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HMI Status

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HMI Status

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  1. HMI Status • HMI is virtually done. • Virtually  similar to but not in fact • Front window issue resolved, flight window now at LMSAL will be installed next week • Light leaks to be fixed next week. • Some electronics boards need conformal coating • Some software issues remain • Vibration and EMI/EMC testing done • Thermal Balance and Thermal Vacuum testing starting week after next. • In Air and Vacuum Calibration next few weeks. • Pre-Ship Review set for 25 Sept. • Ship date estimated 5 October. • Launch date slip to probably 15 Jan 2009 pending review at HQ. • Some serious implications from delay

  2. JSOC-SDP Status • Capture system complete, waiting testing with DDS at White Sands • DRMS and SUMS virtually done • Level-0 work progressing, to be done by delivery • Level-1 work to start after delivery • Getting serious about work on basic pipeline modules

  3. GSFC LMSAL White Sands housekeeping MOC House- keeping Database DDS HMI & AIA Operations Stanford HMI JSOC Pipeline Processing System Redundant Data Capture System Quicklook Viewing Primary Archive 30-Day Archive Local Archive AIA Analysis System Catalog High-Level Data Import Offline Archive Data Export & Web Service Offsite Archive World Science Team Forecast Centers EPO Public HMI & AIA JSOC Architecture

  4. JSOC Dataflow Rates

  5. JSOC-SDP Major Components

  6. Pipeline Program, “module” JSOC Science Libraries Utility Libraries DRMS Library Record Cache Record Management Keyword Access Link Management Data Access JSOC Pipeline Processing System Components Pipeline processing plan Pipeline Operator SUMS Disks Processing script, “mapfile” List of pipeline modules with needed datasets for input, output PUI Pipeline User Interface SUMS Storage Unit Management System DRMS Data Record Management System SUMS Tape Farm Processing History Log Database Server

  7. Pipeline client process Analysis code C/Fortran/IDL/Matlab OpenRecords CloseRecords GetKeyword, SetKeyword GetLink, SetLink OpenDataSegment CloseDataSegment JSOC Library Record Cache (Keywords+Links+Data paths) Pipeline client-server architecture Generic file I/O Data Segment I/O JSOC Disks JSOC Disks JSOC Disks JSOC Disks DRMS socket protocol Data Record Management Service (DRMS) Data Record Management Service (DRMS) Storage unit transfer Storage Unit Management Service (SUMS) Data Record Management Service (DRMS) AllocUnit GetUnit PutUnit Storage unit transfer SQL queries Tape Archive Service PostgreSQL Database Server SQL queries SQL queries Record Catalogs Record Catalogs Series Tables Record Tables Storage Unit Tables

  8. Pipeline batch processing • A pipeline batch is encapsulated in a single database transaction, “DRMS session”: • If no module fails all data records are commited and become visible to other clients of the JSOC catalog at the end of the session • If failure occurs all data records are deleted and the database rolled back • It is possible to commit data produced up to intermediate checkpoints during sessions Pipeline batch = atomic transaction Module 2.1 Module N Commit Data & Deregister Module 1 Register session … DRMS API DRMS API DRMS API DRMS API DRMS API Module 2.2 DRMS API Input data records Output data records DRMS Service = Session Master Record & Series Database SUMS

  9. Codes to be developed at Stanford Codes being developed in the community Codes to be developed at HAO Standalone production codes in use at Stanford MDI pipeline modules exist HMI module status and MDI heritage Intermediate and high level data products Primary observables Internal rotation Heliographic Doppler velocity maps Spherical Harmonic Time series Mode frequencies And splitting Internal sound speed Full-disk velocity, sound speed, Maps (0-30Mm) Local wave frequency shifts Ring diagrams Doppler Velocity Carrington synoptic v and cs maps (0-30Mm) Time-distance Cross-covariance function Tracked Tiles Of Dopplergrams Wave travel times High-resolution v and cs maps (0-30Mm) Research codes in use by team Egression and Ingression maps Wave phase shift maps Deep-focus v and cs maps (0-200Mm) Far-side activity index Stokes I,V Line-of-sight Magnetograms Line-of-Sight Magnetic Field Maps Stokes I,Q,U,V Full-disk 10-min Averaged maps Vector Magnetograms Fast algorithm Vector Magnetic Field Maps Vector Magnetograms Inversion algorithm Coronal magnetic Field Extrapolations Tracked Tiles Tracked full-disk 1-hour averaged Continuum maps Coronal and Solar wind models Continuum Brightness Solar limb parameters Brightness feature maps Brightness Images

  10. AIA Level-2

  11. JSOC Data Volumes from Proposal

  12. Stanford JSOC effort plan