answers southeast asia questions from yesterday n.
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Answers: Southeast Asia questions (from yesterday) PowerPoint Presentation
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Answers: Southeast Asia questions (from yesterday)

Answers: Southeast Asia questions (from yesterday)

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Answers: Southeast Asia questions (from yesterday)

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  1. Answers: Southeast Asia questions (from yesterday) • These countries are the most south and east countries in Asia. • Laos -- China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma • Singapore (Malaysia is an acceptable answer also.) • Australia • Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore

  2. Read Vietnam article.Answer these questions. 1. What is the average, annual personal income (amount each person makes per year on average) in Vietnam? 2. What fraction of Vietnamese people live in poverty? 3. Is the Internet available in Vietnam? 4. After refusing to trade with Vietnam for years after the Vietnam War, when did the U.S. agree to begin trading with them? 5. _____ is the country to which Vietnam exports the most goods. 6. Do more people in Vietnam drive cars or motorized bikes? 7. Compared to other nations, does Vietnam have a high number of deaths due to traffic accidents?

  3. Answers • Less than $500 • nearly one-third • Yes • 2001 • USA • Motorized bikes • Yes, very!

  4. Answers to Southwest Asia questions • Kuwait • Dead Sea • Iran • Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus • Bahrain • Saudi Arabia

  5. Now, everybody turn in all 4 sections of Asia questions. Place in your class period’s tray!!

  6. (aka Southwest Asia) NOTES:THE MIDDLE EAST

  7. The Middle East

  8. The countries of the Middle East are: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Iran *Turkey is sometimes included. Egypt and other North African nations (like Algeria and Tunisia) are often grouped with the Middle Eastern nations. Sometimes, people group Afghanistan and Pakistan as Middle Eastern countries.

  9. The Dead Sea • The lowest place in the world is the Dead Sea, which lies between Jordan and Israel.

  10. Hence the name, there is no marine life in the Dead Sea. The high mineral and salt content of the waters make it impossible for fish or plants to live. Hence the name, there is no marine life in the Dead Sea. The high mineral and salt content of the waters make it impossible for fish or plants to live. About the Dead Sea • The Dead Sea is actually a salt water lake. • Because of the high salt content (almost six times saltier than the ocean), it is impossible for fish and plants to live in it -- hence the name, Dead Sea. • You can lie on the top without even trying to float. The salt makes you buoyant.

  11. OIL!!! • The Middle East (SW Asia) contains about two-thirds of the world's known petroleum reserves. • When the United States and Europe increased their consumption of oil drastically during World War II, the oil reserves in the Middle East became critically important to U.S. foreign policy, and have remained so ever since. (

  12. WAR • When you think of the Middle East, war may be what comes to mind. Why does this region serve as the stage for so much conflict??

  13. Sources of conflict • Oil – The region’s oil is in high demand all over the world and is very valuable. • Political issues – Totalitarian leaders like Saddam Hussein have limited the freedom of people in the Middle East for centuries. • Religious conflict – Christian vs. Muslims, Jews vs. Muslims, Sunni Muslims vs. Shi’a Muslims (As the birthplace of three major world religions, religious conflict has been a reality in this region for centuries.)

  14. Know your Middle Eastern countries??