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  1. Vocabulary • Village • Sod • Kayak • Common room • hearth • A small settlement • A chunk of grassy soil held together by matted roots • A lightweight canoe, propelled by a double-bladed paddle, with only a small opening for one or two people • A large room where people gather to eat or share other activities • The floor of a fireplace

  2. Noting Details • Pages172-173: What details show the Alutiiq people’s connections to nature? • Details that show the Alutiiq people’s connections to nature are the cousins were placed in the sea as babies, they gather wild berries and roots to eat, and they kayak on the ocean. Sample Answer

  3. Summarizing • Page175: Summarize in your own words what happens between the cousins and the Moon. • Both cousins fall in love with Moon and wish that he would come to Earth and choose one of them to marry. Moon does come to Earth, and he tells them he will marry the one who is the most patient. Question Sample Answer

  4. Fantasy and Realism • Page176: Why do you think the cousin who opens one eye is able to fall back to Earth unhurt? • What details have you read that could be real? What details have you read that could not be real? • The cousin is able to fall back to Earth unhurt because often times in Folktales things happen that could not happen in real life. • Details that could be real are the cousins’ daily lives and activities. Details that could not be real are the moon being a person, coming to Earth, marrying the cousin, and living in a house in the sky. Questions Sample Answers

  5. Cause & Effect/ Setting • Page 178: What makes the Moon’s wife unhappy? • Page 179: What is the setting for the first half of the story? What is setting for the second half? • The Moon’s wife is unhappy because she is bored and wants to go to work with her husband. • The setting in the first half of the story is Kodiak Island, Alaska. In the second half of the story the setting is the sky. Sample Answers

  6. Vocabulary • Mainland • Sparkling • Phases • suspicious • The large land mass of a country or continent that does not include islands • Giving off flashes of light • Changes in appearance that the moon or a planet goes through each month • Having the feeling that something is unusual or wrong Definitions

  7. Making Judgments • Pages180 -181: Does it surprise you that Moon laughs when he finds his wife wearing his mask? Why? • Pages180 -181: Why do you think the teller of this tale chose to have Moon react this way? • It surprises me because his wife was not supposed to go into his storeroom, and often folktales characters are punished when they disobey. • The story teller could have chosen to have Moon react kindly to teach people that they should be understanding of one another. Sample Answers