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How to make the Perfect Pizza? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to make the Perfect Pizza?

How to make the Perfect Pizza?

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How to make the Perfect Pizza?

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  1. Pizza essentially put Italy on the world map, as it is simply the most popular thing to come out of Italy, that made it's placed in almost every city and town in the world. Too many people in the world, it is food that they have almost on a daily basis so it’s only ideal, for them to try making pizza on their own.

  2. Not only will that let them make a pizza of their own liking in regards to choice of toppings and cheese, but it’ll also allow people to make fresh pizza at home in the pizza oven that will be vastly better tasting than the pizza they get from their local Pizza place. • The best way for giving shape the pizza dough is to roll the pizza dough after placing it on some parchment paper.

  3. The dough will stay on the parchment which will make it extremely easy to put it into the oven and back without having to awkwardly peel it off. The parchment will automatically separate from the parchment paper after the pizza is in the oven for some time. For those who are worried that the parchment will start burning, should know that the parchment only becomes slightly darkened yet never lights on fire in the oven.

  4. Roll the pizza dough into a flat disc or whatever shape you want it to be in. Just make sure that the pizza dough isn’t uneven in different places. Too thick or too thin dough will result in an overcooked or undercooked pizza base. Also, make sure that the parchment is placed underneath the bottom of the rolled out pizza dough and that the pizza dough doesn’t stick out of the parchment. Then it is time to Place all the toppings on the pizza.

  5. The sauce goes on first, so with a spoon even spread out the sauce onto the base of the pizza evenly with a spoon. Then shred the mozzarella cheese onto the sauce. If you like cheese, put a generous amount of it as it melts perfectly in the pizza oven and makes for a rich and delicious pizza. Just make sure that you don’t put too much of it or it may not melt as well and you might get raw bits of cheese.

  6. This is the part where you can go all out in regards to flavor. Pizzas have been loved all over the world because of the sheer variety of flavours they come in. You can make your pizzas with almost every vegetable, be it root or stem vegetables. It really depends on the kind of flavours you prefer. You can add all kinds of spices and herbs to it according to your preferences and really make a pizza that is influenced by your pallet. It’s a delightful kind of mix and match where you can really experiment and get wonderful and often results. • To get the best pizza oven, visit Californo- the online pizza accessories shop today.

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