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Step - Up. NOCN Functional Skills Pilot. OCNEMR Curriculum Development Manager ( NOCN Skills for Life Team) Patricia Coates-Walker. Functional Skills - Background. Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Mathematics, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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Step - Up

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  1. Step - Up NOCN Functional Skills Pilot OCNEMRCurriculum Development Manager (NOCN Skills for Life Team) Patricia Coates-Walker

  2. Functional Skills - Background • Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Mathematics, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) • Functional Skills have been developed to provide learners with a sound platform which will suppport and prepare individuals to work confidently, effectively and independently in life

  3. Functional Skills Pilot • NOCNare currently engaged in the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) three-year Functional Skills pilot – (this began in September 2007) • Several other awarding bodies are also involved in the pilot • Pilot centres are located throughout the country • OCNEMR currently oversee a number of the NOCN pilot centres in the East Midlands – 2009 assessments are currently underway

  4. NOCNFunctional Skills Development The NOCN Skills for Life Team, have developed Functional Skills Assessments in all three disciplines: • English (Literacy) • Mathematics (Numeracy) • Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Assessments have been developed at the following levels: • Entry One • Entry Two • Entry Three Level 1 and Level 2 are in development for September 2009 NOCN believe that incorporation of the three Entry levels will ensure that functional skills are readily available and inclusive to the full Entry range of learners.

  5. NOCNFunctional Skills Units • There are no NOCN units • There are QCA Units (5 credits each) • QCA are finalising the units • Providers are currently working to the QCA Functional Skills standards

  6. Assessments • The NOCN Functional Skills assessments have been developed in line with the QCA standards. • QCA standards determine the knowledge and skills proficiency required at each level. (see QCA Functional Skills Standards 2007) Ref: QCA/07/3472 www.qca.org.uk/orderline

  7. Assessment Content The content of the assessments are set to the coverage and range from the standards. Skill Standard and Performance Statements govern the learner’s level of proficiency. Each discipline demands different attributes: • Maths: Representing/Analysing/Interpreting • English: Speaking and Listening/Reading/Writing • ICT: Use ICT Systems/Finding and Selecting Information/Presenting and Communicating Information Differentiation factors: • Complexity, Familiarity, Technical Demand, Independence.

  8. Assessments • The NOCN Functional Skills assessments will be offered as free-standing qualifications. • The qualifications consist of end testing • A percentage of the standards will be tested at any one time. • There will be no compulsory portfolio building • Assessment duration - The GLH are between 1-5 hours • In the future the NOCN FS can be used to complement the NOCN Step-up qualification (Entry Levels 1 and 2 are currently under development for inclusion) to form Progression Pathways

  9. Assessment - Format • Assessment will be based primarily on a task-based themed scenario • Questions have a limited duration • Delivered in a controlled environment. • The assessments will use, and reinforce, skills-based, problem solving learning techniques. • Some practical assessment can be undertaken • Assessments are available on CD Rom

  10. Assessment – Quality Assurance • Externally set by NOCN • Internally marked - following mark schemes provided by NOCN • Internally Verified (Centre) • Externally Verified (OCNEMR/NOCN) • This is subject to change by QCA through the Pilot Phase. Places are available in the pilot

  11. NOCN Assessment Guides • NOCN Assessment Guides are available for each of the disciplines • NOCN Guidance and Training is available for delivery of the assessments from your regional OCN - OCNEMR • Continual regional support is available for centres within the NOCN Pilot • LSIS provide comprehensive support programme.

  12. Contact Details Patricia Coates-Walker E-Mail: patricia.coates-walker@ocnemr.org.uk Tel: 01332 861994 ext 212 Mobile: 07970 892418

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