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Vocabulary # 40

Vocabulary # 40. vale. farewell. Proto. first. mal. bad. sarco. flesh. gno. know. ana. up. ex. out. magn. great. super. over. dict. say. agon. actor. ism. doctrine. phag. eat. sur. over. lect. gather. pos. put. mort. death. miss. send. valediction.

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Vocabulary # 40

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  1. Vocabulary # 40

  2. vale farewell

  3. Proto first

  4. mal bad

  5. sarco flesh

  6. gno know

  7. ana up

  8. ex out

  9. magn great

  10. super over

  11. dict say

  12. agon actor

  13. ism doctrine

  14. phag eat

  15. sur over

  16. lect gather

  17. pos put

  18. mort death

  19. miss send

  20. valediction Farewell speech

  21. protagonist Leading person

  22. maladroit clumsy

  23. stoicism Indifferent to sensation

  24. sarcophagus Stone coffin

  25. ignominious disgraceful

  26. surrealistic Unrealistically imaginary

  27. analects Selected writings

  28. expository explanatory

  29. exegesis Critical interpretation

  30. Magnum opus Great work

  31. moribund dying

  32. supercilious scornful

  33. diction Word choice

  34. emissary messenger

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