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SNAP & Double SNAP PowerPoint Presentation
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SNAP & Double SNAP

SNAP & Double SNAP

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SNAP & Double SNAP

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  1. SNAP & Double SNAP @ Farmers Markets

  2. A few definitions SNAP (formerly food stamps) • A federal food assistance program that helps people with low income buy food EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) • The electronic system that enables retailers (including farmers markets) to accept SNAP Double SNAP Dollars • Doubles purchasing power of SNAP benefits at farmers markets and CSAs

  3. The Process Customers shop • Customers spend tokens as if they were regular money at the farmers market • Double SNAP tokens can buy fruits, veggies, & starts • SNAP tokens can buy SNAP-eligible items Vendors cash in • Vendors return all tokens to the Market Information Booth by the end of the market day to get reimbursed Customers get tokens • Customers visit the Market Information Booth to redeem SNAP • Customer receives SNAP tokens • Customer also receives Double SNAP tokens This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

  4. The Rules • You do not need to sign up or apply to accept SNAP or Double SNAP benefits at the farmers market (the market has already gone through that process), but you should understand the programs and their rules • No change can be given for SNAP or Double SNAP tokens and tokens cannot be exchanged for money (it is considered trafficking!) • SNAP tokens and Double SNAP can only be used to buy certain items (details on next slides). If you have questions, ask your market manager

  5. Double SNAP Tokens SNAP and Double SNAP tokens are different!Double SNAP tokens can only buy: • Vegetable starts • Fruits and vegetables w/ no added sugars, oils, etc (including herbs & mushrooms) Insert a picture of your market’s token here

  6. SNAP tokens SNAP tokens can buy: • Food or food products bought for home consumption, such as: • breads and cereals   • fruits and vegetables   • meats, fish, poultry, eggs    • dairy products, cheese • Seeds and plants which produce food for a household to eat SNAP tokens cannot buy hot foods or foods meant to be eaten at the market Insert a picture of your market’s token here

  7. Insert a picture of your market’s token here Insert a picture of your market’s token here

  8. A few suggestions • Prominently display your DPHHS sign that indicates you accept SNAP, WIC, and/or Senior coupons • Promptly return both of your SNAP and Double SNAP tokens to market employees at the end of the market to get reimbursed (there are a limited number of tokens so it’s best to keep as many in circulation as possible!) • Treat your SNAP, WIC, and Senior coupon customers just like any other customer