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How does it work? PowerPoint Presentation
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How does it work?

How does it work?

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How does it work?

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  1. Key2Me There are hygiene and beauty items every teen girl needs and wants. We hope to use the decorated canvas bags for the girl to “shop” for those items at our Day Home. It will be a great way for her to get the essentials and meet Door to Grace, a bridge between meeting her needs and welcoming her into the family. Door to Grace is committed to bringing freedom and family to Portland’s sexually trafficked children. We work with community partners, such as DHS and SARC, to meet teen girls who have been sex trafficked in our city. Our goal is to explore their interests and unlock their beauty and strength within, providing a supportive family of volunteers and mentors to walk alongside them as they begin the journey from surviving to thriving. How does it work? Keys 2 the Kitchen Canvas Bags • Decorate a canvas bag • Fill the bag with items • Share a photo on social • media with #key2me • Contact us to deliver Conversation happens around food. We love to provide after-school snacks or sit down for lunch or dinner with our girls. The table is a comfortable space for them to develop and deepen relationships – to talk about what matters to them. A well-stocked pantry is the first step to a meal and conversation. In addition to supplies, we would like each girl to leave with a hand-created original bag made by you that reflects Door to Grace’s Core Values. Symbols on the bag can include keys and hearts. Words may include Faith, Humility, Grace and/or Hope. She can use this bag to “shop” for the items she needs. Please, no religious messages or symbols.

  2. Key to Me • YOU ARE KEY to helping make a girl feel loved and nurtured. Girls will be able to meet Door to Grace by using the bags to “shop” for these items at the Day Home. • Here is how you can help: • Shop for any or all items listed • Decorate a canvas bag and fill it with the items • Schedule a drop-off time. • Repeat! • Keys to the Kitchen • YOU ARE KEY to helping make a girl feel loved and nurtured. A well-stocked pantry provides snacks and meals around the kitchen table, where life and conversation happen. • Here is how you can help: • Shop for any or all items listed • Schedule a drop-off time. • Repeat! • Peanut Butter • Pretzels • Brownie Mix • Cake Mix • Flour • Sugar • Cooking Oil • Paper Towels • Clorox counter wipes • Kleenex • Ziploc baggies • Kitchen Garbage Bags • We also can use $10 gift cards for Fred Meyer or Safeway to purchase fresh dairy, fruit, vegetables and bread each week. • Bottles of Water • Coffee • Tea • Hot Cocoa Mix • Juices • Granola Bars • Cereal • Fruit Leather • Trail Mix • Nuts • Tortilla Chips • Salsa • Canned Soups • Rice • Pasta – all kinds • Pasta Sauces • Pens • Pencils* • Colored Pencils • Colored Markers • Highlighter Pens • Eraser • Pencil Case • Ruler • Lined Paper • Spiral Notebook* • Stapler with Staples • Glue Stick • We also can use $10 or $20 gift cards for Fred Meyer or Target to purchase new undergarments.* • Shampoo • Crème Rinse • Comb • Body Wash* • Disposable Razors* • Toothbrush • Tooth Paste • Dental Floss • Mouth Wash • Deodorant* • Nail Clippers/Files • Name Brand Tampons* • Panty Liners* • Bandaids • Girls’ Socks Contact to schedule a time to deliver the items. Contact to schedule a time to deliver the items.