn/ n. 阳光 bring/brI9/ v. 带来

  28. bamboo shoot 竹笋 Chinese cabbage 大白菜 green pepper 青椒,hot pepper 是“辣椒”的意思 I see 我明白了 bingo 宾果游戏,一种赌博游戏, 这里特指“你答对了”的意思

  29. 第7版 Story Zone 故事地带

  30. Word Bank 核心词汇 call /k6:l/ v.把……叫做,称呼 find /faInd/ v. 找到

  31. 娜娜熊有一只漂亮的宠物鹦鹉,它的名字叫Lottie-Dot。娜娜熊有一只漂亮的宠物鹦鹉,它的名字叫Lottie-Dot。 With Lots of Love (I)

  32. Toby liked visiting Nana Bear. She told great stories and made nice biscuits. And she had a lovely pet: Lottie-Dot, a yellow parrot. “Why do you call her Lottie-Dot?” asked Toby. “Because she has lots of little red dots on her tummy,” said Nana Bear. “Every dot is like a red heart and says ‘I love you.’”

  33. One cold morning, Lottie-Dot flew out of an open window and didn’t come back. Nana Bear was very worried. She asked all her friends to help her search for Lottie-Dot. “It’s freezing outside,” she kept saying. “Lottie-Dot will be so cold. We have to find her!”

  34. Word Bank 超纲词汇 dot /d^t/ n. 点,小圆点 tummy /'t2mI/ n. 肚子(儿语) worried /'w2rId/ adj. 担心的,烦恼的 freezing /'fri:zI9/ adj. 严寒的,冰冻的 keep /ki:p/ v. 持续不断 lots of 许多 search for 搜寻,寻找 have to (do sth.) 必须(做某事)