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Ordinal Numbers. 1st----first. 6th---sixth. 2nd---second. 7th---seventh. 3rd---third. 8th---eighth. 4th---fourth. 9th---ninth. 5th---fifth. 10th----tenth. 20th-------twentieth. 21st--------twenty-first. 30th-------thirtieth. 32nd------thirty-second. 50th-------fiftieth. F i r s t.

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  1. Ordinal Numbers 1st----first 6th---sixth 2nd---second 7th---seventh 3rd---third 8th---eighth 4th---fourth 9th---ninth 5th---fifth 10th----tenth..

  2. 20th-------twentieth 21st--------twenty-first 30th-------thirtieth 32nd------thirty-second 50th-------fiftieth First last..

  3. DAYS DAYS DAYS DAYS DAYS DAYS DAYS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Thursday Sunday.. Friday

  4. Monday is the first day of the week. Tuesday is the second day of the week. Wednesday is the third day of the week. Thursday is the fourth day of the week. Friday is the fifth day of the week. Saturday is the sixth day of the week. Sunday is the seventh day of the week..

  5. M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S M O N T H S January July February August March September April October May November June December..

  6. Complete the sentences January 1) ........... is the first month. April 2) ........... is the fourth month. Sunday 3) ........... is the last day of the week. December 4) ........... is the last month. June 5) ........... is the sixth month..

  7. -on- on Sunday on Monday morning on Wednesday on Christmas Day on the 1st of May on New Year’s Day on weekdays on the 4th of July..

  8. at at 2 o’clock at 6.30 at lunch time at night at noon, at midnight at Christmas, at Easter at the weekend, at the weekends..

  9. in in April in 1985 in May in 1999 in June in the spring in the summer in the autumn in the fall in the winter in the morning in the afternoon in the evening in the 19 th century..

  10. Write at / on / in on on 1) ..... 7 May 4) ..... Sunday at at 2) ..... 6.30 a.m. 5) ..... Christmas in on 3) ..... May 6) ..... Christmas Day..

  11. Write at / in /on at in 1) ..... night 4) ..... summer at in 2) ..... the weekend 5) ..... the morning at on 3) ..... half past two 6) ..... Saturday night..

  12. What day is today? • It is Monday. • What day is tomorrow? • It is Tuesday. • Which is the first month of the year? • It is January..

  13. 1999 = nineteen ninety-nine 1900 = nineteen hundred 1906 = nineteen oh six 2000 = two thousand 2002 = two thousand and two..

  14. 17. 9. 1998 The seventeenth of September, nineteen ninety eight September the seventeenth, nineteen ninety eight 6. 4. 1979 The sixth of April, nineteen seventy nine April the sixth, nineteen seventy nine..

  15. 21. 12. 1990 The twenty first of December, nineteen ninety December the twenty first, nineteen ninety 26. 3. 1960 The twenty sixth of March, nineteen sixty March the twenty sixth, nineteen sixty..

  16. Answer the following questions What is on TV at 7 o’clock on Monday evening? The news is on at that time. When is your birthday? It is on the first of June. When is your brother’s birthday? It is on the seventh of November..

  17. Pazartesi günü zor bir sınavım var. I have got a hard exam on Monday. Yarın günlerden nedir? What day is tomorrow? Aralık yılın en son ayıdır. December is the last month of the year. Doğum gününüz ne zaman? When is your birthday?..

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