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Michael Abadia

McKenna Malasavage. Karli Co. Christopher Gonzales-Willis. Michael Abadia. Thomas Corkery. Christian Azalde. Grant Pratt. Kellie McCauley. Andrew Harp. Brian Bell. Gabriela Sergi. Tera Detels. Meghan McClure. Jack Hayden. Julianna Reisinger. Trevor Broulette.

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Michael Abadia

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  1. McKenna Malasavage Karli Co Christopher Gonzales-Willis Michael Abadia Thomas Corkery Christian Azalde Grant Pratt Kellie McCauley Andrew Harp Brian Bell Gabriela Sergi Tera Detels Meghan McClure Jack Hayden Julianna Reisinger Trevor Broulette Rachel Kinoshita Sydney Frederick Charles Nies Kellie Turcios Claire Robidoux Sean Mack Sarah Turner Paul Carty Joseph Philippi Brennan Gibbons Dina Saccacio

  2. Welcome to 8AMr. Gregory Layglay@serraschool.org949-888-1990 Ext. 156

  3. At your child’s homeroom desk you will find the following… • 8th Grade syllabus. Please read, sign, and have your child return to me tomorrow. • Parent Handbook – Middle School Appendix. Please read, sign, and have your child return to me tomorrow. • Gradelink Login Information • Please fill out the “Getting to Know Your Child” form. • Thank you very much for attending Back-to-School Night. I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year!!

  4. 6:55 – 7:10 Session 1 A – G Will begin in Homeroom A with Language Arts Team (6th – 8th) H – O Will begin in Homeroom C with Math/Science Team (6th – 8th) P – Z Will begin in Homeroom E with Social Studies/Religion Team (6th – 8th) 7:10 Reader will ask parents to move to the next room 7:15 – 7:30 Session 2 A – G Will move to Homeroom C H – O Will move to Homeroom E P – Z Will move to Homeroom A 7:30 Reader will ask parents to move to the next room 7:35 - 7:50 Session 3 A – G Will move to Homeroom E H – O Will move to Homeroom A P – Z Will move to Homeroom C 7:50 Reader will announce the end of the evening and will close the night with a prayer.

  5. Mrs. Matsukane & Mr. Lay Welcome you to 8th grade Language Arts! Tolerance, Respect, Unity, Service, Thankfulness…T.R.U.S.T

  6. Curriculum HighlightsLiteratureGrammarVocabulary Writing

  7. Literature

  8. Literature • Evaluating the Structural Elements of the Plot • Compare and Contrast Literary Characters from Different Historical Ears • Analyze the Relevance of the Setting to the Meaning of the Text • Identify and Analyze Recurring Themes

  9. Grammar

  10. Grammar • Parts of a Sentence • Parts of Speech • Capital Letters • Punctuation • Phrases & Clauses • Agreement • Diagramming Sentences

  11. Vocabulary • Definition • Using in a Sentence • Synonym/Antonym • Parts of Speech • Spelling

  12. Writing Program – Jane Schaffer Jane Schaffer FourParagraph Model Paragraph #1Introduction 40+ words                                    3+ sentences                                    Thesis belongs at the end of the paragraph Paragraph #21st body paragraph 8 sentences                                    100+ words                                     Format: #1 Topic sentence                                                #2 cd, starts with For example,                                                #3 commentary                                                #4  commentary                                                #5 cd, starts with In addition,                                                #6 commentary                                                #7 commentary                                                #8 conclusion, all commentary

  13. Back to School Night 2011 HSPT - Santa Margarita test January 26th. HSPT - JSerra test January 26th and February 2nd Keep distractions to a minimum between now and January 26th: This includes overbooking, TV, computer and video game use. Check Gradelink…e mailing teacher if you notice struggling in the subject. Remember to also check Responsible Behavior and Work Habits.

  14. Back to School Night There is a faster pace in 8th grade…avoid absences. Finals are at the end of each trimester. Four paragraph Jane Schaffer standard. Independent Reading !!!!! A child who reads independently for 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day will jump up to three levels on reading comprehension tests. ***Look at your child’s schedule and set up reading time at home***

  15. Advantages of Reading Builds vocabulary Improves spelling and writing skills Fosters creative thinking and builds imagination Promotes life skills: helps with stress, gives tools to making good choices, explains the human heart and human motivation.

  16. Advantages of Reading Enhances cognitive competence in both the individual and societal level which allows a free democracy Builds background knowledge in human nature, global cultures, and events of historical significance A literate mind can spot solutions during a crisis that would be missed by an uneducated mind

  17. Student Learning Expectations • A Catholic Faith-Filled Life and Missionary Spirit • A Life-long Love of Learning • A Reverence for One’s Own Physical Being • A Positive and Realistic Self-image • A Willingness to Share One’s God-given Gifts

  18. 8th Grade Expectations Respect for Self Respect for Others Respect for School

  19. Classroom Rules for 8th Grade Be in the classroom on time. Please avoid absences. Come to class prepared with your supplies. Follow directions of all your teachers. Accept group role and responsibility. Complete work on time.

  20. Classroom Rules for 8th Grade Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Speak without using any negative comments. Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times. Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves. Obey all school rules.

  21. Working in Groups You must complete each group activity and individual work. Play your role in the group. You have the right to ask anyone else in your group for help. You have the duty to assist anyone who asks for help. Help other group members without doing their work for them. Everybody helps.

  22. Classroom Consequences • Verbal Warning • Merit Infraction – teacher puts on desk • Fill Out Merit Infraction • Give to teacher at the end of class

  23. Homework Policy • 1 ½ - 2 hours a night • daily homework • study/preparation for quizzes & tests • projects • scholastic reading  book talks, book reports, etc. • Projects – usually includes rubric & due dates • Jane Schaffer writing • accomplished in school

  24. Tips for Success in your Classroom • Being prepared • starts at home • Being on time to school & class • Being organization • having the necessary materials • for class • at home

  25. Tips for Success in your Classroom • Assignments (class work & homework) • complete on time • Respectful of other’s similarities and differences • Take the time to study and/or prepare for tests and quizzes

  26. Tips for Success in your Classroom • Take time for Prayer

  27. Mrs. Matsukane & Mr. Lay Extend our thanks to all who attended Back 2 School night! Any questions?

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