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    3. ROOT The form of a word from which other words and forms are derived.

    4. AFFIX A word or syllable added to a Word to produce a derived or inflected form (usually a Prefix or suffix).

    5. PREFIX A letter or group of letters put at the beginning of a word to make a new word

    6. SUFFIX A letter or group of letters put at the END of a word to form a new word

    7. SYNONYMS A synonym is a word that means the same or almost the same as another word.

    8. ANTONYMS An antonym is a word that means the opposite or almost the opposite of another word.

    9. LITERAL When a word is used in a literal sense, it is being used in it strict dictionary meaning.

    10. FIGURATIVE When a word is used in a figurative sense, it is being used in a symbolic or nonliteral way..

    11. CONNOTATION The connotation of a word is its tone. This means the emotions or associations it normally arouses in people hearing, or reading it.

    12. DENOTATION The denotation of a word is its specific dictionary meaning.

    14. Context Clue#1 CONTRAST CLUES Contrast clues consist of an antonym for, or a phrase that means the opposite of, an unfamiliar word. Words and phrases such as although, but, yet, however, except, instead of, unlike, and on the other hand signal contrast clues. Example: At night the street was pacific, unlike the crowded, noisy chaos it was during the day. In this contrast, the word pacific is opposed to crowded, noisy and chaotic. From this, you can guess that it means "peaceful."

    15. Context Clue#2 RESTATEMENT CLUES A restatement clue consists of a synonym for, or a definition of, a word in the sentence. Example: Jack's duplicity or crafty dishonesty caused him to steal his coworker's pensions by funneling their money into an offshore account. In this contrast, the word duplicity is means crafty dishonesty.

    16. Context Clue#3 INFERENCE CLUES An inference clue can help you to understand the meaning of a word by examining the context in which the word is used. Inference clues can appear in the surrounding words, sentences, even paragraphs. Example: The king issued unreasonable decrees. Nevertheless, everyone had to obey his commands. Based on this sentence, what do you think decrees are?

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