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Desk Work Tool

Desk Work Tool

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Desk Work Tool

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  1. DESK WORM 0731 6549991 A lack of quality information for strategic improvements in business processes and the time delay for acquiring the updated data can slow down your business development processes. Right information to the right people at the right time is the basis of proper asset management for today. Gathering, accessing, managing and sharing information, often across large geographical distances through your mobile interface or PDA is what mobile office is basically about. The product is very useful for organizations like offices, colleges, schools, industries, firms and other retail industries where the highest authority finds it hard to keep up with day to day functioning of their organizations. Your mobile workers can use the software with handheld devices to perform their work remotely, sending and receiving critical information when and where it is needed.

  2. 0731 6549991 Managing Director The top most director can find and manage every actions and retrieve reports through his mobile device at the same instant of decision marking NETWORK Sub Office 1 Sub Office 2 Sub Office 2 All the branches are interconnected through mobile devices so that they can transfer the important information at real time

  3. 0731 6549991 Facilitates easy communication between head of organization and all the wings below him even if the sub officers are on move. Finance Marketing Production Sales

  4. 0731 6549991 FEATURES Using this application, the user can have timely access to Work orders, service requests, and tickets Accurate asset and location information—Spare parts, Sub-assemblies and attributes Historical details Attached documents Safety and hazards Work plans Manage work orders and tickets from mobile devices Create work orders on demand, including follow-up work orders View job plans, safety plans, and asset repair histories Record work status, materials, time and attendance, failure codes, tools, comments, and more lectronically Capture signatures for work orders and other completed tasks. Perform routes and rounds, meter readings, observations, and inspections Move and swap assets.

  5. 0731 6549991 BENEFITS Reduce unnecessary data entry, travel and paperwork and raise first-time fix rates by pro-viding field technicians with key asset and work-related information and managers with real-time job progress. Help reduce data errors and miscommunications by entering and accessing data directly onsite through wireless mobile devices. Gain real business and compliance benefits via real time reporting and monitoring. Tedious, error-prone paperwork that reduces productivity and degrades service can be easily solved. Unnecessary trips to and from the field is greatly reduced.

  6. CONTACT US India Consagous Technologies Pvt Ltd 403, Gold Stone Building, 3rd Floor, 3/5 New Palasia Near 56 Shops, Indore, M.P, 452001 Email : Phone : 0731 6549991 Mobile : +91-9009555503 USA Consagous Technologies Pvt Ltd 100 Forest Place Apt. 905 Oak Park IL 60301 Email : Phone : +1 -2173588542 Greece Greece Consagous Technologies Pvt Ltd Consagous Technologies Pvt Ltd 122 vas.Sofia, Athens, Greece Email : Email : 122 vas.Sofia, Athens, Greece Our other Products