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2019 Independent Truck (Hired Truck) Orientation & Training

2019 Independent Truck (Hired Truck) Orientation & Training. Health and Safety Orientation. Hired Truck Rules. All Independent Truck Owners and their drivers must be registered with Park Paving Ltd. Provide proof of valid drivers’ licenses Provide proof of valid insurance and registration

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2019 Independent Truck (Hired Truck) Orientation & Training

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  1. 2019Independent Truck (Hired Truck) Orientation & Training

  2. Health and Safety Orientation

  3. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truck Owners and their drivers must be registered with Park Paving Ltd. • Provide proof of valid drivers’ licenses • Provide proof of valid insurance and registration • Current Commercial Drivers Abstract – 3 Year • All Independent Truckers must attend and successfully complete Park Paving Ltd.’s 2019 Hired Truck Orientation

  4. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers must be deemed competent by their owners to safely haul and deliver materials to all of our sites • All Independent Truckers must be competent at backing up and dumping materials safely on Park Paving Ltd.’s various sites, including Asphalt Paving and Milling Operations. Milling Operations Asphalt Paving

  5. Hired Truck Rules –Back Up Safe Work Practice • Independent Truck Drivers must adhere to Park Paving Ltd.’s Safe Work Practices while backing up • Before backing up, always ensure that your designated spotter is in place and has instructed you to begin backing up • Designated Spotter in Paving Operations – Paver Operator • If at any point you lose visual contact with the signal person, immediately stop backing up and wait until visual contact is re-established • Be aware of your surrounding at all times • On crowded sites, multiple back up alarms could be in use and cause confusion • Be aware of anyone using alarms and their purpose • All trucks must be equipped with an automotive activated back up alarm system with a decibel range of 97-107

  6. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers shall comply with Park Paving Ltd.’s Safety Management System, including: • Park Paving Ltd. Policies 1.1 to 1.44 • Rules • Procedures • All Independent Truckers shall comply with Park Paving Ltd.’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy 1.7. • All Independent Truckers shall wear the following PPE at all times while outside of their truck cabs on all job sites: • CSA Approved Hard Hat • 360 Reflective Safety Vest • CSA Approved steel toed boots • Safety Glasses as required on Park Paving Ltd. sites

  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Mandatory sites where safety glasses must be worn: • Asphalt Reclaiming Company (ARC) Sites • Asphalt Plant • Park Ready Mix Plant • Recycled Concrete Ind. (RCI) sites • RROX sites

  8. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers must follow the Park Paving Ltd. Hazard Assessment Policy 1.5 to ensure they are aware of existing or potential worksite hazards • When arriving to a Park Paving Ltd. site, all Independent Truckers must STOP for a designated Park Paving Ltd. employee, and sign-off on the Park Paving Hazard Assessment after reviewing and understanding the site hazards, PRIOR to unloading on any PPL job site • Failure to stop for the Park Paving Ltd. employee will result in disciplinary actions for the Independent Trucker

  9. Hired Truck Rules –Hazards on the Job • Pedestrians • School and Playground Zones • 30km/hr. from 7:30am to 9:00pm Every day of the week • Why is it 30km/hr.? • At that speed the survival rate for a pedestrian is 9 out of 10 (90%) • Getting hit by a vehicle at 30km/hr. is equivalent to falling from a 2nd story window (3.5 meters)

  10. Hired Truck Rules –Hazards on the Job • Congested worksites • Site access and egress • Weather conditions • Drive to the conditions • Other workers • Establish eye contact with workers and equipment operators • Do not assume workers know you are there

  11. Hired Truck Rules –Hazards on the Job • Trees • Overhead utilities • Uneven ground • Tailgates not properly closed • Working at night • Diminished visibility • Exposed manhole frames, covers, and water valves

  12. Disciplinary Policy Park Paving will take the following disciplinary actions in the event that an Independent Trucker is found to be in contradiction of any of Park Paving’s policies, practices, procedures or in violation of any legislative requirements: • First Offence • Written Verbal Warning • Second Offence • Written Disciplinary Letter • Third Offence • Suspension/Termination Depending on the circumstances, any incident could result with a disciplinary letter, immediate suspension or termination of employment.

  13. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers shall comply with all federal, provincial, and municipal: • Laws • Rules • Regulations • By-laws • Codes • Orders • Permits • Directives With reference to employer’s liability, workers’ compensation, and workers’ compensation insurance • All Independent Truckers shall warrant that trucks are in good working condition, and agrees to keep trucks in good working condition

  14. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers shall supply trucks which are suitable for the work for which PPL requires them • All Independent Truckers shall have the equipment necessary for work, including: • Suitable tarps to cover the load • Environmental Spill Kit • All Independent Truckers must follow the Park Paving Ltd. Investigation Policy 1.24 • All incidents, including near misses, must be reported to the Site Supervisor as soon as possible • All incidents must be investigated by the Independent Trucker’s Owner and an Investigation Report must be submitted to Hired Truck Payroll within 24 hours • The incident investigation report and statement forms will be emailed to you

  15. Hired Truck Rules –Environmental Protection In accordance with Park Paving’s Environmental Protection Policy, it is the Independent Truck Driver’s responsibility to ensure all releases (spills) are reported, contained, and cleaned up. • In the event of a release: • Stop and contain the release (spill) • Measures must be taken to prevent any release from entering any watercourse • It will be the responsibility of the Independent Truck Driver to have the necessary resources • Immediately contact the site supervisor • If you are not able to identify the Site Supervisor, please notify dispatch Note: Independent Truck Drivers must use Techshield 2000 spray as a release agent at Park Paving plant sites, diesel fuel is prohibited

  16. Hired Truck Rules –Spill Kits • Spill kit materials are obtained through various suppliers: • Gregg Distributers: floor dry, garbage bags, and spill pads • Saturn Safety Supplies: spill snakes • Rona: 3 gallon buckets and lids Note: It is the responsibility of each Independent Truck Driver to ensure they are equipped with their own spill kit • To assemble a spill kit, place the following items into the 3 gallon bucket: • ½ bucket of floor dry • 2 spill snakes • 2 spill pads • 2 garbage bags

  17. Hired Truck Rules • All Independent Truckers shall comply with Park Paving Ltd.’s Distracted Driving Policy 1.21 It’s the Law The use of any hand held cellular device is prohibited while operating a truck on any of our sites

  18. Park Paving Ltd. Company Rules Zero tolerance: • Towards drugs and alcohol – you must be fit for duty at all times • Towards theft • Towards fighting, horseplay, or otherwise interfering with other workers • Towards riding on equipment You must: • Report all unsafe acts and conditions, including “near misses” • Wear appropriate clothing – shirts with sleeves and long pants • No driver shall at any time drive away with their box raised in the air

  19. Respect in the Workplace and Workplace Violence • Park Paving is committed to providing its Independent Truck Drivers with a healthy workplace, free of harassment and violence • Part 27 of the Alberta OH&S Code states that workplace violence is considered a hazard • Any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in a work setting If you are being harassed or threatening: • Tell the harasser that their behavior is unwelcomed and ask them to stop • If the behavior continues, report the problem to your direct supervisor and Hired Truck Payroll

  20. Fit for Duty Independent Truck Drivers are expected to report for work fit for duty, which means able to perform their job duties in a safe, appropriate, and effective manner. • Competency • Drivers must be competent to perform their job safely • Physically Capable • Drivers must be physically capable to perform their job • Independent Trucker Activity and Behavior • Drivers are prohibited from entering our workplace while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Independent Truck Drivers will be removed from the work site if required

  21. Site Rules Asphalt Plant/PRM and RROX • All PPE must be worn at all times • Speed limit in the yard is 15km/hr. max unless otherwise posted • Park Paving Equipment ALWAYS has the right of way • If any assistance is required at the Asphalt Plant contact the Scale House • All CB radios must be on before entering the yard Asphalt Plant – Channel #2 CB RROX – Channel #5 CB (Scale Operator)

  22. Emergency ResponseAsphalt Plant/PRM and RROX In the event of an emergency, the main signal for evacuation is 3 long blasts of an air horn When you hear the air horn: • Shut off your truck and WALKto the Muster Point • Call 911 if required • Do not smoke while walking to or while waiting at the Muster Point • Why? The Muster Point is located at the main entrance to both sites

  23. Have a Safe Season!

  24. Daily Timesheet

  25. Independent Truckers’ Timesheets In order for Park Paving Ltd. to process payments the following must be completed: • Timesheets must be completed correctly • Timesheets must be signed off by a Park Paving representative • Timesheets must be handed in on a daily basis Timesheets are available at the Asphalt Plant and at RROX

  26. Your company name T. Smith Trucking Ltd. May 9 18 Park Paving Ltd. sign-on number 1500 132 ave 51 street 01 T. Smith Trucking Ltd. The date you are hauling (if it is an overnight job, enter the date the work begins 3:00 May 9 14-015 10:00 Unit number is mandatory The ACTUAL TIME you sign off for the day. Do not add any additional time PPL Job address Your call-in time PPL Job number (new timesheet for each job) get job number from dispatch

  27. May 9 18 T. Smith Trucking Ltd. 132 ave 51 street 01 1500 14-015 3:00 10:00 12345 10:45 10:00 10:05 10:40 01 16.26 Check material hauled (new timesheet for each kind of product) and check truck type 12:00 23456 11:10 11:45 02 16.28 11:00 1:00 3:00 1:35 16.37 12:15 03 34567 Delay: City Inspection Complete the row with Load#, Scale Ticket#, Tonnage Hauled and times for each load. If you have to wait, write down the reason

  28. This must be signed in order for you to get paid Explain any delays you make have had (i.e. traffic problems, job site not ready, etc.) Write your total hours worked Write down the correct cost code 5 hours 011300

  29. Email Statement • All information regarding Independent Truck concerns, including Pay Statements will be sent to you by email only • Please… • Provide a valid and legible email address • Keep pink copies slips to verify accuracy of payments Note: Park Paving has stopped mailing paper statements and yellow copies An electronic statement will be sent directly to your registered email in a password protected PDF, semi-monthly

  30. Password for Electronic Statements • A password is required to open the electronic statements that are sent to your email • The default password is your 4-Digit Park Paving Truck Number Example: • Park Paving Truck Number: 1373 • Password: 1373

  31. Understanding Job Zone Rates • All Park Paving Ltd. projects have a Job Zone Rate assigned to them which allows us to estimate the Haul Rate for that specific project. For most projects, this rate is what we use to pay our Hired Trucks per tonnage. • Zone Rates are calculated through the following method: • Google Maps is used to find the 1-way trip time from the Park Paving Ltd. Asphalt Plant to the project site, then multiplied by 2 to get the Round Trip Time. • We add a 10 minute load factor at the Asphalt Plant and a 20 minute unload factor at the project site giving us the Total Round Trip Time • The Total Round Trip Time is the number we use to calculate the Job Zone Rate (based on the Industry standard rate and an average load size for the material being hauled)

  32. Dispatch & Logistics

  33. Dispatch & Logistics -Information • All truck orders are based on our call-in lists, it is not necessary to call Dispatch for work • We obtain job information first, determine the number of trucks required and then proceed to contact the Hired Truck companies on the call-in list • Be on time - If you are requested for a certain time, please be on schedule or call Dispatch to notify us of your delay so we can then let the Superintendents/Foremen know. • Please ensure your contact information is correct • If it changes, make sure you update your contact information with hired truck payroll

  34. City of Edmonton Aggregate Recycling Facilities – 17th Street and 184th Street Site Rules: • 5 km/hr. speed limit • No cellphone use. No handsfree • All proper PPE must be worn at all times • CSA Approved Steel Toed Boots • 360 Reflective Safety Vest • All loads must be tarped. No tarping on scale • No overloads. Zero tolerance • Remain in the vehicle at all times while in the loading zone • Follow all site instructions from City of Edmonton staff • Loaders always have right of way • If needed, use provided washrooms only • If needed, dispose of garbage in provided receptacles

  35. City of Edmonton Aggregate Recycling Facilities – 17th Street and 184th Street When arriving on site: • Pull up to the inspection stand • Site personnel will meet you there and ask who you are hauling for • Site personnel will then ask you to tare in • Once at the scale, exit your truck cab with CSA approved steel toed boots and 360 reflective safety vest, and enter the scale house • Provide scale operator all documentation • Note: if this is your first time onsite, site personnel will orientate you on site rules • Scale operator will provide details on the travel path to be loaded • Once loaded, return to scale for scaling out • After leaving the scale, tarp load while wearing you CSA approved steel toed boots and 360 reflective safety vest

  36. Asphalt Plant

  37. Asphalt PlantEmergency Equipment Fire Extinguisher First Aid Emergency Eye Wash Station

  38. QC Lab Staging Area Scale House Office RAP Cold Mix

  39. Box Spraying - TECHSHIELD 2000 • Hired Truck Drivers are to spray their boxes before the first load of asphalt, and as required throughout the shift • The TECHSHIELD 2000 is located at the entrance of the North Gate behind the silos • Do not block the North gate while waiting for the spray • While using the TECHSHIELD 2000 the following PPE is mandatory: • CSA Approved Steel Toed Boots, 360◦ Reflective Safety Vest, and Safety Glasses • Inform the Asphalt Plant personnel if there are any issues with the spray wand or station

  40. Silo Load Out • Enter the yard via the North Gate • CB channel #2 • The next truck to load shall position themselves in front of the scale ready to load • Tailgate checked and tarps up • You will notice on the East side of the Silo (the driver’s side) a control light either Red or Green • RED: Do not Proceed under silo • GREEN: Proceed SLOWLY and look for the light bulb that is lit • This light indicates which silo will be used to load your truck • Lights are on the silo legs on the driver’s side • Line the front corner of the box up with the light that is on the silo leg

  41. Silo Load Out 5. Once in position and you have stopped moving, the drops will start • Do not move during drops • One SHORT buzzer = drop is complete 6. Once you hear the SHORT buzzer, pull forward 3’ to 4’ depending on your truck and stop • The second drop with start when you have finished moving • This process continues depending on the truck size until you are loaded 7. After your truck is loaded to the proper weight you will hear one LONG buzzer • Do not proceed off the scale until you receive this signal 8. Proceed off scale slowly. Do not shift gears on scale. Pick up scale ticket at South West Corner of the tower. Sign it and send top two copies back up in the tube 9. Exit out of the yard via the South gate

  42. Silo Load Out Note: • All trucks must yield right-of-way to loader • Drivers shall not leave their trucks while under silos • All drivers must obey the 15kh/hr. speed limit in the yard • When returning from a job with mix, notify the scale house before dumping • Channel #2 CB • All drivers must be competent at positioning under the silos

  43. Communication • All trucks with CB’s: Channel 2 • Increase communication regarding road and traffic conditions Continue doing the great job you do Be Safe!

  44. Asphalt Haulers Asphalt Haulers – What you need to know • Pink scale tickets • Contain Job # and Location • Please follow directions on the ticket. There is instructions on how to enter the site • When arriving on site • Sign off on the crew’s daily hazard assessment via the Flagger • Be in position, orderly, and ready to unload • Do not plug up the road • Pay attention • Be ready to back up within 1 foot of the paver

  45. Asphalt Haulers • Honk before backing up • Stop 1 foot before contacting the paver, the paver will come the rest of the way • The paver operator is the designated spotter and will instruct you to begin backing up • Ask for an additional spotter, if needed or in doubt • If visual contact with the signal person is lost, stop and wait until visual contact is reestablished • Do not clean out your box near the paver • Clean Asphalt from you box without disrupting production • Dump Asphalt spoils in designated area, if available • Do not slam tailgate near crew

  46. Asphalt Haulers • No cell phone use • Strictly prohibited • Paver Buffer Zone • Stop 1 foot before contacting the paver, the paver will come the rest of the way • Unloading Asphalt into the paver • 1 honk from the paver: fully raise your box • 2 honks from the paver: lower and exit paver • Louder horns on all pavers updated in 2018 • Loads returned to the plant site will need to be scaled and directed to the appropriate dumping area • Contact the Scale House for direction • Channel #2 CB

  47. Tandem Asphalt Paving • Be aware of trucks that are backing up on the open side • Be aware of the screed man on the open side of the lead paver • Unloading Asphalt into the paver • 1 honk from the paver: fully raise your box • 2 honks from the paver: lower and exit paver • Obtain eye contact with the screed man on the lead paver before pulling forward • A buffer zone of 2-3 tandem lengths must be maintained between the two pavers

  48. Celebration of Learning • Answer all questions on your exam • Complete all information located at the top of your exam

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