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  1. Vocabulary

  2. Title: Walter’s Week Author: Sam R. McColl Genre: Narrative Reading Goal: Clarify words and ideas in sentences, paragraphs, and passages. Team Cooperation Goal: Help and Encourage Others Essential Question: How can we clarify a word or part of the story that we don’t know or understand?

  3. Think Pair Share • What do you think helping and encouraging others means? • How can you help and encourage others?

  4. shift • Time one is at work • My dad works an eight hour shift at his office

  5. fortunately • luckily • Even though I hadn’t practiced, fortunately I did well at the track meet.

  6. rotate • Spin, turn • When the wheels rotate, the car goes forward.

  7. trudged • Walked slowly and sadly • Jack trudged to the principal’s office, knowing he was in trouble.

  8. boarded • Climbed on, as a bus or plane • Martina boarded the plane ten minutes before it took off.

  9. ignore • Pay no attention to Joanne tried to ignoreher little brother so he’d go away.

  10. battling • fighting • The squirrels were battling over the last acorn under the tree.

  11. mentioned • Spoke about, referred to • The movie star mentioned her parents in her speech.

  12. Clarify • Figure out how to pronounce (say) a word or a word’s meaning (definition) by using strategies.

  13. What does it mean to clarify? • Figure out how to say a word or a word’s meaning by using strategies.

  14. Let’s try clarifying any confusing parts in this paragraph Spencer counted out his money. He had $5.43. He went to the pet store and asked the clerk, “May I please have two goldfish?” The clerk gave Spencer the rabbits and his $10 change.

  15. Let's try another one: My mom thought it would be nice if the whole family spent some time together, so she planned a family picnic at the park. We packed all the food in the cooler and brought a blanket and a baseball so we could play catch. My sister said she was going to bring her sleeping bag and pajamas. At the park, we ate all the food, played some catch, and then packed up our stuff. On our way home, we dropped my sister off at her friend’s house for her friend’s slumber party.

  16. Listening Comprehension • Tim’s Practice is a story about a boy who is practicing for a competition. • Listen to how I clarify as I read.

  17. Walter’s Week • A story about a young boy who isn’t having a very good week. • Has anyone ever had a bad week? • What kinds of things can you learn from bad times?

  18. Preview Team Talkpg. 11 • Team Talk question #1 focuses on our reading goal: Clarifying

  19. Partner Reading – 15 minutes Partner Read- Page 19 and 20 Silent Read- Page 21 and 22 • As you read, stop to clarify • Also, stop to retell your partner what they read • If finished early, reread page 21 together for fluency practice.

  20. Team Discussion – Help and Encourage Eachother! • Clarify sticky words with your team • Discuss the team talk questions • Write the answers to numbers 1 and 2 ONLY • Vocabulary Practice • Team Talk Extender: How does Walter feel at the end of Monday? How would you feel and why? • If finished, practice fluency on page 21

  21. Class Discussion • What were some of the words your team clarified? • Let’s look at our answers for the team talk questions • Team Talk Extender: How did Walter feel by the end of Monday? How would you feel and why?

  22. Adventures in Writing • Page 10

  23. Bad day at a track meet