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Facts about Raccoons

Facts about Raccoons. Raccoons. Raccoons in the City. Raccoon Footprint. Raccoon paws.

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Facts about Raccoons

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  1. Facts about Raccoons

  2. Raccoons

  3. Raccoons in the City

  4. Raccoon Footprint

  5. Raccoon paws

  6. AppearanceThe raccon has black fur that grows around its eyes. It looks like it is wearing a mask. Most of the raccoon's coat is a grizzly grey. The fur on the tail is light in colour with black rings. There may be four to six rings on its bushy tail. The raccoon is the size of a small dog. It is a cousin of the bear.

  7. Raccoons are curious and clever. They live in a wide variety of habitats. Most raccoons live in the wild, but they are not afraid to live near humans.They may live in empty buildings, garages and sheds.

  8. Raccoons are most active at night.They do not hibernate in the winter.They grow thick coats of fur and spendalot of time sleeping when it is cold

  9. Rabies? What are Rabies? • The raccoon is one of four wild animals in the United States (including the fox, skunk, and bat) considered to be primary carriers of the rabies virus. Despite the concern and fear surrounding rabies, advances in public education, vaccination of pets, and post-exposure treatment have greatly reduced the risk to humans. Only a single human death has ever been documented as resulting from the raccoon strain of rabies.

  10. Raccoons have been hunted and trapped for their fur.They have been killed because they damage crops and kill poultry (chickens, ducks, etc.)

  11. What Foods do they Eat? • Raccoons find food along rivers and lakes. They look for fish, crayfish, frogs, turtles, and turtle eggs.They also catch mice and muskrats. In the woods the raccoon searches for insects,nuts, fruit, birds and bird eggs. It will also eat corn and other crops. Raccoons that live near peoplelook in the garbage cans for food.

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