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The Continuous Improvement Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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The Continuous Improvement Plan

The Continuous Improvement Plan

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The Continuous Improvement Plan

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  1. The Continuous Improvement Plan eCIP Mobile County Public School System 2011-2012

  2. State Requirements Alabama’s Continuous Improvement Plan (eCIP) should be used by all schools in improvement and Title I schools not in improvement to facilitate the planning process. The eCIP should be developed by a school team that is representative of the challenges being addressed with support from the LEA. Team members that must be present include the principal, counselor, district school improvement specialist (or other designee), appropriate content-area teachers, parent representatives, and student representatives (as appropriate). Three templates are available based on the specific school scenario: Title I Schoolwide Title I Targeted Assistance or Non-Title. The final plan must be approved by the local education agency’s (LEA’s) board members and signed by the superintendent, federal programs coordinator, principal, and committee members. A eCIP is effective for a two-year period and should be reviewed and revised monthly.

  3. An improvement instrument that can help communicate and establish expectations. • A written plan that represents a real commitment. Without a commitment, a goal is only a dream. • A mechanism for inspecting what you expect. What is an eCIP?

  4. The eCIP is a document that is designed to guide the school improvement effort of the school. It should be reviewed regularly and revised as needed in response to the school’s progress on the identified goals and strategies. • Once the plan is Board-approved and signed, it is not necessary to obtain additional Board approval when revisions are made to the plan. Purpose of the eCIP

  5. “Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, the Alabama Department of Education is requiring all schools in the state to complete an electronic Continuous Improvement Plan (eCIP). The Mobile County Public School System, in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Education, has developed a toolkit to serve as a guide for assisting schools in completing this process. Although completing the electronic plan is a state requirement, the use of the toolkit is VOLUNTARY”. • This collection of sample documents is designed to provide ideas and templates for creating your own forms without starting from scratch. Please customize them and adapt them to fit your own needs or use them as they are printed. Disclaimer Statement

  6. Schools have well written plans, communicated to all stakeholders, approved by the Superintendent, and approved by the School Board by the SDE plan submission date. • SI Schools are implementing, reviewing, and amending the plan seven times during the year. Responsibilities of the LEA

  7. Work with the LEA to schedule and conduct the check points (reviews). • Select the appropriate personnel to be a part of the CIP/leadership team. • Lead the process: writing, communicating, implementing, monitoring, reflecting, etc. Responsibilities of the Principal

  8. Evaluate not just the implementation of the plan, but also it’s effectiveness by continuously leading the team to analyze data. Responsibilities of the Principal

  9. If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we’ll figure out how to take it someplace great. Core Content Teachers Counselor, Special Ed Parents, Students, Community Planners, Motivators Principal, Asst Principal Identifying the Team

  10. Every faculty has a few people who are really good at short and long term planning and also members who are known for their ability to motivate people to get on board. These people will be crucial in making sure that teachers are implementing and keeping adequate documentation and helping the faculty maintain a positive attitude towards continuous improvement. Identifying the Team

  11. eCIP Timeline

  12. eCIP Approval and Administration

  13. Obtaining a User Account

  14. Obtaining a User Account

  15. Example Email

  16. Logging Into the eCIP Website

  17. Password After changing your password you are now an established user with the eCIP system.

  18. Existing Users

  19. Existing Users

  20. Assigning Roles

  21. Assigning Roles

  22. Announcements

  23. Home Announcement Example

  24. System Wide Announcement

  25. System Wide Announcement Example

  26. Deleting an Announcement If an announcement has an end date, it will stop being displayed after that date. However, it will not be deleted automatically. To delete an announcement simply find it listed in the Existing Announcements section of the Manage Announcements page and click delete on the far right. Clicking delete will prompt you to confirm you want to delete, doing so will remove it from the system.

  27. Navigating Through the Site

  28. Search Plans

  29. Search Plans

  30. Search Plans

  31. Search Plans

  32. School Plans

  33. Exploringthe Plan Page The plan has been started. Once you have completed all sections you may submit your plan for review.

  34. Approving the First Plan Getting a Workflow Status Change Email

  35. Approving the First Plan Examining the Plan

  36. Approving the First Plan

  37. Browsing the Plan

  38. Plan Approval

  39. Confirm the Move When all approvers in the workflow have approved the plan it will become public and anyone on the website, logged in or not, will be able to view it if they search for it.

  40. WORKFLOW STEPS SUMMARY Not StartedThe specific plan has not been started. The only role who can move the plan into Draft Started is a School Data Entry user. Draft Started A draft of the plan is in progress. Once all sections are complete, it can be moved to Draft Completed by a Data Entry user. Draft Completed A draft of the plan is complete. The principal of the school is notified that they can now approve or not approve the plan. Principal Not Approved Principal did not approve the plan and it now goes back to a Data Entry stage, where the plan is edited as needed and marked complete for principal approval. Principal Approved Principal has approved the plan. The Federal Programs Coordinator for the district is now notified that the school’s principal has approved it and they can now either approve or not approve it.


  42. eCIP User

  43. Exploring the Home Page

  44. Exploring the School Plans Detail Page

  45. Exploring the Plan Page The plan has been started. Once you have completed all sections you may submit your plan for review. Assurance box will need to be rechecked with each revision.

  46. Completing the First Plan: Moving to Draft Started The plan has been started. Once you have completed all sections you may submit your plan for review.

  47. Confirm The Move Example of moving the plan’s workflow status You’ll be directed back to the plan which now shows you are in draft started and can complete the plan.