delta g e m s growing and empowering myself successfully n.
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Delta G.E.M.S. Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully PowerPoint Presentation
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Delta G.E.M.S. Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully

Delta G.E.M.S. Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully

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Delta G.E.M.S. Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully

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  1. Delta G.E.M.S.Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.MERIDIAN ALUMNAE CHAPTER ORIENTATION AND PARENT MEETING Sunday, September 22, 2013 3:00 PM

  2. Delta GEMs is designed for: • Young ladies grades 9th-12th • Young ladies who may need additional guidance, support and skills to achieve success • Young ladies interested in developing leadership skills • Young ladies who are actively pursuing college and/or career options

  3. Delta Gems MISSION The mission of the DELTA GEMSis to provide young ladies with a firm structural mentoring program that will enhance their self-esteem, academic achievement, leadership skills, and cultural awareness, thus establishing a “CAN DO” attitude. In turn, developing strong, confident and respectful young ladies who strive to be successful and take active roles in their community.

  4. Delta Gems Goals • To instill in our girls the need to excel academically • To providetools that will enable our girls to sharpen and enhancetheir skills to achieve high levels of academic success • To assist our girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures—high school and beyond • To create compassionate, caring and community minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service projects

  5. Delta Gems framework • Scholarship (Academic Excellence and Educational Goal Setting) • Sisterhood(Self Esteem, Supportive Female Interaction, Health Awareness & Leadership) • Show Me the Money (Financial Awareness) • Service(Social Responsibility Obtained Through Community Service) • Infinitely Complete (Well-Rounded Young Women)

  6. Delta gems expectations • DELTA GEMS activities are governed under the auspices of Meridian Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Officers, Committee Chairpersons, and DELTA GEMS Code of Conduct. • Membership is strictly voluntary and requires a strong level of commitment. • Members in good standing may continue membership until high school graduation. • Attendance at all regularly scheduled meetings • Appropriate behavior becoming of a lady should be exemplified at all times.

  7. Delta gems Parental Involvement • The youth initiative programs require parental awareness and involvement. • Parents are also invited to visit and observe a session at least one time during the program year. • Parents will be provided contact information of the chapter president and committee chair and co-chair.

  8. Delta GEMS is NOT: A sponsored youth initiative for the purpose of developing or preparing young girls to become members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

  9. Delta gems does not: Require or allow any youth to engage in any of the following (or similar) activities: • Stepping • Wearing Delta paraphernalia • Referring to members as “big sister” • Adopting and/or using any special call, sound, or sound designed to denote the youth’s participation in a Delta program • Assigning any special name or number • Running errands or performing tasks for members • Meeting in secret locations

  10. delta Gems Membership eligibility Membership into the DELTA GEMS program is held once a year. The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility:   • MUST be 14-18 years of age in the 9th-12 grade • MUST submit a completed application by October 4, 2013 • MUST submit an Essay as detailed • MUST submit “Agreement to Participate” signed by a parent • MUST submit one (1) recommendation form from one of the following: Teacher ORGuidance Counselor

  11. Delta Gems application process PLEASE READ the entire application packet before completing the forms!! CHECKLIST: • MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (pages 4-7) • Essay as detailed • Recommendation form (only complete PART 1) **Applications can be downloaded at

  12. Delta gems SELECTION PROCESS **GEMS APPLICATION DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 4, 2013. **Applications postmarked after deadline will not be reviewed.  Applications will be reviewed by the DELTA GEMS Advisory Committee. Candidates selected for membership will be contacted by phone and further information will be given regarding meeting dates, times and location.