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The History behind cutting of a cake and blowing balloons

All you need to know about cutting a cake and blowing balloons

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The History behind cutting of a cake and blowing balloons

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  1. The History behind cutting of a cake and blowing balloons Whether it’s your birthday or wedding day, an anniversary or a farewell, reunion or a college party, cake cutting ceremony have always been celebrated since years. Have you ever wondered why do we cut cakes on the special occasion? The answer lies back to the ancient times. In Greece, the definition for a cake and bread were interchangeable; the only dissimilarity lied was that cakes were sweet while the bread was not. In the Sixteen century, bakery shop in Greece framed the proposal of merchandising cakes for customers' special day as well as for the memorable day, and thus the modern day’s cakes were born. There are many bakeries in India that offer photo cake delivery in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Photo Cakes are part of cake decoration. As the cake cutting memories keeps so much focus on a cake, many people opt for designer cakes with a Customized photo on it for luck and good fortune. The Positioning of candles and décor on birthday cakes imputed to ancient Greeks: to show tribute the god's birth. The candles are a special symbol of love in nature, exhibiting through years as tradition. It’s considered a belief that if you blow out all your candles and make a wish, your wish will become true.

  2. The Special wedding day cakes have consistently been considered a symbol of love, as there is a custom practice of smashing the cake over the bride's head which dates back to the early times. In truth, the practice of breaking the cake on bride’s head was mostly important at that time since they believed it would benefit their future children by bringing good luck and fortune. In fact, the tradition of couples cutting the cake together was born of the pure prerequisite. She needed her new husband's hand to help cut through the hard layers of frosting. While today's wedding cakes have become much easier to maneuver, the bride and groom still cut the cake together simply for the love of ancient tradition. As midnight cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi NCR is also available these days these custom rituals are still being followed by everyone one as cake can be delivered within no time. Gone are those days when you needed to rush to a bakery shop in blistering sun and frost winters.

  3. So cut your birthday or a wedding cake with cake delivery in Faridabad, Gurgaon, And Delhi NCR from Yummy Cake.

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