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Battle of the Bulge PowerPoint Presentation
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Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge

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Battle of the Bulge

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  1. Battle of the Bulge

  2. Quick Overview Last major Nazi offensive against Allies Hitler thought a major attack and defeat would break the Allies Hitler had great ambitions of splitting the Allied army in two and defeating Called Ardennes Offensive but the initial attack created a bulge in the Allied front line and earned name Battle of the Bulge

  3. German Strategy Use 3 armies with the goal of taking Antwerp (huge port) and cutting off Allied 
supplies  Hitler disregarded the fact that the army and supplies (especially fuel) were depleted  Allied army was going strong since D-Day

  4. Germans started with the upper hand… Allies were surprised at attack (little intel) English-speaking Germans dressed as U.S. soldiers - went behind Allied lines and gave out misinformation to troops, cut telephone lines, and changed road 
signs Weather - low clouds and fog  Allies couldn't rely on strong Air Force support

  5. December 16, 1944 Germans started with a 2 hour bombardment of Allies followed 
by armored attackonly lasted 2 
days Couldn't maintain pace due to lack of fuel December 23, 1944 Allies started offensive drive including Air Force support Mid January 1945 Germans had to abandon vehicles due to lack of fuel 
and literally walk home December 22, 1944 Weather cleared and Allies could call in Air Force supports

  6. Battle at Iwo Jima

  7. The US wanted to capture Iwo Jima because of its 
location. It lies halfway between Tokyo and the US 
controlled Marianas, and would serve as a safe place 
for crippled bombers to land after bombing runs on 

  8. Iwo Jima’s beaches were not made of 
sand, but made of very soft ash. This would 
making walking difficult and running 
impossible. This would also make it very 
hard for landing craft to beach and tanks to 
roll out of them. One observer remarked, “It was like hell with the fire out.”

  9. Shelling the Island

  10. U.S. Troops advanced 
throughout the island 
using weapons like the 
flamethrower  - Japanese ran out 
of food, water, &