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Customer Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Care

Customer Care

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Customer Care

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  1. Customer Care Grievance Handling

  2. Why Customer care? • ---they feed us……… the reason for our existence ----our salary is from their payments/taxes • ---they got choice, so if not satisfied, they can leave us ----we are one of their choice, for us they are the only choice

  3. Why Customer care?….. • they can, not only leave, if aggrieved, but also can spoil the image and business ----bad things spread quite faster • ---they started expecting higher quality in service ----they got money and other options • ---they can’t bear delay or damage to services ----they need not

  4. Why Customer care?….. • ---they can drag us to courts, as aggrieved consumers ----every system generally supports the customer only • --- they repeatedly come for satisfied service ----that only ensures our tomorrow

  5. Various aspects which have influence on customer care Areas of concern and taking preventive measures Courtesy and concern Creativity Sense of humour Caring invisible customer Citizen charter RTA Satisfaction

  6. Basic policy on complaints • Every complaint is bona fide unless proved contrary • The customer is always right and deserves prompt attention • Divisional head should ensure speedy redressal of grievances • Prevention / removal of the cause / scope for future grievances by identifying areas of concern

  7. Area of concern and Preventing grievances to customers in PO

  8. Addressing the areas of concern Taking preventive measures Prevention is better than cure

  9. Ambience and behavior Counter facilities Queuing Seating arrangement of staff Chairs/Bench for customers Writing desk Gum/staplers etc Ensure proper arrangement Ensure proper arrangement

  10. Ambience and behavior Required forms Records/old records Cleanliness Ensure availability of forms-samples Arrange the current records neatly Transfer old records Ensure cleaning and sweeping periodically

  11. Ambience and behavior Parking Staffing Ensure proper arrangement Fit person Caring attitude Courtesy Confidence Creative thinking Sense of humor

  12. Ordinary Mails Proper staffing Receipt & dispatch of bags Having all qualities mentioned earlier Ensure availability of DM & SL Maintain bag opening register Table sorting attended by all

  13. Ordinary Mails Stamping Taxing Delivery stamp Pilferage of letters Double the deficiency for unpaid & insufficiently paid Single deficiency for infringement of condition

  14. Ordinary Mails Arrangements Don’t dump old records, old furniture, unwanted things Ensure availability of weighing scale Ensure availability of all information

  15. Ordinary Mails Delivery Ensure punctual attendance of Postmen and delivery in time PB sorting and its maintenance Check undelivered articles and its disposal

  16. Ordinary Mails Letter Boxes Ensure periodical clearance of office LB Ensure punctual clearance of street LBs Post test letters Paid test letters

  17. Ordinary Mails Stamping and Sorting Ensure stamping all the articles posted Pilferage of postage stamps Ensure proper sorting and preparing LBs

  18. Ordinary Mails C Bag account Cleanliness Memo of authorized balance of C bag Annexure C Dispose of surplus bags Ensure daily sweeping & cleaning

  19. Ordinary Mails Visit Ensure PRI(P) is visiting branch at the time of receipt and dispatch Ensure periodical visit to the branch by Postmaster

  20. Accountable Mails and MOs Disposal of bags Ensure that all bags are opened Ensure that Insured and MOs are transferred under proper acquittance

  21. Accountable Mails and MOs Transit/Delivery norms Delay noticed to be reported to office of booking. Suspicious delay from any particular office to be reported to Divisional Head for arranging enquiry

  22. Accountable Mails and MOs Book of addressee’s instructions Ensure proper maintenance of the register in two parts - Temporary- 3 M - Permanent- 3 Y

  23. Accountable Mails and MOs Register and Parcel abstract Ensure proper maintenance of the abstracts Ensure that every day the abstracts are tallied Check remarks on the returned articles Proper watch on Acknowledgement

  24. Accountable Mails and MOs Acknowledgement Ensure that Ack is properly filled in and stitched to the articles Ensure that ‘AD’ is noted with numbers Ensure acks are correctly returned by Postmen

  25. Accountable Mails and MOs Acknowledgement Ensure tallying of ack in abstract Ensure noting of acknowledgement posted in abstract Ensure correct disposal of ack to sorting branch Ensure proper sorting and bundling

  26. Accountable Mails and MOs Register of MOs received for payment Ensure maintenance of the register Ensure tallying of the MO forms at the end of the day daily Ensure maintenance of register of redirected MOs

  27. Accountable Mails and MOs Complaints Ensure proper disposal of complaints Ensure arrangement of cash for payment of MOs in office and BOs

  28. Business products Information Ensure that full and correct information of the new products are available and given to customers Ensure that business procured by M/E are promptly attended

  29. Business products Forms Ensure stocking of required forms and receipt books Don’t stop giving service for want of forms and receipt books

  30. Business products Media post After sale service Procure such advertisement which are eligible for this service to avoid complication Ensure providing after sale services

  31. Business products PLI/RPLI Ensure - Limit - correct collection of penal interest on defaulted premiums - accepting premium in lapsed policies only on revival

  32. Business products Disposal of SP bag Ensure that SP bags are dispatched correctly at any cost.

  33. Savings Schemes Counter Fit person to be posted Ensure availability of forms/PBs/Cfts Ensure availability of receipt books viz SB-28, SB-26 etc

  34. Savings Schemes Withdrawals Follow the correct procedure for verification of S/S Ensure maintenance of SB-45 register Ensure verification of wdls of Rs.5000/ and above thr’ IPs

  35. Savings Schemes Interest Ensure interest in SB ledger is posted as soon as interest statement is received Don’t retain the PBs unnecessarily Maintain Special error book for PBs not received for int

  36. Savings Schemes Interest Ensure preparation and submission of list of PBs not received for entry of int in the month of July to IPs

  37. Savings Schemes Closure Ensure ledger posting Avoid unnecessary retention of PBs A watch register may be maintained at HO

  38. Savings Schemes Claims Ensure availability of required forms First step to ascertain as to whether claim is based on - nomination - legal evidence - SB-84/NC-60

  39. Savings Schemes Claims Ensure correct forms are used for claiming Register the claim in Sanchaya Post software or in the manual register on the day of acceptance Avoid unnecessary verification of claim papers

  40. Savings Schemes Objection Memos Extracts should be sent to SOs on the same day Extracts to be sent along with proforma duly entered in the SB slips Registers to be checked periodically

  41. Savings Schemes Objection Memos In SOs OMs should be attended on the same day One register to be maintained and watched periodically Reply to be sent duly entered in LOD

  42. Savings Schemes NSC/KVP Maintenance of NC-12(a) at HO In SOs the balance of stock should be noted in issue journal In SOs Memo of unsold certificate should be prepared at March every year

  43. Savings Schemes NSC/KVP Ensure proper procedure in transfer cases Verification letters to be attended without any delay Ensure attending duplicate NSC/KVP and PBs promptly

  44. Savings Schemes Other registers Register of undelivered PBs (SB-44) AT registers Cheque register

  45. STRATEGIESON COMPLAINT-POLICY • Speedy processing and finalization • Settlement of claims if any • Investigation for identification of office / official at fault • Recovery of amount / article wrongly delivered/paid • Recovery of loss by following principle of contributory negligence

  46. CLASSIFICATION Unregd Mail, Magazines, Periodicals & others Speed Post & Express Parcel Regd / Insured letters Unregd / Regd / Insured Parcels VP Letters / Parcels Foreign mail

  47. CLASSIFICATION…. 7. Money Order 8. Saving Bank / Certificates 9. Management and Staff 10. Miscellaneous 11. PLI/RPLI

  48. Time limit for lodging complaint

  49. Stages of handling of complaints • Complaints are received in the O/o (i) Postmaster (Gazetted) (ii) Divisional Office • Action on the complaint (a) Issue of enquiry note • Information from O/O booking, Payment, other offices handling article, Audit office / RLO (b) Addressing letter to the complainant

  50. Stages of handling of complaints… • Stages of Communication • Initial Acknowledgement. • Periodical interim reply, indicating progress • Final Reply • Modes of Communication • Mail • Telephone, Fax • E-mail etc.