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International Student Orientation Overview of Important ACADEMIC INFORMATION PowerPoint Presentation
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International Student Orientation Overview of Important ACADEMIC INFORMATION

International Student Orientation Overview of Important ACADEMIC INFORMATION

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International Student Orientation Overview of Important ACADEMIC INFORMATION

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  1. Fall 2013 International Student Orientation Overview of Important ACADEMIC INFORMATION For Undergraduate Students ONLY

  2. Please turn to the “Academic Information & Services” section of your orientation notebooks now so you can take notes on the PowerPoint handout.

  3. Fall 2013 Welcome to UB! UB Lingo Glossary UB Undergrad Catalog Academic Advising Your UB Identity Your Academic Plan (HUB) Important Dates & Deadlines Register for Classes Professors & Classroom Your Study Plan Grading Tuition & Billing Your UB Contacts What you need to know and where to find it!

  4. GPA: Grade Point Average HUB: UB’s Student Information System Hold / Service Indicator: electronic block to course registration Waive (a course, requirement): not have to take the course or fulfill the requirement Prerequisite: course which must be taken before student can register for a higher level course Fall 2013 UB Terminology - Definitions Looking for information? Use the Undergraduate Catalog Search function.

  5. Fall 2013 Campus Advising Offices • Meet with an Advisor at least once a semester. They will show you how to use UB academic tools, and to help you develop your academic plan. • Have you started your UB Contact list?

  6. Fall 2013 Your UB Identity 1. UBIT name (username) & Password. Use this to access MyUB, UBLearns, and your HUB Student Center. 2. UB Person Number is found on your UB Card.

  7. Fall 2013 Your Identity: MyUB and HUB Student Center 3. UBmail 4. UBlearns 5. Your HUB Student Center 6. Need to Know announcements

  8. Your responsibilities as a student… “…As a condition of enrollment, students are responsible for reviewing, understanding and abiding by the university's regulations, procedures, requirements and deadlines as described in official publications, including the university's undergraduate catalog, UB web sites and official university e-mail communications. In addition, all students are required to positively affirm their knowledge of, and adherence to UB's Rules and Regulations prior to their inaugural semester at UB. Asserting a lack of knowledge of university regulations will not be accepted as a basis for an exception to these regulations.” Source: Student Responsibility Statement, Undergraduate Catalog

  9. The Undergraduate Catalog is available ONLY on-line at: The Catalog is your CONTRACT with UB. It explains the policies and procedures of the University. It describes all academic degree programs as well as courses and careers related to each program. Your Catalog Year is 2013-2014. Fall 2013 The Undergraduate Catalog You will use the Catalog in conjunction with your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) found in HUB.

  10. Fall 2013 University Degree Requirements What is required to earn my baccalaureate degree and graduate? Do you hope to complete your degree Finish in Four years?

  11. Fall 2013 University Degree Requirements

  12. Fall 2013 General Education Requirements

  13. Fall 2013 General Education Requirements General Education is the fundamental liberal arts core of your American education. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you must acquire certain skills and knowledge in areas outside your major. All State University of New York students are required to complete the same general education program (specific course details may vary by school). General Education requirements are tracked on your Academic Advisement Report (in HUB). Source: General Education Requirements, Undergraduate Catalog

  14. Fall 2013 General Education Requirements 

  15. Fall 2013 Academic Programs Links to: • Majors • Non-Degree programs • Approved Minors • Department Abbreviations • Course Prefixes

  16. Fall 2013 Academic Program Requirements Links to: • Overview of Department • Degrees & Policies (Acceptance Criteria courses & grade point average, Major requirements) • Courses – descriptions, prerequisites info • Faculty – where they earned their last degree • Careers – careers of graduates in this major

  17. Fall 2013 Transfer Credit Have you earned credit from another college or university? Have you requested that a Final Official Transcript be sent to UB?

  18. Fall 2013 Alternative Exam Credit • Test credit, transfer coursework and other types of non-UB credit are listed on your Transfer Credit Summary Report (as well as in HUB). • UB accepts a few types of alternative/exam credit (A-level, IB, AP, CLEP). Please refer to the following website: • Minimum scores are usually required to earn credit and/or meet degree requirements. • Remember to tell your advisor about this credit as it could affect what classes you take. Source: Alternative Methods for Earning University Credit, Undergraduate Catalog The College Board Code for UB is: 2925

  19. Fall 2013 Your Major

  20. Fall 2013 Managing Your Academic Plan More Information: HUB Information for Students Links to Undergrad Catalog & Calendars 1. My Academics

  21. Fall 2013 How do I know what requirements I have completed? 2. 4. 3.

  22. Fall 2013 How do I know if I am making timely progress toward a degree? • Choose a major as early as possible and begin working on the prerequisite courses (also referred to as “acceptance criteria”)*. • Plan out most General Education requirements and major prerequisites in your first two years. • Aim at being accepted to a major by the time you have completed 60 credit hours. * Acceptance criteria vary by major—they can range from 3 courses to 15—so planning ahead is critical! • Get help if you are having trouble. • Consider changing your major if things are not going well.

  23. Fall 2013 How and When Do I Register for Classes? Holds Registration links When you can begin to Register

  24. If you are not yet registered for classes, you MUST meet with an academic advisor later today and register. Registration for the Fall 2014 semester begins in late March/early April. You will be assigned a start date and time based on your total number of completed credits. Get the classes you want and need! Don’t miss your Enrollment Date (in HUB Student Center)! General information about course registration is located at: Fall 2013 Course Registration Information Source: Class Registration, Office of the Registrar

  25. Fall 2013 How do I find out which courses are offered each semester? Course offerings information is found on the Registrar website and in HUB by doing a Course Search. HUB course search will display information such as: sections, components (e.g. lecture with lab, lecture with recitation), times, location, teacher, description, registration number of all course offerings for each semester.

  26. Fall 2013 Dates & Deadlines 1.

  27. Fall 2013 Late Fees & Holds / Service Indicators • Financial penalties and/or registration holds apply if deadlines are missed! • REMINDER: Avoid a hold on next semester registration by affirming the UB Rules & Regulations in the “Need to Know” box on your MyUB homepage. Source: Holds/Service Indicators, Office of the Registrar

  28. Fall 2013 Creating your Time Management & Study Plan

  29. Fall 2013 Dropping / Resigning Classes

  30. Fall 2013 Repeating Classes • Always speak with an advisor BEFORE repeating a course! • Courses can be repeated whether you pass, resign or fail. • Credit is earned only once. • Second grade will calculate into the GPA. All grades will appear on transcript. • Students attempting a class for the FIRST time are given priority for enrolling in high demand classes. • Some courses may only be repeated in a summer session. Examples include: BIO 200 & 201 ENG 101, 102, 201 CHE 101- 202 MTH 121- 241 COM 101 PHY 101 ECO 181 & 182 PSC 101 UGC 111 & 112 PSY 101

  31. Fall 2013 Leaving UB

  32. Fall 2013 Academic Course Expectations The Academic Integrity Video and more information on this topic can be found on-line at:

  33. Fall 2013 Course Syllabi The course syllabus serves as a contract between the student and professor regarding course expectations and policies. The course syllabus should clearly communicate what the instructor expects of students and what students can expect from the instructor. A course syllabus must be finalized and distributed to the class during the first week of classes. All course syllabi should include, but are not limited to, the following components: • Course Description • Learning Outcomes • Academic Content • Grading Policy • Office Hours • Academic Integrity

  34. Fall 2013 UB Learns The UBlearnswebsite is NOT THE SAME as the MyUB website! UBlearns is a Blackboard™ application that SOME professors use as a complement to formal classroom instruction. NOT ALL of your classes will be listed on UBlearns- your class will only be listed there if the instructor chooses to enroll the course. Source: UBlearns Help, UBlearns

  35. Fall 2013 Tutoring Services at UB

  36. Fall 2013 Grading

  37. Fall 2013 Do I have to maintain certain grades or standards?

  38. Fall 2013 YES! There is an Academic Standards Review at the end of each semester

  39. Fall 2013 Academic Honors

  40. Fall 2013 Other UB Resources

  41. Fall 2013 Tuition & Billing The Office of Student Accounts performs the following functions for the University: • Provides Tuition and Fee Rates • Processes Comprehensive Fee Waivers • Manages UB Billing • Collects Payments • Provides Information about the 1098-T • Administers Service Indicators/Holds on Students’ Accounts • Determines New York State Residency for Tuition Purposes • Provides Liability Deadlines

  42. Fall 2013 Student Response Center The Student Response Center (SRC)! The SRC is a single point of contact for our current and future students. Strategically developed to bring resources together in one convenient location, the SRC staff can answer questions on: • Billing • Registration • Academic records services Location: Capen 232, North Campus Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  43. Fall 2013 Transfer Support Services Tau Sigma National Honor Society Go to http://sas.buffalo.edufor more information on the following services and programs especially for new transfer students: • “TRANSFERmation” workshop • Transfer Peer Mentor Program - application and info on-line • Tips from other Transfer Students • University at Buffalo chapter since 2001 • Over 1000 students inducted • Leadership experience, campus and community involvement • 3.5 GPA at UB required to join ---Will YOU become a Tau Sigma member? Source: Transfer Student Services, Student Advising Services

  44. Fall 2013 Charting Your Progress in the First Year

  45. Fall 2013 How Do I Remember All of This? • …all of this information, and more, is available on-line or in University publications and there are many people you can go to for help (e.g. academic advisors). Read your UB e-mail account • Read the “Need to Know section of MyUB regularly at • Read the “Be Advised Web Log” at • Read the Spectrum (student newspaper) Fall Semester 2013 - First Day of Classes: Monday, January 27, 2014

  46. Special Opportunities for Undergraduates Watch these videos: • Discovery Seminars • Undergraduate Academies

  47. Meet Your Academic Advisor Please look at your name tag and find the code for your major. (Example: SEAS)

  48. Student Athletes Please call to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Office of Athlete Academic & Development Services Alumni Arena 169 716-645-5533

  49. School of Management MG Knox Hall 20 North Campus

  50. College of Arts & Sciences CAS Park Hall 275 North Campus 716-645-6883