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National cuisine

National cuisine

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National cuisine

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  1. Nationalcuisine Střední odborná škola Otrokovice Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je ing. Renata Vondráková Dostupné z Metodického portálu, ISSN: 1802-4785, financovaného z ESF a státního rozpočtu ČR. Provozováno Výzkumným ústavem pedagogickým v Praze.

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  3. Contents Nationalcuisine Commoncookingterms Englishcuisine Breakfast Starters Soups Lunch and dinner Americancuisine Lunch Snack Dinner Answerthequestions

  4. Commoncookingterms I. Cuisineisa characteristic style of cooking and traditions and includesrecipes. Mealiseatenat a specific time (in the morning, at noon…) and includes specific, prepared food. Starteror thefirst course isfood served before the main courses of a meal. Lunch is a mealin the middle of thedayand is generally smaller thandinner. Obr. 1

  5. Commoncookingterms II. Dinneris usually the name of the main, largemeal of the day. Supperisa name for the evening meal, but not the mainmeal. Snack is a small portion of food eaten between meals. Brunch is eaten between breakfastand lunch and is a substitute for both these meals. Obr. 2

  6. Englishbreakfastisknown as afull breakfast and usually consistsof bacon, sausages eggs, grilledtomatoes, fried mushrooms, bakedbeans, friedbreador toast with butter and a beverage such as coffee or tea. Englishcuisine Obr. 3

  7. Starters Starters usuallyconsistsoffish, hard-boiledeggswithlotsofvegetablesorfruits. Goodstarteris: cottagecheesegarnished withcannedpeachslices and herrings, servedwiththinappleslices in mayonnaise. Obr. 4

  8. Soups The English are fond offishsoups and vegetablessoups. Fishsoupsare usuallymadeoflobster, crab, milkorcream and seasoningingredients. Basic soupsare madefromslicedonion, celery and leek. They are cookedgently in a littlebutteruntilthey become soft. A littleflour and stock are added. Obr. 5

  9. Lunch and dinner Many people in Britainlike to havesandwichesorsalad forlunch. Fish and chips are animportanttradition in Britain. The fishisusuallycod, haddockorplaice, cooked in batter. Sunday lunch isdifferent and isusuallycalleddinner. Itmayconsistof roastbeefservedwithYorkshirepudding and mustard, orlambwithmintsauce, orporkwithapplesauce. Afterthatthereistraditionalapplepieorfruitsalad.

  10. TraditionalSundayroast Roastedmeat,mashedpotato, withYorkshirepudding and vegetables. Obr. 6 Yorkshirepuddingorbatterpuddingis made frommilk, flour and eggs and fried in a pan.

  11. Americancuisine A lot ofAmericancookingusesingredientsnative to NorthAmerica, butisinfluenced by French, Spanish, English , Italian, Chines, Mexican and othernationalities. Breakfast usuallyconsistsof juiceor grapefruit, cerealwithmilk and sugar, eggs, bacon and bread and coffee. Obr. 7

  12. Lunch Isusually light, a sandwichorsalad. Salads are madeofvariouskindsofvegetables and fruit. In the northeastenstates„chowder“ ispopular. Itis a thicksoup madeofclams, onions, potatoes and celery, cooked in heavycream and servedwith smallcrackers. Obr. 8

  13. Snack Americansoften go to fastfoodrestaurantsfor a snack. Theycangettherehamburgers, pizzas, friedchicken, salads. Popularsnackis popcorn. Dinner Itis the heaviestmeal. Itconsistsofmeatorfish, potatoes and othervegetables and mayfollowed by applepie . CommonAmericanmeatis steak orroastbeef, ham, turkey and seafood. Grapefruits, oranges, melons and cherriesorbroccoli, avocados, zuchini and artichokes are verycommon on the menu.

  14. Define the „cuisine“. • Whatis „starter“? • Whatdoesitmean „brunch“? • Whatis Full EnglishBreakfastconsistedof? • What do Britishusuallyhavefordinner? • Whatdoesitmean „chowder“? • WhatiscommonAmericanmeat? Questions

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  16. Seznam použité literatury: [1] E. Svobodová, PhDr., Angličtina v gastronomii, nakladatelství Informatorium, ISBN 80-86073-94-7

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