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Artemis. By Carlee Thomas . Family tree! . Daughter of Zeus and Leto(a titan) Twin of Apollo

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  1. Artemis By Carlee Thomas

  2. Family tree!  • Daughter of Zeus and Leto(a titan) • Twin of Apollo Artemis is the sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Niobe queen of Thebes dissed leto for not having a a lot of children so for revenge Artemis and Apollo killed her and her children

  3. What she rules? Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Hunt means she protects wild animals and of course the best at hunting. Her brother Apollo rules the son. Once she gave punishment to a person who hurt a stag and turn the person into a stag. She also helps people give birth, also guard Over children.

  4. Basic facts • She wore buck skins • She had a bow and arrow • She was always accompanied by a stag or a female bear • She had a moon on her head to symbolize the moon • She was an eternal virgin, kept her purity • Gave punishment to whom ever dishonored her purity

  5. MORE FACTS • Known as Dianna, Selene, Lana, Hecate and Isis • Apollo tricked her into killing her beloved giant Irion because he was jealous • Helped Hercules defeat the three headed dragon • Artemis was able to spread and heal diseases • Does not like men because Castillo caught her bathing and saw her naked and turned him into a stag • Also possessive

  6. Her sign Her sign was a moon and bow and arrow she always had an arrow

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