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Welcome to my class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to my class

Welcome to my class

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Welcome to my class

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  1. Welcome to my class Grade Eight Shen Xiaoyun

  2. Adverbial phrases for the past

  3. Pair work 1. A: Did you watch TV last night? B: Yes, I did. I watched TV last night. 2. A: Did you watch TV last night? B: No, I didn’t. I didn’t watch TV last night. A: What did you do then? B: I read some books.

  4. Paul moved to their new flat _________________________. Read Paul’s diary and tell what he did in June . Suppose it is 30 June now. 12 June move to our new flat Today twenty days ago

  5. 15 June • my birthday today His birthday was _______________ago. fifteen days

  6. 23 June • visit the museum He visited the museum seven days . ___________________________ago. Last . Sunday

  7. 28 June • help two tourists He helped two tourists two days ago. He helped two tourists last Friday.

  8. Adverbial phrases for the past two days ago a period of time last Friday / We do not use any prepositions yesterday 11:30 a.m. at clock time, a certain time noon 2002 in year, month,season, part of a day September the morning September 10 Teachers’ Day a date, a day on Monday

  9. yesterday afternoon 8:00 night August 1 Christmas spring this morning Monday evening a rainy night the morning of March 8 last year 1998 National Day the evening the day before yesterday August on at / in

  10. Correct each sentence with a mistake. on 1.We went to Hong Kong in this winter. 2.We went for an outing in a sunny morning. 3.I met Ann in the morning of 12 May. 4.Last afternoon, they bought a new flat. 5.All the people enjoyed themselves on Christmas. 6.I this morning arrived at school early. on Yesterday afternoon at 1 2 3 This morning I… Tips “at …“ is also used for two or three days. We sayyesterday morning/afternoon/evening instead of last morning/afternoon/evening. Adverbial phrases can go after or before the main clause.

  11. Read the story and fill in the blanks with proper words. O____theafternoon of May 12,2008, when Liao Zhi(廖志) was playing with her 10-month-old daughter at home, the building b_______ to shake. “I c______ my daughter in my arm and wanted to go downstairs. But when my mother-in-law(婆婆) o_______ the door, the building collapsed (倒塌 )in a flash. ” n arried egan pened

  12. n ied ad • Liao was saved o____ the night of May 13, but her mother-in-law and her baby daughter d____. What’s worse, Liao’s calves(小腿) were seriously hurt in the earthquake and her legs h___ to be cut off at the knee. • What does this mean to a dancer? “At first I t_____ I wouldn’t be able to dance anymore, and my life w____ become very hard,” Liao said. “But when I saw that my family and friends c____ so much about me, I d_____ not to let them disappointed . ” She first learned to turn over in bed without help, and later, when she felt better, she began practising dancing on the bed. hought ould ared ecided

  13. n ut miled • Liao p___ on artificial limbs( 假肢) i____autumn. She s____ and said to her mother, “Tomorrow I will be able to walk, and before long, I will dance again . ” • The ruthless earthquake has taken away a lot of things, but I could never take away the hope of life. • Now Liao can dance. • Let’s bless her forever.

  14. 1. When did the earthquake happened? 2.When was Liao Zhi saved? 3.Did many people care about her? 4.What do you think of her? On the afternoon of May 12,2008 On the night of May 13 Yes, they did.

  15. Life is different because of you. Choose five adverbial phrases of the ten, and write a story. Last month, in 2008, on a … day, at … o’clock, in the morning, …

  16. Homework • Workbook 8A, pages 26 and 27. • Write an article with five of the adverbial phrases .

  17. Thank you for attending!