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Description of improvement or work to be done: PowerPoint Presentation
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Description of improvement or work to be done:

Description of improvement or work to be done:

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Description of improvement or work to be done:

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  1. Addendum: Request for architectural approvalHomeowner name:Stuart Johnson Date: August 7, 20042433 Jasper Glen, Escondido, CA 92029Home Phone: 858-354-5904 Work Phone: 858-822-0996This power point document is online at Description of improvement or work to be done: The attached drawing shows the location of 6 new shrubs or trees planted in the ground with a possible ultimate height of 6 feet or greater. These plants are intended to add shade and privacy. A small extension to the planter wall in the vicinity of the pygmy date palm is also described with item 6. There are no significant changes to drainage patterns. None of the plants are invasive or ill-suited to the local climate. • Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffianum). This palm is currently at 12 feet of height. The trunk is planted 25 feet from the fence on the east (left) edge of the lot, and is 9 feet from the house and 3 feet 6 inches from the nearest sidewalk. Old Queen palms can get big, to perhaps 40+ feet when really old, but they spend much time at a useful height in the 20-30 foot range. There are many examples of this in the immediate area (there are 2 very nice Queen Palms in the front yard across the street at 2436 Jasper Glen). Queen palms can be planted close to sidewalks and structures (see treeguide.pdf). Additional information can be found at the following web sites: •!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,queen,palm • • • Buddha’s Belly Bamboo ( Bambusa ventricosa “Buddha’s Belly” ).This is a clumping bamboo. Clumping bamboos do not spread aggressively by underground shoots like running bamboos. If untrimmed and with unlimited space for the clump to spread, this bamboo can get quite tall (30+ feet - see the references). This bamboo will be confined to a roughly 3 feet by 3 feet raised planting bed and will have a more modest maximum size. Current height is 11 feet for the highest shoot. This bamboo can be trimmed to any convenient size, and I am shooting for a nice screen roughly 15 feet high. •!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,bambusa,ventricosa • Euonymus Japonica ‘Green Spire’. A narrow shrub topping out at 6 to 8 feet. Plan to maintain at less than 6 feet high. •!OpenDocument • Monterey Bay Brush Cherry ( Eugenia myrtifolia ‘Monterey Bay’ ). A dense evergreen shrub I plan to let grow to roughly 6 feet high by 3 feet wide. •!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,cherry • Fraser’s Photinia ( Photinia x fraseri ). Another evergreen shrub I plan to let grow to roughly 6 feet by 3 feet like the Brush Cherry. •!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,photinia • Pygmy Date Palm ( Phoenix roebelenii ). When extremely old this palm might get to 10 feet. This palm is at least 10 years old and still very small. The planter was extended to accommodate this palm using buff colored stones and garden wall bricks. No color of bricks matched the color of the original weathered section of the planter so all of the bricks will be replaced with the buff colored bricks. The new planter wall section is on a packed crushed rock and sand base. •

  2. Oak SLOPE RETAINING WALL 2)Bamboo 1)Queen Palm SIDEWALK Star Jasmine HOUSE 5 ft. 3)Euonymus fence Ligustrum existing shrub/tree 4)Brush Cherry new shrub/tree 5)Photinia extended planter 6)Pygmy Date Palm Front Yard / Garage Jasper Glen