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Welcome to my class

Welcome to my class

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Welcome to my class

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  1. Welcome to my class Unit 1 This is me Grammar I Nanjing Gaochun Foreign Language School Mrs Yang

  2. She is Millie. She lives in Beijing.

  3. Simple present tenseWe use the simple present tense when we talk about: things that are true now She lives in Beijing. My hair is long.

  4. Cats eat fish. Fish live in water.

  5. Simple present tenseWe use the simple present tense when we talk about: things that are always true Fish live in water. Cats eat fish.

  6. She reads books______________. every day You do your homework every day.

  7. Simple present tenseWe use the simple present tense when we talk about: things that we do regularly Millie reads books every day. Simon plays football after school.

  8. Simple present tenseWe use the simple present tense when we talk about: things that are true now. things that are always true. things that we do regularly.

  9. Match them, choose the correct letter • a. Things are true now. • b. Things that we do regularly. • Things are always true. • 1. They go to shool every day. ______ • 2. She is a student. _____ • 3. Nice music makes us happy._____ • 4. Kitty dances every day. _____ • 5. The sun rises in the east(东方). _____ • 6. Daniel wears glasses. _____ b a c b c a

  10. Be 动词的一般现在时的肯定句: I am a teacher . You are a student. They are students. He is a… She is a… It is a dog.

  11. Be 动词的一般现在时的肯定句: I am a teacher . = I’m a teacher. You are a student. = You’re a student. They are students. = They’re students. He is … = He’s … She is … = She’s … It is a dog. = It’s a dog.

  12. Be 动词的一般现在时的肯定句: I am / I’m… They are / They’re… You are / You’re… She is / She’s… He is / He’s… It is / It’s… 我(I)用 am,你(you)用are;is连着他(he)、她(she)、它(it);主语单数用is,凡是复数都用are。

  13. 用Be动词的适当形式填空: 1、Hello! I ______Millie. My cousin ______ 13 years old. There _____ three people in my family. 2、My name _____ Simon. I ______12 years old. My favourite football team(足球队) ____the best in our city. am is are is am is

  14. Be动词一般现在时的否定句 I am not 13 years old. =I’m not 13 years old. You are not 30 years old. =You aren’t 30 years old. Amy is not very tall. =Amy isn’t very tall. 直接在am,is,are 后面加not

  15. Fill in the blanks. 1. May I speak to Lucy? Sorry, she _____(be not) at home. 2. Look at the picture. The girl ____(be) our classmate. She ____(be not) tall. Her eyes_____ (be not) big. But she _____(be) polite and helpful. We all like her. 3. I _____(be) good at English, but I ______ (be not) good at Maths. isn’t is isn’t aren’t is am am not

  16. Be动词一般现在时的一般疑问句及其回答 --Are you good at English? --Yes, I am. No, I’m not. 朗读12页下方的表格,并仔细观察be动词一般现在时是如何提问和回答的? be动词一般现在时的一般疑问句直接把be 动词提前。 注意:肯定回答时,不能用缩写。 eg:Yes, I am.

  17. A guessing game: 猜猜你同桌的好朋友是谁。Eg: A: Is he tall ? B: Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. A: Are his eyes big ? B: Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. …… A: Oh,I see. Your best friend is ….

  18. Finish Part A on page 13. Millie is talking to her classmates. Please complete their conversation.

  19. Keys: 1. is 2.are 3. are 5. Is he 6.he isn’t 7. He is / He’s 8.Are you 9. I am 10.I am / I’m 注意:第9个空不能用缩略形式I’m 。

  20. You want to know more about Millie’s English teacher, Mr. Wu. You are talking to her. Complete the conversation. You : Mr. Wu ____(be) your English teacher. ____ (be) he tall? Millie: No, he _____(be). But he _____(be) strong. You: My English teacher _____(be) a girl. She _____(be) kind, too. We ____(be) good friends. Millie: Mr. Wu _____(be) our good friend too. is Is isn’t is is is are is

  21. Be动词一般现在时的特殊疑问句 Who is Simon’s cousin? Simon’s cousin is Annie. What is your name ? My name is Julia. 疑问词+be动词+主语(+其他)

  22. 对划线部分提问: • I am fine. • He is a teacher. • My glasses are on the table. How are you ? What is he ? Where are your glasses ?

  23. 总结:Simple present tense of the verb ”to be” am is are am, is ,are后不再有其它行为动词

  24. 1. ______ Daniel and Simon in Grade 8? No, they _____. They ____ in Grade 7. 2. The clothes ______ so beautiful. 3. This pair of shoes _____ for Nick. The shoes ____ white. 4. Where _______ my glasses? 5. How old ______ your mother? 6. My sister and I ______ in the same school. Have a quiz: Are aren’t are are is are are is are

  25. is 7. Millie ____ good at Maths. Maths ____ an interesting lesson. is 8. How_______your parents? 9. What ______the weather like today? 10. Everyone______(be) happy today. are is is

  26. Thank you