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ideapad U350 Hardware Disassembly

Please Note: Information contained in this document is considered LENOVO CONFIDENTIAL For Lenovo Internal Use Only Do Not Copy or Distribute!!. ideapad U350 Hardware Disassembly. TSC, lenovo. Legend. Screw. Cable. Movement. Explanation. Remove Battery. 1. Turn the notebook over.

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ideapad U350 Hardware Disassembly

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  1. Please Note:Information contained in this document is consideredLENOVO CONFIDENTIALFor Lenovo Internal Use OnlyDo Not Copy or Distribute!!

  2. ideapad U350Hardware Disassembly TSC, lenovo

  3. Legend Screw Cable Movement Explanation

  4. Remove Battery 1. Turn the notebook over. 2. Unlock and hold the latch, and lift up the battery.

  5. Remove HDD Module 1. Remove 6 screws and take the HDD cover away.

  6. Remove HDD Module 2. Remove the screw and pull out the HDD thentake it away.

  7. Remove HDD Module 3. Remove the screw each side and disassemble the H.D.D.

  8. Remove Memory Module Pull two latches and pop the Memory module up to the 45°angles, and then pulling out the module in that angle.

  9. Remove Wireless LAN Module Disconnect 2 antennas and remove screws and pop the module up to a 45º angles then pull out the module in that angle.

  10. Remove Keyboard Module M2.5*2 1. Remove 3 screws, turn the notebook over and lift Keyboard up.

  11. Remove Keyboard Module 2. Disconnect cable and take the keyboard away.

  12. Remove Top Cover Module M2.5*3 M2*5 M2*3 1. Remove 9 screws on the bottom cover.

  13. Remove Top Cover Module M2*3 2. Disconnect 2 cables and remove 2 screws then take the Top Cover away.

  14. Remove System Fan Module Remove 3 screws and disconnect cable then take System Fan away.

  15. Remove LCD Module M2*5 Antennas Disconnect cable, tear off the Wireless card antennas and remove 4 screws then take LCD module away.

  16. Disassemble LCD Module M2*4 1. Remove 4 rubbers and screws then take the LCD front cover away.

  17. Disassemble LCD Module M2*3 2. Remove 4 screws and lift up the LCD carefully.

  18. Disassemble LCD Module 3. Remove cable and take LCD away.

  19. Remove Camera Module Disconnect the camera cable and take the Camera away.

  20. Remove LED Board Module M2*3 Remove 3 screws and disconnect cable then take LED board away.

  21. Remove IO Board Module M2*3 Disconnect 2 cables and remove 1 screw then take IO board away.

  22. Remove Speaker Module Remove 4 screws and cable then take the Speaker module away.

  23. Remove Motherboard Module M2*3 Power line Remove 2 screws and cable and tear off the power line then take the Motherboard away.

  24. Remove Heat Sink Module Remove 3 screws (screws labeled with number, remove the screws in reverse order) and take Heat Sink module away.

  25. Module List H.D.D Battery Memory Wireless LAN

  26. Module List KeyBoard Top Cover System Fan LED board

  27. Module List IO board Motherboard Heat Sink Speaker

  28. Module List Camera LCD

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