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  1. Aurora By: Bryan 6D

  2. What cause aurora to spawn? • The Sun makes aurora because the sun is made out of gas, so it likes to let out a continuous belch that throws out particles with lots of energy from its surface it this is called the solar wind that makes the aurora to shine in the sky • The glaciers of the north and south reflected the sunshine and it reflects it in the top of the sky • Aurora only spawns at the northern and southern pole they do not spawn at any other places

  3. Do aurora spawn in other planets too? • Aurora spawn at other planets too it is the same like earth’s aurora at the bottom and top of the planet (northern and southern pole) • The planets in our universe have the same aurora because they have the gigantic sun that shines to the cold ice that reflected the shine into the sky

  4. Beliefs • The people of Scandinavia, the Inuit's, the American Indians, tribes in Siberia, the people of Russia and the Baltic countries and the people of Mongolia have beliefs related in aurora at the northern and southern pole . • The origin of the aurora has explanations in folk tale and myth’s. The finish name for aurora "revontulet" is associated with the arctic fox. • According to the folk tale, an arctic fox is running far in the north and south and touched the mountains with its fur, so that sparks fly off into the sky as the aurora. • Another one of the story says the fox throws the aurora up into the sky by sweeping snow upwards with its tail. • And another one that explains how moonlight is reflected from the snowflakes swept up into the sky by the fox's tail. • People belief that if a women deliver a baby and when the aurora happened the baby will have a happy life. And the aurora will help women give birth • According to the Inuits, the northern lights are caused by the souls of dead people playing soccer in the sky, celestial football, with the skull of a walrus. • The people of India beliefs that aurora is dead souls of people

  5. Impact of aurora • If people see too much light or aurora too much they will apparently gone mad just like experienced by inuits • If people in outer space see it they will lost control the rocket • Aurora are full of radiation if people getting closer to it they can get radiated • If you get enough to the aurora, it can have very damaging consequences • Some of the effects of these beliefs are very positive. Many of us would very much like to see and experience the aurora at least once in our lifetime.