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Statement of Capabilities

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Statement of Capabilities
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Statement of Capabilities

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  1. Jet City Consulting Statement of Capabilities

  2. Mission Statement • Our vision is to provide for the security and safety of our clients and their interests by employing the latest in security technologies and techniques, combined with exceptional training, consulting and staff who far exceed industry standards. • We endeavor to provide excellence in every facet of our service delivery. • Our services will be rendered with compassion, integrity and focused resolve.

  3. The Team • Tony R. Myhre – Owner / President JCCI • 23 years of distinguished security and law enforcement experience, including at the senior executive level in Corporate and Contract Security. • Tony is an accomplished disaster response and recovery security manager, including FEMA security operations related to Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita and Wilma, and the 2006, 2007 and 2008 WA State winter storms for regional public utilities security contracts. • He has profitably managed multi-million dollar security ventures, and engendered himself to the degree that his client base is extremely loyal. • More about Tony is available at LinkedIn under

  4. Anthony Davenport – CEO of Matrix USA Security • Anthony is a former United States Marine NCO and has nearly 30 years of PSD, force protection, military and civilian security and law enforcement experience. • Anthony’s diverse background as a private military contractor, reserve police officer and highly trained security professional, along with his Veteran owned business, Minority Disadvantaged Business and Small Disadvantaged Business set asides allow our group incredible contracting flexibility. • Matrix USA Security is a preferred vendor for executing disaster response and recovery security operations. A company profile is available at • Anthony has deployed in support of FEMA and private security operations related to Hurricane’s Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Rita and Wilma, giving him an in depth immersion in to disaster response security operations.

  5. S. Marcus Reeb, MD. • Doctor Reeb is a Board Certified Medical Doctor, specializing in Forensic Psychology and Infectious Disease Control. • Dr. Reeb is also a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has an extensive background in private security management throughout the United States. He is our exclusive medical advisor for disaster relief and security operations. • Scott Dressor • Mr. Dressor is a combat experienced United States Marine Corps veteran who has an extensive background in PSD and convoy security operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. • Scott has served in a civilian capacity as a force protection officer / supervisor in Kuwait and Iraq, and has a distinguished career in high risk security in the US civilian market, serving as a sub-contractor to Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations through Jet City Consulting.

  6. More about our Team Stephen W. Spry • Mr. Spry is a world class martial arts expert (Elder Grand Master). • Steve serves as use of force, firearms and EP instructor to the US military Special Forces (all branches) and several foreign governments military forces. • Mr. Spry is a specially commissioned law enforcement officer and licensed security operator in several States. • His depth of knowledge and expertise is un-paralled in the high risk security field. • More about Steve is available at

  7. Capabilities Summary • Personnel assets within the scope of our current relationships extend upwards of 3000 security officers throughout the continental US and high risk operators, with access to up to 15,000 personnel due to our contractual relationships. • This cadre of assets includes medical personnel such as EMT’s and Paramedics, Former Marines with Embassy experience and various surveillance experts. • We have some of the finest PSD agents in the world, including former SEALs, Secret Service detail leaders to US Presidents, Delta Force members, Green Berets and many other elite military and Federal agencies, including DSS and foreign militaries (Australia, South Africa and Great Britain as examples). • We can provide local language personnel in any environment we deploy too up front.

  8. Relationships • Our combined resources allow us to maintain relationships with every major alarm company and security company in the United States at various levels, including regional relationships with even more vendors throughout the South and West. Our President’s and partners extensive networks allows them access to nearly any conceivable asset or service delivery mechanism. • We are contractually connected to the industries most dynamic, and capable firms, rendering us able to execute extensive or limited operations, whatever is needed, throughout the Americas with short notice.

  9. Logistical Considerations • Our partners are experienced military logistics Officers at at the command level along with disaster response base camp experts with private business interests capable of supplying thousands of personnel indefinitely. • Food, water, living quarters, showers, restroom facilities, cleaning supplies, clothing, uniforms, office supplies and base camp operations equipment such as refrigerated trailers, kitchen facilities, mess facilities, generators and air conditioning units are all amongst the extensive array of logistics mechanisms at the disposal of Jet City Consulting. • Supply chain logistics considerations for any operating theater have already been put in place, leaving only field considerations such as placement of facilities for consideration.

  10. Conclusion • We are open to discussing our capabilities and contracting options with any prospective customers. • Our philosophy of compassionate, service driven delivery of our product, security, is based on our personal and professional belief that every one should be treated with dignity and respect. • Our goal is provide a tangible feeling of security, with real world results, and to do so cost effectively. • We will meet or beat a written quote from any of our competitors for same type services by up to 10% - and we have put that in writing. • More about us is at our web site: