welcomes you to the presentation of anuvaadak 10 0 n.
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Welcomes You to the presentation of Anuvaadak 10.0 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcomes You to the presentation of Anuvaadak 10.0

Welcomes You to the presentation of Anuvaadak 10.0

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Welcomes You to the presentation of Anuvaadak 10.0

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  1. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Welcomes You to the presentation of Anuvaadak 10.0

  2. Company Profile Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. (SiS) A leading software company established in 1989, which has achieved an enviable place in the field of development of quality software Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Our Products Education • E-Learning portal Commercial Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. • Anuvaadak 10.0 - English to Hindi Translator • WebIMS – Web based Institute Management System • IMS - Institute Management System • LIBAMS – Library Management System

  4. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  5. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  6. Introduction • Anuvadak 10.0 – India’s first ‘English to Hindi Translator Software Solution’ - packs a revolutionary translation engine which takes an entire document in English and translates it to Hindi automatically implementing major grammar rules of both languages to a sharp degree of accuracy. • The user interface of Anuvadak 10.0 is simple and an English word processor is in-built which incorporates a spell-checker in both English and Hindi along with a thesaurus and grammar checker. ANUVAADAK 10.0 Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. This innovative software also includes 100 Hindi font styles with. Useful plug-ins such as the facility to import English text saved using Standard Scanner (OCR) software, Excel charts and Spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, Paintbrush pictures, and Word documents are also included in the package. The software is compatible with Windows 98/2000,XP, and Windows NT platforms.

  7. SUMMARY OF SALIENT FEATURES • In-built grammar checker for both pre-translation and post-translation stages. • In-built Hindi & English Spell checker • The software incorporates substantial dictionary of 10,00,000 header words of General, Agricultural and Scientific & Technical, Banking & Legal subject with 2,00,000 phrases. • Special option is provided for faster translation from English to Hindi of routine official circulars, Government letters and notifications. • In-built elegant Editor which facilitate work in Hindi, English and various other Indian Languages. • Facility for on-line editing (addition, modification, deletion) of English text as well as its translation into Hindi and thus saving both on computer time and effort. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Words unique or peculiar to an organization can be added to the dictionary, as needed. Dictionary is dynamic where the user can add new English word and their multiple Hindi meanings, property and various forms through Dictionary Interface. User can also modify the existing meaning, property and various forms of a word.

  8. Continued… • About 100 free fonts (styles of printing) ranging from elegant to artistic. • A complete Dictionary interface to add/modify/search words and phrases in agriculture, scientific and banking dictionaries. • Linking & translation facility for Excel sheets, Word Documents, Power Point Slides, MS-Access, dbase, SQL SERVER and Oracle Databases. • Facility to select multiple dictionaries at a time. User can set the hierarchy of the dictionary according to the respective domain to get optimum results. • Character Map for Hindi Alphabet. • Automatic transliteration facility for missing words names etc., which are not present in the Dictionaries. • Phonetic and Remington Keyboards layout or English as well as Hindi Language. It facilitates the typing effort for those users who are not familiar with typing. • Provision for selecting the synonyms of a Hindi word after translation. • Facility to export translated output in html, bmp, rtf, jpg format. One can mail this file to another person. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  9. Linguistic Evaluation Report of "Anuvaadak 10.0" Anuvaadak 10.0 is the first commercial translation system from English to Hindi available in India. The two languages attempted in the translation system, under evaluation, belong to two distinct families with vast difference in their linguistic structure and having various language - specific features, which pose a real translation problem between this language - pair. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. The linguistic features of the system have been evaluated and the report is as under. The Anuvaadak translates the given English text according to the linguistic rules of basic sentence structures into Hindi. The system accepts the simple, compound and complex sentences of natural acceptable length. The simple sentences are translated 100% correct wheras the correctness of the compound and complex sentences comes to about 90 to 95%. The translated output is according to the linguistic properties of Hindi incorporating the basic rules of the linguistic structure of Hindi. It also manifests the language-specific features of the target language whereas the source language text does not the similar linguistic features.

  10. Continued… • It has the feature of 'customization' with which the specialized vocabulary or expressions could be translated. With this features the system could be tailored to the specific needs of the user of user- organization. • The system has the feature of 'Refinement' of translation when homonomous words need the context-specific translation. The feature serves as Translator-aid for the refinement according to the needs of the text to be translated. • The Anuvaadak has an in-built Dictionary of 10,00,000 words and 2,00,000 phrases. It also contains sizeable vocabularies of banking, agricultural and scientific words and phrases. It appears to be sufficient for the general and domain-specific translation. All these words and phrases in the Dictionary are assigned lexical properties (of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verb etc.) which help to generate the Hindi output in a fairly acceptable linguistic form. It also resolves clashes of such words which belong to two or three different forms of speech. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  11. Continued… • While translating the domain - specific translation, it has the features of selecting the domain- specific meanings of the words and phrases which are different from the general dictionary. • It has a rule-based transliteration module, which transliterates Indian names and acronyms, when the same are not found in its dictionary. • It has the facility of adding to the in-built dictionary by the user the requisite new words and phrases. • The quality of the translation can, further, be improved by the user through post-editing since the two languages, under consideration are quite different in their structures. • The System also incorporates a module in its programme named as “Memorize Feature” which provides the facility of minimizing human intervention of post editing. Through this, certain specific features of the target language(Hindi) which are not available in the source language (English), could be incorporated in the final translated, output. • The system also incorporates a Spellchecker of Hindi which helps in rendering the output in a natural linguistic form of Hindi. • The system also includes a module of Hindi Standard Official Drafts with mail-merge facility Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.


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  17. SYSTEM REQUIREMENT vPC P-IV to I-3 and above v2 GB RAM (min.) v30 GB free space in the HDD Operating system Windows VISTA, XP-SP 3 ,WINDOWS 7 on individual Computers. Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  18. Thanks For Your Time - Super Infosoft Team Super Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.