madagascar rubies and indian rubies substitute of burmese ruby n.
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Madagascar and Indain Rubies Substitue of Burmese Ruby PowerPoint Presentation
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Madagascar and Indain Rubies Substitue of Burmese Ruby

Madagascar and Indain Rubies Substitue of Burmese Ruby

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Madagascar and Indain Rubies Substitue of Burmese Ruby

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  1. Madagascar Rubies And Indian Rubies Substitute of Burmese Ruby Presented By:

  2. Madagascar Rubies • Madagascar is relatively new in the gem market. However, with its impressive product qualities the red color gem has made its place in the gem market in a short span of time. The intriguing red color and distinct shapes or cuts of Madagascar rubies allures every gem lover toward this stone.

  3. Madagascar Rubies • In Madagascar the fine quality of rubies naturally discovered in places likes vatomandry and Andilamena.

  4. Indian Rubies • Apart from Madagascar and Burma location, one can attain rich quality rubies from India, especially from south India and Kashmir, both are equally being popular for producing top quality rubies. In India, black color rubies and light color rubies are found which are cheaper as compare to Madagascar and Burmese origins.

  5. Indian Rubies • The reasonable price of ruby stone makes it the first choice of Indian jewelry seekers of wearing it in the form of different ornaments. Rubies rings, ruby necklace and ruby pendants are extremely popular jewel items, mostly demanded by gem lovers across India.

  6. Price of Ruby • However, the thing which goes in the favor of Indian rubies is that it is relatively cheaper; hence a person with meager income can also afford this stone.

  7. High Quality Rubies • As far as quality is concerned only Kashmiri rubies are of high quality and possess high standard. Besides this, ruby is considered being the birthstone of July and Indian mostly wear this stone in the form of the birthstone of month July.

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