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Introducing: BABER’S PROTECTION plus PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing: BABER’S PROTECTION plus

Introducing: BABER’S PROTECTION plus

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Introducing: BABER’S PROTECTION plus

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  1. Introducing:BABER’SPROTECTIONplus

  2. WhatBABER’SPROTECTIONplusdoes for your store. . . • BABER’SPROTECTIONplusoffers your customers more. • BABER’SPROTECTIONplusincreases customer retention and satisfaction. • BABER’SPROTECTIONplusincreases store’s bottom line profits.

  3. Main Ingredient To Selling #1 BELIEVE! Even the best salesperson cannot be successful unless they believe in the product they are selling!

  4. A Program Without A Peer • BABER’SPROTECTIONplusIs Sold In Addition To Damage Waiver Fees • The Program Costs $1.99 per week, $7.99 per month – You keep 73% • One Membership covers ALL agreements a customer has with your store • Easy To Sell—Benefits Your Customers Want & Need–-Lowest Price in Industry

  5. BABER’SPROTECTIONplusDoes More Than Normal Product • Doesn’t Cost Anything To Have In Your Store • Doesn’t Depreciate • Doesn’t Need Floor Space or Need To Be Stocked • Don’t Have To Clean, Repair, Refurbish • Don’t Have To Deliver • Don’t Have To Worry About Theft or Having To Pick It Up • Doesn’tAffect Any Other Source Of Income NO OTHER PRODUCT DOES THIS

  6. Signing Up Members • Complete a member- ship agreement for All customers • Have Customer indicate whether they accept or deny coverage • Customer receives one copy & the other is placed in customer’s file.

  7. BABER’SPROTECTIONplusBonus Plus • Free Delivery & Set Up • Free Service & Loaner Program • Free Relocation Service • 90 Days Same as Cash • 40% Early Purchase Option • CASH Referral Program • 2 Weeks FREE for Preferred Customers

  8. Paid-Out Product Service Protection • Protects members for ONE year after they own the rental product. • Covers parts & labor on all items covered by the manufacturer. • Example of covered items: White Goods, Electronics, Furniture, Microwaves, Computers. • Members must maintain membership in Club after payout to receive coverage. • Claims…

  9. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance • $5,000 Protection--Coverage divides by the Number of Persons on the Rental Agreement • Must be ACCIDENTAL Death or Dismemberment • On and off the job protection • The check is sent to the store • Dismemberment Benefits are Outlined In the Back of the Book

  10. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Claims • A Certified Copy (w/raised seal) of The Death Certificate • A Police Report of The Incident. Deaths Caused Through DUI or While Performing an Illegal Act Are Not Covered (A toxicology report may be requested) • If Possible, Newspaper Clippings on The Incident

  11. Why The Discounted Health Benefits Are Important • Your customer’s family health & welfare is a priority • There are few options outside employee coverage • Health Care Costs Spiraling • Customers cannot take advantage of other resources

  12. Discounted Medical Benefits • Dental & Orthodontic NetworkFamily Savings on Dental Care • Nurse Help Line24-Hour Resource for Registered Nurse • Prescription Medication SavingsAllows More Prescriptions To Be Filled • Mail Order Prescription Service Customers Save Even More • Chiropractic CareInitial Consultation at NO Cost • Vision Care & Eye Ware SavingsDiscounts on Exams, Glasses & Surgery

  13. Follow-Up Mailing • Four weeks after members joinBABER'SPROTECTIONplusthey will receive a follow-up mailing • Mailing Will Contain: A Welcome Letter A Permanent Membership Card A Listing of the Five Nearest Providers for Participating Discounted Medical Providers

  14. Discount Benefits • Automotive Discounts • Food & Health Savings • Entertainment Discounts

  15. Baber’s Bonus Plus One Year Extended Service Protection Accidental Death & Dismemberment Savings On Family Dental Care 24-Hour Nurse Helpline Neighborhood Pharmacy Savings Mail Order Pharmacy Savings Chiropractic Care Vision & Eye Wear Savings $500 Grocery Coupon Savings Discount Benefits & Services BABER’SPROTECTIONplus All FOR ONLY 28¢ PER DAY!

  16. Who will be a success withBABER’SPROTECTIONplus? What is Your Goal for BABER'SPROTECTIONplus?

  17. Who are you going to Call? 1-888–322-6705 Claims 8am to 6pm Central Time SuppliesTaMel Sisney Marketing Issues or Any Questions or Problems David Kaye (305) 271-3249

  18. PresentingBABER'SPROTECTIONplus • Present BABER'SPROTECTIONplus to ALL customers • KEEP IT SIMPLE – Quote the price of the BABER'SPROTECTIONplusin with the cost of the product • Don’t get lost in explaining all the benefits. Customers are in your store to rent merchandise--that is your main objective. • Explain the KEY benefits of PROTECTIONPluswhen you give the customer their agreement and benefit book

  19. Overcoming Objections • Every sales process brings up objections • Three most common objections This costs too muchI already have insuranceI can’t use any of those benefits • You must equip yourself with SOLUTIONS to overcome objections

  20. Overcoming The Price Objection • Customers will pay for value -- explain how BABER'SPROTECTIONplus will help them. • Don’t Oversell -- Focus on Two or Three Benefits. • One Membership Covers ALL Agreements • Remember BABER'SPROTECTIONplus is ONLY 28¢ per day!

  21. Overcoming the Insurance Objection • Comparing with Medical Insurance • Comparing with Damage Waiver NEVER ENCOURAGE CUSTOMERS TO CANCEL AN EXISTING POLICY

  22. The Customer Doesn’t See The Value of The Benefits • You know your customers best -- focus on benefits you know fit their specific needs. • Start with the insurance benefits. • With all the benefits in Baber’sPROTECTIONplus -- there is truly something for everyone. • Members can actually pay for the plan by using the benefits.

  23. REMEMBER . . . • Know and BELIEVE in the BABER'SPROTECTIONplus! • Assume the Sale • Keep it simple • One membership covers ALL agreements If you follow these points you WILL be a success!

  24. BELIEVE If you want to be convincing, You better be convinced!