class of 2023 hs course selection n.
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Class of 2023 HS course selection PowerPoint Presentation
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Class of 2023 HS course selection

Class of 2023 HS course selection

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Class of 2023 HS course selection

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  1. Class of 2023HS course selection Mrs. Dreon

  2. CAREER PLANNING • Our last meeting involved a career activity where you answered questions about yourself and found a career cluster or two that might be worth thinking about • Your career direction can change many times between now and the time you graduate from high school but… • Choosing your classes for 9th grade should involve thoughts about your career direction • It’s not a forever choice but your career ideas should guide your decisions for next year

  3. Pg 4 Training options & Why this is important Pg 5 Career planning resources Pg 6 The Pathways

  4. Graduation Credit Requirements • English 4 • Math 3 • Social Studies 4 • Science (depending on level) 3 – 4 • Careers/Personal Finance 0.5 • Health 0.5 • Physical Education 1.5 • Remainder of credits comprised of elective courses 6 – 7 TOTAL 23.5

  5. COURSE SELECTION PROCESS • Review Course Selection Guide (full version with descriptions is online) • Discuss course options – teachers, students and parents • Students will seek out teachers for their recommendations and signatures… parents must also sign card and check recommendations • Course Selection Cards will be signed in schoolJan 31 – Feb 12. **Courses will NOT be scheduled without proper signatures (from teachers & parents) Course Selection Cards are due on Wednesday, February 13th ! Move-Up Day for 8th graders will be February11th or 12th

  6. Academic Levels General/Career Prep Tech Prep The General and Career Prep courses provide sound basic education for those who expect to enter the work force immediately after graduation. The College Preparatory curriculum provides an academic foundation for 4 years of college beyond high school. Academic foundation for students planning to attend trade/technical schools or two-year colleges Honors/ Advanced Placement College Prep • An academic foundation for college bound students who have achieved at least an A- final average in a specific discipline • Or, those in honors level this year must maintain at least a B- final average to continue in the honors level at the high school (for example: Geometry, Algebra 1, Honors Science, Honors English)

  7. 9th grade schedule – 8 period day Required Courses: English 1.0 Earth & Its Environment (Science) 1.0 US History 1.0 Math (see sequence) 1.0 PE (daily for one semester) 0.5 Computer Applications (daily for one semester) 0.5 TOTAL : 5.0 credits/periods **The rest of the schedule will be electives (2-3)

  8. Math Sequences

  9. Elective Courses – Choose 2, 2.5, or 3 • Art • Business • English • Family & Consumer Sciences • Foreign Language • Music • Social Studies • Technology Education 2 electives =study hall every day 2.5 electives = study hall daily for one semester 3 electives = no study hall

  10. Sample Schedules

  11. Sample Schedules

  12. COURSE CHANGES Anytime between now and August … • Contact me to change selections or have your son/daughter speak with Mrs. Coller about options/concerns • Email: or call 566-5335 • Schedules will be available online through Power School around August 5th • Parent/ Student initiated elective and level changes are permitted during the summer up to August 16, 2019 Once the school year begins…

  13. POLICY FOR SCHEDULE CHANGES August 16, 2019– Last day for student-initiated schedule changes. Summer changes do not include teacher or lunch reassignments. Once the school year begins: • Students will remain in classes as scheduled for the first two weeks of school.  No schedule changes will be made. • In weeks 3 and 4 of school, schedule changes are permitted for academic misplacements (with teacher and parent approval) AND elective changes can be made (from one elective to another – also with parental approval) • From week 4 of school through week 7, the ONLY types of changes will be for academic misplacements (with teacher and parent approval). • After week 7, no schedule changes will be made unless they are approved by a principal. • For second semester classes, students will only be able to make a change up until the second week of the course (week 2 of the 3rd MP)

  14. REMEMBER… • Pay attention to your teacher recommendations • Let Mrs. Coller know if you’d like to meet with me and I will be glad to stop over to see you or… Send me an email: • Choose an extra course or two as alternates! While we do our best to give you the classes you pick, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your first choice • Even if you have applied to DCTS, please complete a Course Selection Card anyway

  15. Remind 101 • Text reminders from me to communicate with students and parents • See flyer and sign up! • Students will sign up during fall 9th grade presentation

  16. Questions? You or your parents can contact me: Mrs. Dreon 566-5335