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The concept behind PRIDE TV is a simple one: PowerPoint Presentation
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The concept behind PRIDE TV is a simple one:

The concept behind PRIDE TV is a simple one:

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The concept behind PRIDE TV is a simple one:

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  1. PRIDE TV A lesbian and gay news, lifestyle and current affairs program based website The concept behind PRIDE TV is a simple one: Create a centralised home for gay and lesbian video content that gives consumers a wide range of premium content that isn’t available everywhere else. On top of this, create a world class user experience.

  2. PRIDETV is available across all screens

  3. is a news, lifestyle and current affairs program based website, aptly named PRIDE TV, aimed at 16-45 year olds,of the gay and lesbian community, the website will be the first to have sponsored video content that is commissioned by advertisers.PRIDE TV will have program segments running from 1 to 15 minutes. Each program is set to air weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and is scheduled for launch in early June 2013.In a statement Managing Partner Linzi Kurileff said PRIDE TV will be based around national news, topical commentary, pop culture and in-depth features, all dedicated content for the 16-45 year old audience.Kurlieff also said as PRIDE TV will be encouraging Citizen Journalism and as such PRIDE TV, Will be a place for members of the gay and lesbian community to share their passion for emerging cultural ideas and experiences, with diverse content from Australia and around the world that is edgy, adventurous and fun, PRIDE TV will be connecting the gay and lesbian community of Australia with the world.Kurlieff also stated PRIDE TV will fill the gap between current gay and lesbian information providers were video content is limited in the way of news, current affairs and the diverse information needs of the gay and lesbian audience, and will be delivered how they want it, when they want it.In addition to its regular broadcasts, PRIDE TV will also present short infomercials on community groups and their activities.The initial line-up for PRIDE TV, which will be produced in-house and by Citizen Journalism, and PRIDE TV is worth placing on your favourites list and signing up to their email.

  4. Investment Tower - 300 x 600 pixels - static image right hand side of page - $660 per month Square (Mrec) 300 x 250 pixels - static image middle - right hand side of page - $770 per month Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels - static image top of page of page - $990 per month Home Page (2) 160 x 300 pixels - static image both left and right hand sides of the home page $1650 per month Artwork - IAB standards apply BANNER ADVERTISING

  5. Segments will include EQUALITY NEWS COMMUNITY HISTORY SPORT TRAVEL WEBISODES PRIDE EVENTS LIFESTYLE BUSINESS All segments will be created as video and will have explanatory notes and associated URL links SEGMENT SPONSORSHIP PRIDETV will create specific programs and make these available to business’ to sponsor. Sponsorship will be by the way of billboard adverts placed preceding and after the created content. PRIDETV segment presentationswill be provided two additional marketing opportunities. Within the website, additional marketing will be in the form of a leaderboard placement across the top of the site OR through an Island advert placement. Further promotion of the sponsored segment presentation will be provided through premium placement within the weekly PRIDE TV newsletter. INVESTMENT 13 episodes $3,575 26 episodes $6,600 52 episodes $11,000 Prices include GST

  6. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION The PRIDE TV content distribution system is simplicity at it’s finest. Your group or organisation supplies the relevant content – approved by PRIDE TV of course – and it is then made available to the PRIDE TV userbase. The goal of the PRIDE TV content distribution service is to serve content to end-users which is interesting and relevant. INVESTMENT $275 per video (no longer than 5 minutes) With 20 words of associated text and up to two URLs. Examples TRAVEL & TOURISM FOOD & WINE SPORT WEBISODES

  7. CROWD SOURCING PRIDE TV is excited to be encourage crowdsourcing with is userbase and members to be able to help fund and distribute lesbian and gay themed or created video content. Crowd sourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, content or finance by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community. Used to raise funds for short films or online serials, this process can occur both online and offline. The general concept is to combine the efforts of crowds of volunteers or part-time workers, where each one could contribute a small portion, which adds into a relatively large or significant result. PRIDE TV would be used as the distrabution channel for any created content. Discuss option with the PRIDE TV staff.

  8. CITIZEN JOURNALISM suitable for community groups and events The concept of citizen journalism is based upon the general public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information. Citizen journalism is a perfect opportunity for video self promotion of community and social events relevent to the lesbain and gay community. This collaborative approach to video journalism between community members and PRIDE TV is exciting to PRIDE TV, as it gives a voice to every aspect of the lesbian and gay community whether you are a professional journalist or a one time contributor. Citizen journalism is a specific form of both citizen media and user generated content.

  9. CONTACT PRIDE TV Shane Bridges 0420 539 308 Linzi Kurileff 0402 904 345 PRIDE Suite 112, 1A Ground Floor, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004.